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7 Tips to Conquer Mold Toxicity

August 23, 2019

seven tips today to conquer mold
toxicity and so let’s dive in first to some of the symptoms right some of the
symptoms associated with a mold toxicity so Hui thinking maybe it’s mold like
what are the main things that we’re gonna be experiencing so symptom number
one and probably one of the most pervasive and common symptoms of a mold
toxicity is chronic sinusitis nasal infections there was a study done I
think it was published in the journal in American Medical Association a number of
years ago on in my area actually the study was done on participants in my
area of you know South Southeast Texas along the coast line is that most cases
of upper respiratory infections which is you know your common colds that you know
when you go to the doctor and they can they give you a diagnosis of an upper
respiratory infection what do most doctors do they say here’s the
antibiotic right they don’t they don’t differentiate whether it’s a bacterial
infection or a mold infection but a lot of these infections are mold oriented so
you know think about this even if you suffer with chronic sinusitis or what
you feel like might be chronic environmental allergies it could very
well possibly be mold growing inside of your sinuses creating those symptoms so
one of the things that can be done is a culture swab or they you can take a swab
and run it up the nose into the sinus cavities and you can actually then send
those out those can be sent to the lab your doctor can run this type of test
and you can grow them right and you can differentiate is it mold is it bacteria
if it’s mold or bacteria and what kind of mold or what kind of bacteria and
even beyond that you can differentiate what type of treatment might work best
to kill what you have so for example if it’s not mold but it is bacteria which
antibiotic will work against it or which natural agent might work against it
because if it’s if it’s if it is an actual infection and not a mold
infection you certainly might need an antibiotic but you don’t want to just
throw a broad-spectrum antibiotic at it because that’s why we have antibiotic
resistance is that doctors aren’t doing enough differentiation so if you’re
finding yourself struggling with chronic sinusitis very very common that it’s a
mold infection in not a bacterial infection so make sure before you take
an antibiotic make sure you ask your doctor to differentiate between the two
and this can take up to four weeks so when you’re culturing mold from a sinus
culture it can take up to four weeks to get a result back so and that’s because
we want to wait long enough for that culture to be able to propagate and grow
mold sometimes mold takes a little bit longer to grow in a culture so keep that
in mind one of the other symptoms of chronic mold is our chronic mold
exposure is debilitating fatigue I mean unendurable tating fatigue you
sleep 10 hours you wake up and you want to sleep 10 more hours you’re that tired
so if you’re if you’re suffering with like a chronic fatigue syndrome this is
this is oftentimes our canvas again it’s not the only cause of CFS but it can be
one of the causes of chronic fatigue so if you’re suffering with on engineering
fatigue that’s not relieved by rest and you might want to think about or start
thinking about mold immune dysfunction if you pick up every little infection
every little cold every little flu every little thing a bug that comes through
your life and you’re picking it up and you’re chronically the one that’s being
sick that is a sign of multiplicity as well remember mold can suppress the
immune system over time and that leads to recurring infections sleep issues one
of the byproducts of mold is that it can disrupt hormones and some of these
hormones affect how you’re able to go to sleep and stay asleep migraine headaches
very very common to see this in mold sufferers is to the mold exposure can
trigger migraine headaches muscle and joint pain
super super common to see that now those symptoms I just gave you again the
chronic sinusitis the debilitating fatigue the immune dysfunction the sleep
issues the migraine headaches and the muscle and joint pain those symptoms are
more what we see with environmental mold so like mold that’s in your home or mold
it’s at your workplace or mold it maybe even in your car right but then there
are also like yeast infections where you have like a women can pick up vaginal
yeast infections or oral thrush you can get East infections in the GI tract
candida overgrowth for example these can cause different kinds of they can cause
similar symptoms but they can also cause kind of very different types of symptoms
so some of the more common if the mold is inside of you and not in your
environment you know in essence you can be mold sick from well being in your
environment you can be mold sick from mold
inside of you some of the symptoms of mold growing inside of you especially as
that they’re linked to Candida are a chronic sugar craving like you you have
sugar bug yet and and you you chronically crave sweets severe
irritability and mood swings women if you struggle with hormone dysfunction if
you struggle with your periods and your cycles become a regular very very common
to see that with a candida overgrowth so again just some differentiation between
external and internal mold although oftentimes it’s both or it can be so so
keep those things in mind so now let’s talk about what we can do about it so
those are the symptoms so what do we do okay so those of you that have had water
damage again whether whether you’ve been in a hurricane and your home was flooded
or whether or not you had roof leak and your home got water in it or the a/c
busted and the drain pan dripped and got into your insulation in your attic or a
pipe busted in your house it doesn’t matter whatever happened we’re wanting
to know what do you do after the water damage once the damage is done is that
house a safe house or do you sell it and move out no you can have a safe house
even after water damage but it’s very very critical that you take the right
and appropriate steps so if you’ve got water damage in the home the very first
thing that you want to make sure that you are doing is assess the damage and
how extensive the damage actually is so obviously you know whether it was a pipe
busted or whether it was a roof leak you’ve got to assess where the leak is
