7 Symptoms Of Stomach Cancer – Dr.C.Palanivelu (Tamil)

September 15, 2019

The most common disease that affects general public relates to stomach problems like stomach pain. Nearly 50% of the people who turn up to the hospital for treatment come with digestive problems and symptoms of stomach cancer. While singling out diseases too, stomach related problems like stomach cancer comes next to heart and blood vessel related problems. Today, if you see the list of organs affected by cancer, digestive cancer tops the list with cancers affecting organs like food pipe, stomach, liver, pancreas & rectum. Cancers affecting small intestine and big intestine constitute 10%, followed by stomach with 8% and liver with 6% of cancer affected people. These data about organs affected by cancer shows that the most common cancer that affects people is stomach cancer. During the beginning stages, stomach cancer symptoms cannot be found. Affected people will live and work as normal people do without any symptoms of stomach cancer. They will be healthy, eat well and digest well. Stomach Cancer starts in this kind of scenario. Hence, as a precautionary measure, you need to do a master health checkup on a regular basis even if you do not have any symptoms of stomach cancer. As the saying goes, ‘prevention is better than cure’, you can substantially lower the medical expenses and live a healthy life by taking precautionary actions. In general, the symptoms of stomach cancer are loss of appetite, weight loss, anaemia and fatigue. Fullness of stomach. Other stomach cancer symptoms are black colored stool and blood stained stool. Sometimes people may think this as piles. Likewise, some can have bloated stomach. Some may feel stomach pain. Some can feel the tumor while keeping hand on parts of the stomach. Most importantly, people who have the said symptoms should undergo medical check up and seek medical advice to find if they are affected by cancer or if they are affected by some other disease. If the cancer is identified early, with today ‘s modern science and experience, the tumors can be removed through surgery and the disease can be cured. Further, with right medication after surgery, it is possible for absolute cure. Decades back, open surgery was required to remove the tumors, more days of hospitalization and was more painful. A tube was required to be inserted through the nose for at least a couple of days, walking would be restrained, more discomfort and lots of blood was required. But now, thanks to modern treatment methods, stomach cancer surgery requires very little blood. They can be discharged from hospital in a couple of days and they can get back to their routine work within a few days. They can eat food as usual and the nose tube is not required anymore. Hence, people should understand that with modern treatment methods, stomach cancer can be completely cured without much discomfort to the person. Taking advantage of today’s modern medicine, people should opt for early periodical master health check up and utilize the treatment methods for healthy living.

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