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7 VIRAL Beauty Myths TESTED ft. Shy Styles | #Skincare #Haircare #ShrutiArjunAnand

December 23, 2019

Isn’t this nail paint make my nails yellowish this old cream doesn’t worth it to use on my skin now isn’t this pack make my face yellowish!!! You and your Beauty Myths Here I am gonna to Bust out them as our jodi is back again after a long time will surely get 2,00,000 Likes from where do we get all these amazing products to which you gonna tell us about so lets start the video now but why we should use Turmeric only its has been using since ancient times don’t you think have something beneficial in it you know Turmeric contains a bio active compound Corcumine which helps in removing pigmentation also it has anti-ageing antioxidants just only this its inflammatory too & also helps in reducing scars suppress acne & pimple also it suits to all skin type Ok got it after research I will bring an awesome face wash from market after doing research here I’ve bought Mama’s earth Ubtan Face wash it also has saffron along with turmeric and its Paraben , SLS free, hypoallergenic & suits to all skin types yes I know I already use it but wouldn’t it makes our face yellow?? isn’t my face looking yellow I have get done my hair trimmed now you will see my hair get long within two weeks tell me one thing? from where hair grows and from where did you cut them get it… yes you are true again that old cream again that two months old shampoo wouldn’t working well on me why not?? do you drink coconut water daily yes is it work yes.. then why these didn’t true you need to change your products in case if you’re changing your place, atmosphere Like humid weather in Mumbai whereas that dry heat weather in Delhi so need to use products according to it otherwise you can continue with your cream which you’re using beautiful nail-paint but remove it before you sleep as nails breathe did you mean dead also breathe Nails are dead skin cells how they can breath!! so there’s no need to remove it before sleep no needed but make sure to apply it 1mm away from the cuticles cause our cuticles breathe I am Favourite of my own nothing to do with the complexion never gonna to remove my tanning doesn’t matter if you’ve dark skin or light your nature should be good and yes you’re a good one but little fool you know Sunscreen is must for tanning otherwise these harsh UV rays from sun enters in our skin & may cause skin cancer so what I use this Sunscreen I’ve recently bought a new night cream my skin soon will becomes young like you instead your skin would get older you’re jealous of me thats why said like this Daily & hard massage breaks your skin tissues so you should gently apply night cream & leave it instead of doing harsh massage shouldn’t do massage daily?? can do but not daily so when will I do massage we do Massage with facial cream not with the night cream you know moisturising cream doesn’t prevent wrinkles but its necessary to apply it what she is saying I am using only anti wrinkle cream but its essential to use a moisturiser cream moisturising creams doesn’t removes your wrinkles as it doesn’t helps in repairing damage to our skin but still needs to apply it at the top layer as it makes our skin soft & supple and it also prevent ageing factors that effects our skin do you get done facial once a month you know we you tubers don’t have that much of time its ok will get it done at home we can do it using that left over serum from sheet mast but only sheet mask makes our skin glow ? this Mama Earth Ubtan face mask gives a real glow to your face so thats all with our video today if you’ve enjoyed it hit LIKe


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