and how much and how far did that leak did that water penetrate and and
potentiate the growth or potentially allow for the growth of mold and
spreading of mold growth so you have to look and assess the damage obviously
once the water is gone but any of the water damage area needs to be completely
removed so for example if it’s a an area where a pipe broke behind the wall and
it damaged a big you know let’s say it damaged a big two-foot piece of
sheetrock you need to take at least at least 24 and preferably 36 inches away
from the water damage remember that sheetrock is like a sponge
once it once water hits it it absorbs the water and distributes that water
into the sheetrock I’ve actually seen cases of severe mold toxicity behind
somebody’s wall where the mold was so thick wrong behind them all you couldn’t
see it because was growing behind the wall but was
making it was making this particular individual extremely extremely ill so
keep that in mind that you want to remove the water damage material and
preferably again if it’s if it’s an absorptive material you don’t want to
just remove the area that had to water damage you and you don’t want to just
paint over it or spray some type of primer paint on it and expect that
that’s not gonna grow mold some people they get water damage and they’re like
oh let’s cover the water damage up with a primer that’s a horrible idea one of
the worst things you can do is cover up the potential water damage and just
assume that mode won’t grow you want to cut that area out preferably two to
three feet around that area make sure that everything is dry so after after
the water damage you want to make sure you remove any of the materials whether
it was wood or sheetrock or whether it was insulation does it matter you want
to make sure that you remove it all of those materials and and the material
around it if it was an absorptive material where you’re not actually
letting that water stay in a dark damp area where the mold can now have have
the perfect environment to potentiate one of the other things once you’re done
cutting out the areas where there’s been the water damage you need to let time on
your you need to have time on your side where you’re letting it air out so some
of the strategies with that is you want to make sure it you have plenty of time
for it to dry don’t just rip out the damaged area and then immediately
replace the sheetrock because if you did the water and the humidity are still too
high you can still have the potentiation for that mold to grow so again it’s
important to give enough time to let that water damaged area air out and so
fans and dehumidifiers are very very helpful with this so you know running a
dehumidifier that pulls the water out of the air so that so that you can speed
this process up fans help circulate the moisture out of the area that can speed
up the process but don’t shortchange on the time here you really want to let the
area dry before you um before you go to try to repair it so that you minimize
any potential for minimize any potential for for mold regrowth now once the once
you get the repairs done you know the things some of the things to kind of
look for you what you will if you’re
struggling with chronic illness especially maybe you’ve already had
water damage to your home and you didn’t even think about it before today you
weren’t even thinking about this you might want to look at some proper
testing to evaluate mold and so there again there different types of tests
that can evaluate whether the mold one is growing in your in your environment
or – whether or not the mold is growing inside of you so if we’re talking about
environmental testing to try to evaluate mold there are several different types
of tests that can be done some people call the insurance contractor get a
recommendation for a mold remediation specialist and they can come out with
special sensors and equipment to help evaluate the mold spores in in the
environment now that can be helpful and it can be effective but it’s not always
a hundred percent accurate so you have to be careful especially if you live in
a humid area if you live in a humid area remember what they do with these when
they come and test your test your mold spores in your home as they compare the
outdoor air to the indoor air in your home among different rooms and if you
have a moldy community that you live in already if the external environment is
already very humid like in the Houston area for example they’re using the
outdoor air as a comparative to your indoor air and so you can get kind of
misleading or false data on the test results so it can be helpful but it’s
not always necessarily the best thing one of the one of the one of the types
of tests that can be done though that that I like to see people using is to do
a mold collection dust collection and the name of this test is called an ER me
erm I and again no test is a hundred percent accurate but an ER me actually
measures multiple counts based on the quantity of dust so you do you do a dust
job in certain areas of the home and they’re measuring the mold and the
different species of mold spores in the dust of your home and this can actually
be very very helpful as compared to just doing an air test alone so on Urmi test
erm i it stands for environmental relativity mold index and this test can
actually be ordered online there’s a there’s a company called my co metrics
in the mi c om e TR ICS comm and this company actually you can purchase a kit
online and you can you can run an ER me test very very
simply in your home to try to detect whether or not there’s there’s
persistent or high levels or that of molds or counts or whether or not you
have high levels of mold now one of the other things that can be done is testing
yourself because sometimes it’s not mold they get you it’s something called a
mycotoxin and a mycotoxin is harder to detect so a lot of your air tests and
even your dust as they’re measuring for mold spores but they’re not measuring
for the toxins that multi use so their number of different toxins remember mold
can produce biological toxins aflatoxin ochratoxin Turkana seen are just
examples of different forms of mold toxins so again if you’ve got mold
growing in your home and there’s mold art species are producing the mycotoxins
you can actually breathe in these mycotoxins and they can make you
