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67% Better

November 15, 2019

Good morning Sleeping Beauty! Hey! *laughing* Good morning Sleeping Beauty! how do you feel baby? I feel way better… now I feel like uh– ummm sixty-seven percent better. Hi, my name’s Jorden but they call me Nano I’m Melia Or Mia and this is our baby Jaxen Join three Smartypants kids their mommy and daddy making memories as a family Good morning Mia! Morning how are you feeling? a little better. that’s good. how about this guy? Good morning honey! I feel this percent better.. So.. he was much better and we thought, “hey, lets go shopping and lets get out of the house for a little while” because he was feeling so much better yesterday. and then when we went out shopping… all of them were sick So, today… we are going to kind of just hang out this guy is kind of feeling Meh again… just… I mean he’s not SICK.. he just isn’t feeling well. If that makes any sense at all… He’s working on it, I guess huh baby? and.. Jorden got the worst of it last night Jorden is just sick as heck hey baby, how are you feeling? I’m — I feel a lot better than yesterday about like, 50 percent better than yesterday. well, that’s good. 50 percent is better than zero percent we’ll take it. Anyway… so we’re just going to hang out… maybe we’ll start feeling a little bit better this afternoon, but for now it’s going to be a TV watching kind of hanging out kind of day huh? mm hmm yea okay Two hours later Look, this one woke up! Good morning baby! morning. how do you feel? a little good. a little better? a little good from yesterday good, how about from just now? mmmm… a little good. a little better? good. Did you have a nice nap? good I love you I love you too mmm *giggling* You’re bein’ a stinker.. get back here. yeahhhhhhh! *screaming* *bonk* Ouch!! *laughing* are you okay? *giggling* *singing* *giggling* Oh, hey look.. he woke up! Good morning Sleeping Beauty! Hey! *laughing* Good morning Sleeping Beauty! How do you feel baby? I feel way better! Now I feel like… uh— ummm— sixty-seven percent better! So, it was 50 percent earlier, and now it’s about 67 percent… so we’re working on 100, right? Yep. alright. and I feel 155% better. *laughing* That’s good. I’m glad. that’s not even a number. It’s a number, but it’s not very realistic I’m glad you’re feeling better baby! Good morning. 155 better? That doesn’t make sense. So… just for the record, it is 7:30 and this kid has been asleep since like… 2:00 *laughing* from 2:00 until 7:30 he just slept and slept and slept! but I guess he’s feeling better now. Right baby? yep good. So… today was a rough day. Jorden slept most of the day because he wasn’t feeling good. how are you feeling now? really better. much better? yeah, but I ate a lot so now my tummy hurts. yeah… but that’s only because I ate a lot yeah, that’s kind of—- it wasn’t a lot. He ate SOMETHING, which was a lot for as sick as he’s been. So.. he’s feeling better… I think we’re all turning a corner, and everybody’s just going to get over it now… I hope! We’re not going to send Jorden to school tomorrow again.. we’re going to keep him home, and hope that he continues to do better. But they want him to be 24 hours feeling better before he goes back so we are going to keep him home one more day Hi. you silly! we’re going to keep him home one more day and just have another kind of relax day tomorrow. Hopefully we’ll get back to doing some more fun stuff pretty soon you quit touching the camera, you turd! *laughing* you want to see the baby? yeah? hi baby! you want to say hi!? hi no? NO… he’s not going to say hi anyhow we’re feeling better, hopefully tomorrow it’ll be a better day, and we’ll get back to doing some more fun stuff Sorry the vlog is short and sweet today but… we didn’t do much. Jorden slept all day, and we were kind of trying to be relaxed and quiet so that he could sleep so…. lets cross our fingers and hope that mom and dad don’t get sick next, because we are the only ones that haven’t had it. and I don’t WANT it! *laughing* so… for now, I think we’ll say goodnight! ready? Good night YouTube! See you TO-MA-TO!!

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