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7 Weight Loss Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Gut Health

October 21, 2019

Thanks for coming back! Dr. Eric Bakker the Naturopath here. You probably know that by now after seeing
some of my videos. Let’s talk about some issues regarding dieting,
how to… no that’s the wrong question. Seven weight loss mistakes that can damage
your gut health. Okay, that’s the topic. So let’s look at some different issues there
that can affect the health of your digestive system and maybe some ways you can remedy
them. So these are seven classic mistakes that many
people make. The first one is calorie restriction. So many people feel just by cutting out certain
amount of food per day, they’re going to lose weight, but unfortunately they’re not just
going to starve themselves. They’re going to starve their gut bacteria. They’re also going to give… there are three
key hormones that are involved here when it comes to appetite control and suppression. You’re going to muck those hormones up. You’re going to create a big problem in terms
of binging. So you’re going to get hungry at other times
when you don’t want to be hungry and then you’re probably going to eat something that
you feel bad about eating, because you were hungry. So by restricting calories, you’re not going
to lose weight. In fact, you’re probably going to gain more
weight by restricting calories rather than lose it. So just be very careful. When you starve your gut, the gut’s going
to kick you up the butt and it’ll let you know and then you’ll be eating inappropriately,
which many people do when they restrict calories. Second one is don’t eliminate whole entire
food groups, for example, there is a doctor running around at the moment telling people
to eliminate certain foods containing lectins because they’re bad for you. Well, a load of crap. Can you just pull something out of the sky? You know? Don’t eat tomatoes, don’t eat this based on
XYZ study. What about if I come out with a study to say,
look, you can eat everything except aubergine. If you eat courgettes, your ears will grow
twice as fast and you don’t want to look like Mickey mouse, do you? So don’t eat courgette. You know what? Courgette sales will plummet, no one’s going
to buy them anymore, except that people with small ears probably, okay. Now don’t laugh. It’s true. People actually believe stuff like this that
tomatoes can create problems. So they take this whole group out of their
diet because someone with a white coat and a stethoscope told them to do that, right? It’s doesn’t really work that way. I’m sorry guys. They’re probably more studies advocating the
benefits of the foods that this guy’s recommending to take out then there are studies saying
the opposite. All right? Don’t eliminate food groups. You’re going to restrict yourself really bad
doing that. For example, many people take out these foods,
beans, legumes, whole wheat, potatoes, even rice, yogurt, dairy foods. They’re told they’re all bad for your health. Take them all out of your diet. It’s not really the way to do it, okay? Eliminating whole food groups creates problems
for you. It creates, unfortunately, also restrictions
on the type of nutrients that your body can get to really take off. A lot of foods are told to take out of their
diet, contain fiber. So when you restrict calories and you restrict
food groups, your fiber intake often plummets. This can create bowel problems and appetite
dysregulation and bloating and gas and an opportunity for other bacteria to start taking
the upper hand in the gut. So there is some shonky science behind removing
these food groups, but I would not recommend you just take them out because someone all
of a sudden is telling you you can’t eat these foods anymore when for thousands of years
people have been eating these foods. So just be careful because these food groups,
these foods are particularly good for building up the gut health, legumes, beans, potatoes. You’re saying, but I can’t eat them, when
I eat them I get gas. I fart like a horse. I get kicked out of restaurants. I’m not allowed to eat this kind of food around
my partner. Well then get your gut into shape so it can
tolerate these foods. Do a stool test, find out what the problem
is. There’s a problem, you can fix the problem
and in nine out of 10 cases you can usually resume eating these kinds of foods again. Albeit, take it nice and slowly to begin with
but then eventually like me, you can eat all the food groups without any problem at all. So dairy, we’re all told to leave the cow
alone, but yogurt and kefir are outstanding foods and have been used for thousands of
years by people. So just be careful. Yes, eliminate yogurt but eliminate the yogurt
in those small [pottles] containing artificial sugars in them and plastic fruit and junk
like that. Throw those things out. We’re talking real yogurt, all right? The third one, assuming all salads are good
food. It’s interesting, I used to work in a company
once as a technical manager and one of the sales assistants came along and then we shared
lunch together and I often will bring my own lunch if I’m going on a day trip. This lady bought something and it was a salad