actually in many cases even sicker than mold some people are allergic to mold
some people react badly to mycotoxins and some get it from both sides they get
mold in michael toxin exposure so running up a mycotoxin test this can be
done you can ask your doctor to order a mycotoxin test on you to look to see
whether or not you have accumulation of heavy levels of mold toxins circulating
in your body one of the other there there are some immune tests that can
also be done that help us to know whether or not you’ve got chronic mold
exposure issues and one of those tests is called MSH melanocytes stimulating
hormone this particular test helps to determine a level of a hormone that
oftentimes is very low or non-existent when people have chronic mold exposure
so you’re looking for low levels of MSH another type of test it can commonly be
very very high two to three and sometimes four times and are more
elevated the normal value is something called transforming growth factor beta 1
or tgf-beta one this particular marker is that is an immune marker can be
measured you know can be measured by most labs or by most even traditional
lockers can measure this using using traditional lab methodologies so
tgf-beta one is of is a is a again it’s an inflammatory marker that can be
measured or picked up and oftentimes is an indicator of high mold exposure now
be careful here if you’re not gluten-free remember that
GF beta 1 can also be elevated in patients that have gluten sensitivity
who are being exposed to gluten so you’ve got to make sure that that if
you’re not gluten-free but you are gluten sensitive that you don’t suspect
mold if you haven’t also ruled out gluten because again that type of test
can be high for that reason another test that your doctor can order is a
complement for a test or a see for a test which is also an immune test it can
measure whether or not you it can be and again it’s an indicator of whether or
not you’ve been exposed to chronic mold complement is is a type of immune
protein and complement for a particular is it is a type of immune protein that
commonly is elevated in individuals who again who have who have an inflammatory
process from from chronic mold exposure now I mentioned earlier doing a nasal
culture you can you can do a nasal culture to to identify multiplying in
the sinuses you can do oral cultures as well doctors can can run oral cultures
to see if there’s you know mold growing inside the mouth and then you can do
also do GI cultures you could do GI tract stool testing that can help
identify or measure whether or not there’s mold mold growing or overgrowth
inside the GI tract and then of course you know having a doctor qualified to do
a physical examination to look at your fingernail sometimes we see mold it’s
not signs of mold overgrowth in the fingernails and the toenails sometimes
we see it on the skin mold can manifest as eczema or eczema like disease so so
again a physical examination can sometimes also be a very valuable tool
in helping a doctor to rule out whether or not you’re getting chronic multi
exposure or have a mold infection so another type of test is just running
circulating antibodies there are there are tests the doctors can order that
look at antibodies for specific types of mold species and then you can also be
tested for mold allergy because if you’re you know obviously if you’re not
mold allergic yet but you are in a moldy environment you might be less
susceptible to worrying about mold as a problem
so keep in mind those are just different types of tests that can be done they can
help you identify whether it’s an issue so let’s talk about number four number
four is humidity and air quality control so if we’re trying let’s just say we’re
trying to reduce like be proactive and reduce mold growth in our home one thing
that can be done is controlling the humidity now
keeping the humidity low in the home and to understand that your air conditioner
is a natural dehumidifier so just running the AC unit is gonna keep the
humidity down in the home but some of you again maybe you live in more humid
climates maybe you have a basement basements tend to take on extra water
and intend to be a big source for mold for a lot of people so if you live kind
of further north I mean we’re on the coast so we don’t build basements down
here but further north basements are really common our really common room
built into most homes and so basements can be a very an excellent source of
moisture in the home for mold to propagate so keep in mind measuring the
humidity in those basements and keeping the relative humidity in in those areas
under 55 percent is ideal for preventing mold growth some would even say keep it
lower than 50% and be more aggressive now I thought I talked about drying your
home out earlier when you’re really when you’re trying to dry your home out you
want to run the humidifiers in a very very big way where you’re getting that
humidity down below 30% preferably in the 20% range so you know you’re pulling
a lot of that moisture out so that you reduce again you’re trying to reduce the
risk that mold is going to grow after that water damage is done so air control
keeping humidity low can be very very helpful as a mold preventative another
one is use the use of hepa hepa is a special type of air filter that can
capture mold spores now hepa mold hepa filters will not capture mycotoxins but
they will capture mold spores and if you have a HEPA filter unit with a UV light
attached to it an ultraviolet light attached to it remember that HEPA
captures mold spores UV light kills mold spores so you kind of want the one-two
punch combination capture and kill don’t capture and keep them oldest pets in a
filter right so capture and kill is what you’re really after and so that that’s a
very very good strategy in terms of just prevention right we’re trying to prevent
a problem from occurring in the first place now one of the other strategies
number five is that a lot of people don’t realize that we get mold and food
and there are a number of different foods that you may be eating that are
considered to be high mold foods probably the most common of the
I’m old foods are the grains and you know part of as part of what I wrote
about a no grain no pain right was was again I told you before this book was
not just about gluten it was about a lot of the detrimental properties that grain
can bring to the table might literally bring to the table right and one of them
