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7 Health Benefits of Baking Soda | How To Improve Your Health

August 16, 2019

– Welcome to I’m Chef Marcus Guiliano. I’m a chef on a mission. So I get a lot of questions, if I drink or consume baking soda every day. If you’ve been on my YouTube channel or if you caught me through
a baking soda video, my couple baking soda videos I have are by far my most popular
videos on my YouTube channel. There’s some great information,
and in the one video that I did several years back, I touted that I was doing baking
soda on a regular basis. Well, of course, things change, we change. Health conditions change, and I don’t do baking
soda every day anymore. So what I do want to talk about
the benefits of baking soda and the times that I use baking soda. So the times that I use baking soda, I do it before or after a endurance, a longer endurance run. Something that I’m out for
maybe two, three hours, as it helps dump lactic
acid out of your body. I also take baking soda when
I have digestion issues, which doesn’t happen much at all. For the first time this year,
it’s October, end of October, I actually had something
fried the other day and it wasn’t because I ordered
it or because I wanted it. It was because it was
put down in front of me and I didn’t want to be disrespectful, and it was a samosa with a chickpea gravy and so I didn’t want to be disrespectful, so I actually ate it. But I could feel afterwards… I said, “Man, this fried
food is just sitting in me” and it just didn’t feel right, so baking soda was in order after that. So baking soda aids in
digestion, heartburn, things like that. So those are the two times
that I really take baking soda. There is another time if I
consume too much alcohol, which I don’t try to do that. I typically don’t drink that much at all, but since I own a
restaurant, I do consume. I do taste, and I do
enjoy really good wine. And I do enjoy really good
beer, especially hoppy IPAs. But as far as getting drunk,
I typically don’t do that. However, if I do drink too
much, like sometimes I do go to wine tastings and I
will get carried away. That’s when another time
that baking soda is in order. It helps, of course, dump
lactic acid, clean your body up. So it helps with something… It helps with hangovers. So I’m on Dr. Whitaker’s site. Dr. Whitaker is a well-known cardiologist, natural cardiologist and he has this thing on his website, seven
benefits of baking soda, 7 Health Benefits of Baking Soda. Now he is a heart doctor and I guess he is endorsing baking soda. So if that answers your question if you have high blood
pressure and baking soda, this might be a good resource
for you to investigate Dr. Whitaker,
W-H-I-T-A-K-E-R, Dr. Whitaker. I’ve followed Dr.
Whitaker for years and one of the first videos I ever saw from him. It wasn’t until he started
doing natural approaches that he said he started curing
people of heart disease. And that was years and
years and years ago, he started doing that. So he’s very well known
as far as cardiologists, heart doctors. So seven uses of baking soda. Now he references everything,
so if you want to go to his website,, you’ll see all of his references there. I’m going to try to keep this video short, so I’m not going to list all
the references, but here we go. Seven uses of baking soda. Seven uses of baking soda for health. Number one benefit, kidney disease. Bicarbonate is an alkaline
substance naturally produced in the body that buffers acids. It keeps pH in check. People that have chronic kidney disease, which is most often caused
by diabetes or hypertension, poorly functioned kidneys have a hard time removing acid from the body. This often results in a condition known as metabolic acidosis. And he lists some studies here for that. Health benefit number two of
sodium bicarbonate is cancer. There’s a lot of great
resources out there on cancer. Dr. Mark Sircus, Dr. Tooley, so there’s some really good work on
baking soda and cancer. If you have cancer or if
you’re concerned about cancer, definitely go look up some more resources. There’s a lot of work out there. There’s a lot of information
on there about that. And, of course, baking
soda is super cheap. Benefit number three. Occasional heartburn ingestion, just like that I had mentioned. Ingestion heartburn, works phenomenal. It works within like 15 seconds. You can start feeling the difference. So it’s just a teaspoon
in a pint of water. I do 16 ounces of water and a teaspoon. I put the baking soda in first, then I pour the water on top so it kind of like stirs it in naturally, and then I take a spoon and I stir and I let it sit a good
minute, let it all dissolve and then I chug it back. Dermatological conditions. British researchers found
that adding a half a cup of baking soda to bath water
soothed itches and irritation in patients with psoriasis. That’s another good thing. So any kind of skin
condition, acne, whatever. I’ve seen people use it for. Natural deodorant. Simply mix a teaspoon of
baking soda with enough water to create a milky liquid. Rub it on your feet and underarms. I’ve seen a lot of people do that in the natural health world. Oral health. Of course, lots of toothpaste
has baking soda in it, and that’s why. Removal of plaque, of course, is one of the most beneficial things. Number seven, athletic performance, just as I was talking about earlier. When taken before intense
exercises, sodium bicarbonate buffers a lactic acid that builds up in hard working muscles, delays fatigue, and enhances athletic performance. So in a sense it’s like an energy drink. If you look online and you
get a natural energy… If you want to make your own
natural electrolyte drink ’cause we don’t want to drink Gatorade. One of the ingredients in
a natural electrolyte drink is sodium bicarbonate along
with other certain minerals and salts, but sodium
bicarbonate is one of the things that’s in there that’s in
every recipe that I’ve found. And here’s a note on the bottom. Although sodium bicarbonate
contains quite a bit of sodium, it does not raise blood pressure. The hypertensive effect
of salt, sodium chloride, comes from the combination
of sodium and chloride, not from sodium bicarbonate. So that’s interesting. So Dr. Whitaker’s saying that. Of course he’s a heart doctor, so you have to understand that he
has experience in this so if anybody asks that question, will it raise blood pressure. I’m not the doctor, but Dr.
Whitaker is, so he’s saying that it’s not. That’s something that’s very
interesting, ’cause a lot of people that I know are afraid also to take sodium bicarbonate
and the doctors, even the heart doctors I know, are afraid to tell their patients,
’cause I’ve had people ask their cardiologists
and their doctors say, “No, no, no, no, no.” Well Dr. Whitaker’s saying that that’s not a problem whatsoever. So, benefits of baking soda. Now here’s another benefit of baking soda. It is an amazing cleaner. It’s not a health benefit,
but it’s an amazing cleaner. We had some grease spilled
up on a wall in our kitchen and had somebody start cleaning it, and they were using soap,
they were using vinegar, they were scrubbing it. And I’m looking at him,
and I’m like man this wall, this corner of this wall
is just really built up, ’cause we started moving some shelves. And I said, “You know what,
try some baking soda.” And, of course, mixed baking
soda and water, got a rag, put it on the wall, and
the grease immediately lifted right off the wall
(snap) just like that. It was amazing, the
dishwasher that was doing it, he was like, “I can’t
believe this is working. I can’t believe this.” And I said, “Baking soda is
good for a lot of things, like I told you.” So benefits of baking soda. I’m Chef Marcus Guiliano. Thanks for watching this video. If you like my video, please hit like. Subscribe to my channel
and definitely pass it on. And definitely check out my
other baking soda videos. And while you’re at it,
check out or, you’ll find
a bunch of interesting links and don’t forget to click the link to my green certified restaurant.


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