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68. How to avoid nosebleeds and sleep apnea naturally

September 3, 2019

hi there I’m Yvonne desolates and I am
coming to you on white Eason TV sorry for being a little tardy this week I’m
only gonna have time probably to do this and maybe one of their training video as
I said in another video I’m going to try to cover two things that have been
brought to my attention one by me and one by somebody else one is about the
frequent nosebleeds and the other one is about things you can do to help with
sleep apnea in the event that you don’t have access to a CPAP mask I did not
find any energy healing exercises for that but I did find exercises you can do
that will help you with sleep apnea symptoms if you do not feel like using a
CPAP I’ll convert that on the next video today I’m just going to cover what to do
if you or someone you know gets frequent nosebleeds my father used to get them
constantly um as far as I know all his life he’s had a problem with very
frequent nosebleeds and I had that problem when I was very young I used to
get them constantly and then I stopped so while they they just kind of
disappeared on their own but they’ve recently come back unfortunately and I
get them constantly again but I found a way to make them a little less frequent
I’m just gonna show you what I use here really quickly I use sea salt I’m trying
to make this a little closer to the care of my sea salt I was told to use regular
sea salt for the sea salt and water I was also told that it’s a good idea to
use distilled water but when I first was told about this I was told by an ear
nose and throat specialist and he told me it was fine to use tap water this is
when I say this I mean irrigating this is a neti pot it’s just empty it’s
clean don’t panic it’s not disgusting and I’ve washed this really thoroughly
every single time I use it but it’s a neti pot I’m not going to film myself
using the neti pot but you fill this with really hot water um if it’s
distilled water I guess you have to heat it first but you need to make sure it’s
not so hot that it’s gonna burn you because you’re going to inhale on one
side you’re gonna let it go up one side and then let it go down the other side
so it can’t be too super hot because you trust me don’t want to burn
yourself when you’re doing this but you fill this with water either tap water or
distilled they did say distilled is preferable so you want to mix the
distilled water with natural sea salts let the sea salts dissolve completely
mixed up just make sure it’s hot but not so hot that it’s gonna burn you and then
you let them with the water go up one side and go down the other side and let
the other water go out the other way and then you go the other side let it go up
that way and out the other doing that has helped me avoid nosebleeds the other
thing that will help you avoid nosebleeds in addition to do the
irrigating is to find your cheekbone is underneath the skin under the cheekbones
where the cheekbones are follow them up to the nose right where they meet with
your nose and then just up supply pressure and you can also very
vigorously and when I say vigorous I mean dig to the point of discomfort you
want this to be uncomfortable but you want to put pressure here it’s right in
here where the eyes are but it’s right where those cheekbones meet with your
nose you just want to hold that hold that there apply pressure there if you
have a nosebleed that’s also a good spot to apply pressure and you want to hold
your head up while you’re doing it but applying pressure in these spots will
also help with nosebleed prevention so this is nosebleed prevention tips and
once again when I’m here in a few more days I’m going to show you a few
exercises you can do if you have problems with sleep apnea I’m gonna just
show you a couple right now first one is vigorous massage and again when I say
vigorous I mean to the point of discomfort right underneath where the
cheek bones are near to the nose you want to just very vigorously massage
with your two fingers index finger and middle finger very very vigorous massage
to the point of discomfort and it should affect your voice if you’re speaking and
you’re making these circles you should be able to hear that as you talk these
circles both directions you want to go clockwise and counterclockwise very very
vigorous and then the next one and this is the last one I’m going to be showing
you for now and as the person who showed me this said he
you want this to hurt this should be uncomfortable take your knuckles
pointing knuckles and go out to the sides of the nose and just Hold’em end
and you can also very vigorous misson vigorously again to the point of pain
massage right out to where the nose is right to where when they say where the
nose is where the nose meets with your face right at the corner outside the
nostrils put those points right there and just hold the pressure and yes this
kind of hurts a little bit this is a little bit uncomfortable but hold this
position or you can do a massage you can also go out a little bit for the nose
but come back in and massage and again that’s uncomfortable but that will help
with emptying your sinuses out I do have a bunch more but I’m not annoying cover
them now that will be on my next video my next video will be all sorts of
exercises you can do if you have sleep apnea or if you’re trying to avoid
having sleep apnea and you’re trying not to deal with a CPAP mask but for now um
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namaste peace and light and I will see you again listen take care

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