is mold now in the u.s. we don’t really have any kind of mold or mycotoxin and
restriction on foods to any great degree particularly mycotoxin and restriction
so many of our of our grains our wheat or barley or rye or oats are corn in our
rice and our millet and our sorghum these grains oftentimes will be very
very high high sources of mold toxins particularly things like ochratoxin into
aflatoxins so if your if your mycotoxin sensitive you know avoiding these mold
heavy foods can be very very important and can be a very very important
strategy Coffee is a high mold food coffee the way coffee has grown the way
coffee beans are stored it can be a very high mold food other foods it can be
high mold anything that is stored for long periods of time when it’s being
before its processed so think produce tank vegetables a lot of them are
sprayed with antifungals so so there’s less mold growth but you know imagine
going to the grocery store and this probably happened you I see it all the
time actually you go to the grocery store didn’t you see like a cantaloupe
for example cantaloupe has all those ridges on the surface of the skin
perfect for mold growth mold gets into those ridges and it can grow so when
you’re picking up your produce in the grocery department fresh vegetables
fresh fruits you really want to make sure that that you’re inspecting it for
obvious visible signs of excessive mold I mean obviously you’re not gonna buy a
moldy piece of fruit but what sometimes happens is there’s a little tiny bit
growing on part of it that you didn’t pick up on and that can that can be a
that can become a problem so again inspect your produce before you purchase
it and and and minimize your risk of getting excessive mold the other thing
is the way you store your produce storing it in the refrigerator can help
reduce mold growth on it as it sits on the counter at home it’s gonna have a
tendency to pick mold up and because their spores floating around we just
it’s natural it’s it’s we’re not gonna escape that but keeping it in the
refrigerator will preserve it and help prevent some of that so again high mold
foods or foods that have mold growing on them you know inspect those things and
use that as a strategy as you move forward and then one of the other
probably most frequently quite asked questions I get when it comes to
multiplicity is I have if I have it is what what are some things supplementally
I can do to help my body detoxify from mold number one aside from all these
other things that we’ve talked about removing the moldy environment if the
mold is growing in your environment all the supplements in the world are not
going to help you if you don’t remove yourself from the moldy environment so
the most crucial important thing first and foremost is to get out of the mold
the environment or to to clean up or remediate or mitigate the mold exposure
so if it’s environmental mold you’ve got to get out of the environment or you’ll
you won’t make a recovery and it’s you know if you’ve got chronic mold illness
those of you have ever had it you know exactly what I’m talking about you
cannot recover if you maintain yourself in that environment but there are some
supplements that can help with detoxification that I have in my own
personal practice experience work really really well for people one of them is
good old fashioned vitamin C vitamin C is is a it’s a it helps with bile
formation remember one of the ways that we bind mold toxins is through bile bile
in the intestine so the liver and that produces the bowel the gall bladder
secretes the bottle the bottle then can help bind multics ins mycotoxins in the
intestine and excrete them out so vitamin C is a necessary component to
properly produce bile and that’s one of the reasons why it can be such an
effective tool because many people don’t get enough vitamin C in their diet or
they’re already vitamin C deficient now vitamin C works in many other ways as
well it works as a free radical scavenger it works as a chelating agent
so it works in other ways it works to boost and build it’s a fuel for your
natural killer cells which are part of your immune system so it’s very very
important you want to support your immune systems capacity to detoxify
these toxins out of your body so vitamin C is one of my favorite and using
vitamin C in conjunction with a quercetin works really really well so
quercetin is a is a compound found in a number of different plants but quercetin
works well really really well as an anti-inflammatory to help mitigate to
help detoxifying to help mitigate a number of the inflammatory symptoms of
multiplicity one of my other favorites is activated charcoal activated charcoal
can be a binder so if you’re if you’re eating foods and and maybe you’re doing
the best that you can to avoid eating moldy foods but some is still coming in
ultimately you know yeast and mold or a part of our natural environment so
activated carbon can be a great binder and and can help mitigate excessive mold
coming in as can a supplement called EDTA
works extremely extremely well it not only does it work as a chelating agent
to bind mycotoxins but it actually and now has been shown to be both
antibacterial and antifungal so it can work extremely well in situations where
chronic mold exposure is is a problem and one of the other things I like to do
supplementally is really support phase 1 and phase 2 liver detoxification and so
using a supplement that might contain heavy doses of Venice Edel cysteine as
well as milk thistle can be extremely helpful in allowing your liver to help
detoxify some of these poisons and some of these multix ins and excrete them
from the body now if you’re gonna use supplements to aid in the removal of
multix ins it’s very important that you follow and adhere to some general
principles of intelligent detoxification one is you got to make sure that you are
your kidneys are turned on and that you’re urinating frequently as you’re
doing your detoxification otherwise you get what’s called retox so you pulling
mold toxins out you’re breaking them down but if you’re not pushing them out
through your urine then they’re just recirculating through your system and
then redepositing back into your tissue so keep your kidneys activated so make
sure you’re drinking enough fluids that you’re peeing at least six times a day
full void peeing at least that much when you’re going through a detoxification