in a plastic bowl and she sat down and started to eat it. Then I had to look at it and I tasted it and
it was full of sugar, like so sweet, it was almost like a dessert. Not all salads are created equal. Some salad have got so much sauce contained
on them it’s full of high fructose corn syrup or artificial sugars. Just be very, very careful of the sauces in
the salads because not all salads are created equal. All right? The salads I make are a far cry from the crap
that you buy in the shop, actually tastes like salad. So just be careful. Some contain bacon or [inaudible] high fructose
corn syrup, all kinds of fancy mustards and sauces in which tastes gross. So they’re not really salads, are they? Fourth one, assuming all healthy treats are
healthy. Many people have this idea that things like
muesli bars are healthy. Also small little snack packs with yogurt
in them, little sauces and things like that. So in New Zealand we have this star rating
for healthy food, star rating and it’s incredible how many crappy foods I’ve seen which have
got a rating of four or five stars and the really healthy foods have got a low star rating. So I can’t work out what’s going on there. So just be careful because many muesli bars,
for example, contain lots of different sugars in them, like multi dextrin and glucose and
different syrups and rice syrup’s and things like that. So just because it’s a muesli bar and it’s
got some healthy little sunrise with a palm tree on it, it doesn’t make it good for your
gut. Throw that crap out. You don’t need muesli bars in your diet, eat
an apple. Fifth point, assuming artificial sugars are
safe and diet foods are safe. You see those little containers in the supermarket
diet this or diet that, that’s junk. You don’t want that stuff in your diet. Artificial sugars have shown and proven to
be not safe, maybe not in human studies at this point, but certainly in rat studies and
animal studies. Certainly I’ve seen patients, which I can’t
disclose names or cases or anything. I had one case in particular of a person who
approached me. She is actually creating a large legal case
against a particular confectionary manufacturer because of the artificial sugars in the chewing
gum. How it affected her neurologically so bad,
she actually had some proof from a hospital on the effects of this on her brain that she
made a court case out of it. So just be very careful with artificial sugars. One of my good buddies died at 58, died of
a heart attack. He was a diabetic, but he did drink two liters
of diet Coke per day and he had a masters in chemistry. He said there’s nothing wrong with diet Coke. In fact, these sugars are safe for the body. Well he’s gone a long time now, so just be
careful. If man makes it’s genuinely not safe unless
it’s a pair of underpants or maybe a shirt, but just be careful. If it’s food, I’d be very careful if humans
made it. So what’s wrong with honey, a natural sweetening
agent? We’ve had honey for a long, long time. A lot longer than the diet drinks had been
around. Six point, fruit juices are healthy. Many people still start the day with a tall
glass of orange juice, full of sugar. Fruit juices are not healthy. Fruit juices need to contain the fiber that
were thrown out when the juice is produced because this releases how the sugar gets released
in the body. It gets released more slowly, not very quickly
like it will do when you’re just basically drinking a sugary drink. So if you like fruit, eat the fruit, ditch
the sugar. I mean ditch the juice, don’t have the juice. Eat the whole fruit. [inaudible] we’ve got the seven point. Aha, seven point’s interesting. So the seventh point is following diet based
advice, but forgoing the lifestyle. So it can be very ruinous to your gut if you’re
going to be up at 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning binging on Netflix for example. Many people today watch Netflix or watch movies
online and they’ll watch at all times of the day. Many people have got these VPNs, use virtual
private networks they hook up with now and they can watch TV programs anywhere in the
world. So people are too connected. That’s the thing you need to disconnect if
you want to get good gut health, not connect, connect, connect with everything. So your body and brain needs rest, good nutrition
and a good life, if you want to have a thriving body to carry around with. As I always say, you want to die a healthy
corpse. You don’t want to really die a diseased corpse,
do you? So look after your health and if you look
at these seven different points I’ve raised here, they may seem simple, but there’s a
lot of profound information in there. Thanks for tuning in. Don’t forget to click on the link if you want
my free Candida report. Thank you.


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  • Reply Luisa Moore October 8, 2019 at 3:04 am

    Honey is high FODMAP

  • Reply Erin Reale-Key October 8, 2019 at 5:02 am

    Omg I can totally relate to the NZ star rating being so whack! I think I saw blueberries with 4/5 stars ?

  • Reply olekike October 11, 2019 at 8:59 am

    Hello Eric, 'fasting' is now on the news. what is your view on 'fasting'? it will probably starve your gut bacteria also. but it seems to be good for your body.

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