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7 Signs You Should Be Taking Probiotics For Healthy Gut Flora

August 14, 2019

Hey friend, Dew Canole here! And I wanted
to shoot this video because this is something I am passionate about if you ever noticed.
We’ve been talking about your gut health for a while now. Have you taken an antibiotic
in the past year? Nine people out of ten probably have taken an antibiotic. Maybe you’ve taken
one five years ago but did you know that just by taking an antibiotic you destroy all that
good and bad bacteria? Now the good bacteria dictates how well your immune system functions,
how clear and how glowing your skin looks, sometimes how well your brain function is
working right? When you are in an embryo as a baby you are growing in that very fetal
stage, your brain and your stomach are the first two things to develop together. You
have more nerves in your gut than you actually do on your spinal column which is pretty interesting.
You have three pounds of bacteria in your gut and all those cells are more than human
cells than you are actually have in your body so it makes sense that you and I should take
better care of our guts right? So what are the seven things that you need to be aware
of that probably means that you should take a probiotic? Number one like I mentioned before,
having antibiotics in the past years, five years and not re-culturing, not re terraforming
your gut. Birth control does the same thing so those anti-inflammatory agents that you
take over the counter. Pain medication right? Destroys the gut as well. Food poisoning if
you’ve have that, what that does is that it actually shift in the equilibrium if you
have more bad bacteria than good that’s why you have food poisoning. There’s a good
chance that you wanna repopulate your good bacteria. If you have digestive disturbances,
there’s a chance that you probably wanna look into taking a probiotic as well. Any
skin conditions that leave your skin looking less than you wanted to. If you look in the
mirror and hundred percent not ecstatic with what’s looking back at you, there’s a
good chance that once you start to fix the inside, the outside is going to reflect that
type of harmony. If you are the type of person that wakes up in the morning you’re just
depressed for no reason maybe something that’s impacting your mood, there’s a chance that
a probiotic can help bounce that serotonin level. Ninety five percent of the serotonin
is actually made in your gut. Serotonin’s that happy molecule in the brain. So once
you start fixing the gut you’re going to notice your mood will start to enhance. You
will start to see the world in HD, everything will start to come to life and you will start
to greet people with that optimistic person hiding on the inside right now. If you’re
the type of person that gets sick two to three times a year and you’re wondering why there’s
a good chance that, that over populated bad bacteria holding you back and you probably
should consider taking a really high quality probiotic. If you’re dealing with any type
of yeast infection or yeast overgrowth on the inside, rebalancing that good gut bacteria
will definitely help you. So those are seven signs that you probably need to consider taking
a probiotic. Now obviously consult with your doctor first, I’m not a doctor but these
are seven things you can look at. Now I’m going to take a probiotic rich green juice
recipe right here right now that you’re absolutely gonna love. The taste of the apple
cider vinegar with the ginger and lime, it’s just so smooth. Great for the summer, great
for even on the winter with the ginger to warm your body up and start to cleanse you
from inside out and replace some of those probiotics and prebiotics in your gut! So
here are the ingredients, we have one cucumber, we have two pieces of celery. We have a handful
of cilantro, one lime, two knuckles of ginger and about a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar.
This is the gut health fixing juice recipe you’re absolutely gonna love it. Alright
so at that time who won the juicer? Remember next week if you wanna win the juicer, scroll
down to the bottom of this blog post. Leave a comment below about how your life is changed
by implementing some of the strategies and tips that we’ve talked about on FitLife
TV. This week’s juicer winner is Rachel Munger! Rachel has been incorporating more
probiotics, super foods and she’s even been using coconut oil on her skin and it improved
her complexion almost immediately. Now she’s ready to start juicing and take her health
to the next level so we’re gonna send Rachel a brand new Kuving’s juicer. Congratulations
Rachel and keep as posted on your health journey! Alright my friend, here we go. Hmm. That’s
a powerful, powerful elixir! It’s gonna go in that gut, I feel it right now. It’s
talking to my good gut bacteria telling them to shape up or ship out. We got the probiotics
from the apple cider vinegar, this stuff is a fat torture. I love this stuff. Hopefully
you enjoy this juice recipe and if you’re looking for a high quality probiotic, I wanna
offer you something, we’ve been working on for over the past four years we’ve been
talking about healing the gut. That’s what green juice does right? You drink it through
the esophagus, out to the small, large intestine, out through your liver and to your mitochondria
blood stream in about fifteen minutes. But what happens when you need the real food right?
Like we all do. We got to get our macros in too. You need your proteins and different
things like that. What if other people aren’t absorbing everything that they need? The vitamins,
the minerals, the enzymes, the amino acids, the phytochemicals. So by taking a high quality
probiotic which we just created Biotic Balance. 50 billion CFU’s Colony Forming Units right?
10 of the best strains on the planet. It’s great for your gut health and it’s going
to help you along the way. It’s gonna help you boost your immune system up, it’s gonna
improve your mood, it’s gonna make it so when you’re not juicing you can absorb all
the nutrients from your food. That delicious salad that you read every once in a while.
Now you don’t have to worry about digesting it because you’re gonna absorb all the nutrients
from it. Biotic Balance we just came out with it, we’re really close to selling out of
this stuff and we have the friends and family discount available for you at the end of this
video. So click the box below this video and you can get it there. As always thank you
so much for watching this if you’re on Facebook, YouTube, wherever you’re watching it, share
it, like it, love it, tweet it. Oh! By the way guys, this is #Organifi Yo’self. You
can get this shirt by looking below this video. Anybody that you refer to Organifi or biotic
balance we’re actually gonna send you this right here. We have a real easy system online
that you could follow and I love this shirt. Really, really cool. People ask all the time
like what is your Organifi Yo’self and it allows me to explain to them what Organifi
does for you and how healthy it can help make you. So check out the link below. I’m drew
Canole, remember we’re in this together. I’ll see you next week! If you wanna get
one of this shirts y’all, you need to click the link below this video.


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    Well no wonder why I felt like shit! I have all these symptoms except the yeast infection. I bought a 40 billion cfu, for women, with 16 different probiotic strains and I'm not exaggerating, after 1 day, not even a full day, I went from feeling like hell to feeling AMAZING! I cannot believe how awesome I feel. The 1st day it gave me a weird, really "sickly" looking bowel movement, I won't go into detail lol but immediatly after that my energy sky rocketed. I truly believe I was over filled with bad bacteria. I'm going to keep taking these supplements. 1 a day for 30 days, it's a 30 day supply and after, I will Re evaluate and go from there

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    I also use adaptogens like Ashwaghanda and Rhodiola, these help your body get rid of cortisol and stress 🙂

    Ask me questions about my transformation!

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    I was also seeing chiropractor to help with my back.

    Not once did they suggest probiotics, I never replenished with probiotics after taking antibiotics, so maybe this will work!

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    (I read these and the reasons they work from Amirykal Heartburn Remedies website )

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