protocol one of the other things it’s important to do is to sweat now you
might if your mold toxic you might not have the
Pasi to exercise and sweat through exercise because you’re just so tired
and your body’s so defeated so one of the things that you can do is you can
sweat through the use of asana my favorite is using like an infrared type
of device and infrared and I had I had a gentleman on on on the show a few months
ago where we talked about saunas you can go back and review that where we talked
all about detoxification strategies and so and so an infrared can be very very
effective at helping cleanse the body of toxins and an in conjunction with lots
of making sure you have an ample urination and then the other is make
sure that the bowels are moving don’t get into a situation where you’re
constipated when you’re trying to go through a detoxification because again
we don’t want those toxins staying inside of you for any length of time so
we want to keep the bowels moving we want to keep the bowels pushing the
waste out because if your bile is binding onto those molds and mold toxins
and you’re constipated and you’re not going to get rid of them they’re just
gonna sit there and they’re gonna continue to slowly poison you so make
sure sweating urinating and defecating when you’re going through any
detoxification program is going to be crucial and vital so those systems need
to be turned on ramped up and working very very well as long as you’re doing
any kind of major detoxification support where we see people oftentimes struggle
with detoxification like you try to detox and you feel worse it’s the it’s
oftentimes because they’re not doing those other three things sometimes it’s
because of their some people are poor methylate errs and they have genetic
mutations and so they they don’t do well with heavy doses of supplements and and
so you’ve got to start small and work your way up so keep that in mind too if
you’ve been that type of individual or you find when you try to do supplements
that it crashes you makes you hit the floor it may be that that you need to
work your way into it much more slowly so again keep that in mind as a strategy
if you’re going to be using supplements to help to do a detoxification protocol
so those are the seven strategies that I have for you today now I’m going to open
up the floor for your questions and again if you haven’t chimed in if you’re
just sitting around listening but but not participating let me know where
you’re from let chimein say hello hit the like button
and hit the share button make sure you’re sharing this information with a
friend a family member or loved one so that we can help more people together so
let’s let’s go through some of the questions and comments and and get
everybody taken care of today Tracy Tracy Elizabeth is saying especially
with Sears so I was talking earlier about mold and Sears is chronic
inflammatory syndrome and that and that yes Sears is a very very common
byproduct or a very very common diagnosis for people with mold so if
you’ve been diagnosed with with with Sears then you you definitely want to
consider mold as a problem or part of the station thanks Tracy for chiming in
on that let’s see here Diane I have had an issue with bronchitis and respiratory
infection three times in three months Diane what you may want to consider
again if you haven’t already is is if they haven’t different if your doctors
haven’t differentiated the the reason you have that that bronchitis in essence
again it could be mold it could be bacterial it could be viral you know
some advanced testing might be might be necessary now I have also seen people
develop chronic bronchitis and respiratory infection as a result of
eating foods that they were allergic to so that’s just another strategy if you
haven’t been food allergy tested or if you haven’t been gluten tested
genetically tested for gluten sensitivity then definitely do that
because if your producer your ii comment was mucus production as being a part of
the issue so you know mucus is one of those things that will form anytime our
body perceives a threat coming in we can form mucus in the lungs we can form
mucus and the throat so and some foods are mucus forming like dairy can be
extremely mucus forming so if you’re already struggling with a chronic a
chronic infection or a chronic issue where you’re already over producing
mucus eating mucus producing foods can make that worse like bananas and sugary
foods can can increase mucus production esque and dairy so keep those things in
mind as well alright question coming in pre OSHA hi dr. Oz when I get stools
which are hard or loose every four days I have Novak chill infection how do I
make my stools normal you know that’s a pretty broad question
but I’ll give you a couple of strategies one of the things that you you might
want to try again without any testing for to help me help you it’s hard to
guess at this but I would say that one of the primary things that you could use
to regulate your stools or to look onto if you’re if you’re kind of back and
forth with this IBS see ibs-d type problem is one your stomach acid could
be too low and that stomach acid oftentimes being too low leads to
constipation followed by loose stools so kind of this intermittent flaring where
you go days with constipation and then bam you have loose stools another would
be your microbiome itself is do you have adequate healthy gut bacteria colonizing
your GI tract helping you know helping run the normal functions of your gut so
I would look at you know your microbiome I would look at your stomach acid
production as kind of two really easy places to start if you are if you
suspect low stomach acid you can take something called betaine hydrochloride i
have something called ultra acid that i like to use in my patients it’s a it’s a
form of mixture of betaine hydrochloride and some other things that help to
improve stomach acid but it’s it’s really safe and really easy to take and
sometimes it constipation clears right up and that it’s kind of like it’s kind
of like a clinical answer you try it and it works and you kind of have an answer
as to why oh this is a fault this is a good follow-up so I want to bring this
up – so is ferritin is high around a thousand twenty and hemoglobin is low
that is that’s definitely a liver issue when ferritin is that high that’s
usually the liver is usually releasing it in mass and that’s the livers taking
on damage so so you’ve got to identify what’s creating the liver damage in my
experience when the most common causes of liver disease is specially if you’re
not an alcoholic or you don’t drink alcohol is gluten is grain exposure corn
and wheat very very common to see those caused non-alcoholic fatty liver disease
and liver damage and you elevate those ferritin levels to love to that to that
degree good question Janis opinion on air dr. air filters
good filters so if you’ve got one you’ve got a good filter
your home then your place Susan Christensen is chiming in to eat garlic
yeah garlic’s a great antimicrobial it’s an antifungal it’s a it’s a it’s a Mike
antimicrobial so it’s great I mean natural as a food foodie food can be
great medicine so it’s great however some people don’t tolerate garlic so if
you if you have a lot of gas and bloating and you have ever heard of the
v map diet keep that in mind because if you start eating a bunch of garlic and
you just start bloating and getting a lot more gas it could be that you are
fodmap that you’re struggling with digesting FODMAPs and that and that you
know pay attention to that so and I’ve seen that be the case with garlic and
shallots and some of the other things natural natural remedies to help kill
bugs where somebody is a fodmap sensitivity yeah eating asparagus I
talked about this yesterday Josh axe dr. axe and I did a live group together we
were talking about how a great asparagus was Susan and as a great diuretic it
helps to stimulate water output through the kidneys it also is a great
detoxifier so thanks for thanks for for chiming in on that oh we got a we got
Nancy from New Mexico so another state representing hi Nancy
and Amy and Jeremy from Georgia let’s see next question here Amanda is so with
MTHFR we need to start supplements in lower doses at first question mark on
compound heterozygous that’s not what I would consider to be a major MTHFR
mutation heterozygous mutations are not really deal-breakers unless you’re super
super sick then yes we might want to support that MTHFR mutation the answer
is not just whether or not you have an MTHFR mutation there’s MTR there’s MTR
are there CMT there’s Dao there’s all different types of genetic mutations
that can occur and individuals that can the methylation cascade so the better
thing is not just okay do we just look only at MTHFR because a lot of doctors
in a lot of labs are just running MTHFR as if it’s going to make some massive
huge difference in a person’s life just having that one genetic snip remember
you’ve got 23,000 sets of genes one out of those 20,000 of going to tell us a
whole lot you really if you’re if you’re looking at methylation which is what
we’re talking about with this detoxification pathway methylation and
something called Tran sulfur ation we want to look at the genes responsible
for those pathways and look at mutations so looking at the genes from more
broad-spectrum comprehensive picture would be where I’d start but yeah I’m in
terms of supplementation people with mutations in the methylation cycle
generally don’t tend to do well with high-dose supplementation if they have
certain mutation patterns so just knowing your MTHFR doesn’t really give
me a whole lot to work from but if I had a more comprehensive picture of what of
what what was going on in your DNA methylation pattern I could give you a
better answer Amanda Susannah hello from South Carolina yeah thank another
another stay I’m at a doctor yesterday from from the Carolinas the great as
great guy great doctor I was in Tennessee let’s see here Nancy my friend
keeps telling me I should take activated charcoal to grid a lingering staff and
mark ons I’ve just kept with the protocol that doesn’t include charcoal
that’s correct now charcoal can be used and it’s very
very safe to use but it’s not always necessary and when you’re on a big
protocol where you’re already doing a lot of different kinds of pills
sometimes it’s a matter of weighing how much can we do to maintain a good
compliance because we get a pill overloaded sometimes that that’s kind of
the rate limiter and whether or not a person is going to improve or not okay
Ella and best supplements for Candida that are not going to make my hair fall
out well I would say if you’re talking about just in general best supplements
err I mean their number of things that have been shown to be effective for
killing Candida that should make your hair fall out I’d say if your
hair’s falling out it’s probably not supplements creating the issue as much
as it might be a protein malnutrition when your immune system is battling a
chronic yeast infection you oftentimes the side effect of that is protein
malnourishment we don’t get enough protein to come in to make enough
antibodies to continue to fight the war and so what happens is hair hair becomes
a secondary need in essence your body looks at hair and says we’re not gonna
make hair because we need to use that protein to make antibodies instead so I
would I would say you might want to consider that and have a doctor checking
your protein status your albumin and your other serum protein levels to see
if even that’s part of the issue but one of the other things good supplement
support hair growth is collagen and there are number of different collagen
formulations the collagen is great and helpful for hair growth as is biotin to
support hair growth but again your body’s not going to grow hair if you’re
fighting a chronic infection the protein is necessary to make antibodies and that
will trump hair growth and fingernail growth well oftentimes see weakened
fingernails and hair falling out when people have chronic immune problems
caused by mold so keep that in mind as well Allen as far as other supplements
for yeast I mean oregano can be effective time can be effective RC can
be effective berberine can be effective grapefruit seed extract there are a lot
of different types of supplements that can be effective again depending on the
yeast some yeast have resistances to certain natural agents I’ve seen a
number of cases in patients where you know yeast overgrowth was resistant to
oregano so taking all the oregano oil in the world wasn’t effective at all and
just and just really didn’t work so again hopefully those are some
strategies you can take with you George hi there Tennessee thoughts on this new
hemp oil being advertised was told no TCH and helps with pain I would assume
you mean THC the active ingredient in marijuana and helps with pain management
look my questioning with things like hemp oil
and even cannabis oil is why do you need that type of oil to manage pain if you
really found the root cause of the pain you don’t need oils to manage your pain
and that’s where really I would encourage you to explore with a good
functional medicine doctor that Avenue over you know taking and that even
things taken naturally to reduce your symptoms to me those that’s that can be
dangerous long term and it’s not that I’m not compassionate about people’s
pain it’s that look if we mask your pain but don’t find out why it’s there are we
really serving you no I don’t think we are I think we’re making you dependent
on hemp oil or cannabis oil or some other type of product and I’m not
picking on those things but any product for that matter if we’re just trying to
manage pain without trying to ascertain the origin of why the pain and why the
inflammation is there in the first place so I would just I would be real cautious
about anything that is gonna have a pain masking effect unless your strategy is
mask the pain in the short term to improve your quality of life while
you’re working with a good functional medicine doctor who can help you figure
out the real solution behind why the pain and inflammation are persistent
good questions sir Theresa I’ve been on antibiotics for over a week now for
strep now what should I do to get my gut back in shape great question you’ve got
to absolutely have a heavy dose probiotic I recommend at least 200
billion colony forming units to help to boost the GI tract back from an
antibiotic regimen so one of the one of the in my opinion one of the best ones
to use product called ultra biotic defense it’s it’s over 200 billion
colony forming units of very hearty types of bifida and lactobacillus can be
very very helpful at supporting restoration of the microbiome after
you’ve been on an antibiotic that’s what I would recommend as a primary you’ve
got to do at the very minimum you’ve got to do that to get your microbiome back
up to speed let’s see there’s some of the other questions coming in Kathy from Washington State all right I
have an egg allergy that does not cause any lactic reaction meaning it’s not
acute but it causes stomach upset and sore muscles a couple days after there’s
a collagen powder that has different animal ingredients including egg
membrane I’m not sure I see the question in that if you have an egg allergy I
would consider a collagen protein powder that doesn’t have the egg membrane and
first just to just to be cautious right so there are a number of different
powders out there and then some of them really good ones the egg membrane is a
great product if you’re not allergic to the egg but also depends on what part of
the egg that you’re allergic to some people are allergic to the all come to
the white mic but my experience with it is if you’re allergic to the yolk or the
white avoid egg until we get your gut back in balance so I would look at I
would look for different collagen products that don’t have the egg in them
as my advice for you good question so LeAnn Leanna
I’m sorry not Leanna Leanna is asking why would see for a B hi is that mold
toxicity yes it can be and oftentimes is it’s not it’s not so understand it see
for a a compliment for a is a protein the immune system produces and it’s not
implicit to mold meaning that just because c4a is high doesn’t mean you’re
you have mold toxicity but it can mean that you have mold toxicity so doing a
good mold panel where you’re looking at transforming growth factor beta one
where you’re looking at MSH we’re looking at c4a where you’re looking at C
reactive protein where you’re looking at a number of different markers that might
be that might be conducive to giving you a bigger answer about the whole picture
and another test to be run is call the hlad our genotype genotyping which can
tell you whether or not you have a gene pattern that is generally sensitive to
mold so so that’s what I would recommend Liana don’t just rely strictly on a seat
for a again because it can mean mold but it can also mean other things as well so
all right looks like I’ve gotten to the end of all the questions
today make sure so make sure couple things as we close out today we’ll be
back next week for another episode alive but I want you to make sure that you’re
sharing this information with somebody you love is special if you know somebody
this is enough in a water damaged area where maybe they haven’t put their home
back together yet let’s get this information into those people’s hands
because I mean I did this show special for them today so to help me get this
information to them by hitting the share hitting the like button below and thanks
for helping me help more people it’s it’s a it’s a pleasure and it’s an honor
to be able to reach so many people through you and I appreciate you all
being here with me today looks like we got I’m gonna answer one more because we
had one more come in while I was talking but uh I took cipro that killed my
oxalobacter for my ninja’s how can i reestablish my population to digest
oxalates again one of the best ways that you can that you can really reestablish
is one is through a high dose probiotic there’s not really a convert to my
knowledge at this point there’s not really a great commercially available
oxalobacter that you can take but if you do any gardening if you do any outside
work where you get your hands dirty where you get your hands in the dirt
it’s one of the best ways to get probiotics if you’ve got a pet it’s one
of the best ways to get probiotics so if you don’t if you live in the city or a
city person go visit a farm go out and visit a farm and interact with the
animals interact with the dirt a little bit more aggressively and that’s gonna
that can be very very helpful the other thing is eating produce from locally
grown farmers markets locally grown because they’re not being shipped across
the country and being sprayed with chemicals but also much of that local
produce is gonna have probiotic that’s that’s gonna have soil micro micro
organisms in it neck it’s gonna be very very helpful to help reestablish sure
your your flora so okay that was it so hope you guys have a great afternoon
we’ll be back next week for another episode of pick doctor Osborne’s brain
and till then have a wonderful weekend take care


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    THANK YOU FOR THIS HELP 💝 GOD ABBA YAHWEH AND MESSIAH KING YAHSHUA💝 JESUS'S REAL HEBREW NAME THAT MEANS YAHWEH SAVES , PLEASE BLESS YOU💝 I think Apple cider vinegar each day would help too vinegar kills mold. Glass of ice water with 1 TBL OF APPLE cider vinegar and 1 lemon squeezed into it for the vitamin c. Then you could put raw garlic and raw oregano into your smoothie. In a blender 2 handfuls of spinach , 1 handful of strawberries, 1 handful of blueberries, 1 clove of raw garlic, sprig of oregano, 1 banana in a blender with 3/4 filled up with water. Blend . and you can do the Apple cider vinegar tonic mentioned above and put a TSP of CYANNE pepper, and 1 TBL of raw UNFILTERED honey, added to 1 glass of ice water with 1 TBL of Apple cider vinegar and the juice of 1 lemon to clear the sinuses.

  • Reply Tarey Reilly June 30, 2019 at 2:24 am

    Take OIL OF OREGANO and oregano nasal spray!! Works like a charm for anything viral.

  • Reply hopeseeker97 July 7, 2019 at 8:49 pm

    What if an apartment never takes out the drywall? Remove the carpet without remediation. No wiping under the carpet. Only used fans to dry the saturated carpet.

  • Reply hopeseeker97 July 7, 2019 at 8:50 pm

    They can't see mold…tested air and carpet, but not elevated due to our purifiers.

  • Reply hopeseeker97 July 7, 2019 at 8:59 pm

    What about the Air Free purifiers that have no filter but use heat tech.

  • Reply hopeseeker97 July 7, 2019 at 9:05 pm

    Is vitamin C GMO these days? Or synthetic? Where is a good place to find good vitamins?

  • Reply hopeseeker97 July 7, 2019 at 9:06 pm

    What about children? Young teens?

  • Reply Robert J Desmond July 11, 2019 at 1:12 am

    Good luck getting your doctor to do these tests. The average doctor is clueless about mold and will therefore try to convince you it’s psychological (their go-to response whenever they don’t know something). The day pharmaceutical companies figure out how to cash in on mold then doctors will suddenly start taking mold seriously.

  • Reply Confidence Oparaocha July 19, 2019 at 4:57 pm

    Please am confused on which to buy Hepa filter or a dehumidifier? Your reply will be helpful, many thanks

  • Reply Kinetic Bodyworks July 31, 2019 at 6:00 pm

    Best test for mycotoxins, for treatment.

  • Reply Kinetic Bodyworks July 31, 2019 at 6:02 pm Odorox technology the best for air purification.

  • Reply Tina Kendall August 16, 2019 at 9:14 pm

    Have been exposed to mold from ac hose leaking into the my car which is my main source of transportation. Have tried opening windows but this seemed to make it worse. Finally getting a rental car and insurance is covering replacing insulation and carpet if cleaning doesn’t get it out. I’ve been driving the car for over 4 weeks and feel horrible….any recommendations on detox. Assuming mold is out of control at this point..I take DE and bentonite clay as well as activated charcoal. I’m just worried about permanent damage from exposure…..any recommendations would be very much appreciated. From Ohio and the weather has been in the high 80s with high humidity:(

  • Reply Ean McNaney August 21, 2019 at 5:43 pm

    great video . Thanks

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