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6 VIRUS les plus DRÔLES

March 7, 2020

And hi, how are you doing here? It is
Leo of the TechMaker chain and today, like the old way, we’re going to talk about viruses
! You know, these famous little critters that we hate having on our computers
? Well even if some go straight straight to the point to destroy your machine
or steal your data, well many others have a certain art of making; you know a
kind of like when a murderer always leaves a distinctive sign to tell you that
it’s poetic! Well there we will see all these viruses that seek to create a
certain atmosphere before making their move please! Ah and yes, for those who arise
questions regarding the return of this says format, well I answer that by
end of video, but first, let’s talk about : BonzyBuddy Sad destiny for our friend the purple monkey. Who besides I think has become forgotten
greatly ! The latter was an assistant staff released in 1999; he was there to
make the Windows environment a lot less austere! Well yeah, remember
that at the time, we were having fun ranging from Windows 95 to XP for the lucky ones
which only came out in 2001! It is therefore with this perspective that BonziBuddy came out,
this little monkey who talks to you, who tells you jokes, which helps you in your calendar,
who sings, who … Yeah ok you will understand, he is damn relou this little guy there …
It’s a bit more painful version from Clippy, the famous Microsoft assistant
which looked like a paperclip, except that here well there are two because there is also a parrot
! In short, a real hell … Quickly mocked because of that, people realized
that in addition the latter stored a lot of data, and used that to make
target advertising, in addition to reselling them to various companies … so yeah really
too good, this stuff is not only annoying, but in addition it is a virus, more specifically
adware coupled with spyware! It is therefore with all this in mind that
variants are created, with for example Bonzify, a much more… intrusive alternative version. He will start to replace the
icons of your programs by his head to him this narcissist, playing music without
your consent and to remind you that it will NEVER let you go! Before destroying
your PC. Yeah, a little whimsical the guy. But that’s nothing compared to BonziRogue,
another variant, which is squarely whispering mega glaucous words
in the ear, then behind you insult and also play music… while destroying
also your PC. Anyway, Bonzi wanted to be friends
of all as an assistant but I think that he has become the enemy of some
as a nightmare. MEMZ
Have you ever encountered a kiddie script ? Basically, a kiddie script is the guy
in the playground with a black jacket as in matrix as well as dark glasses
to make it more mysterious, who calls himself a hacker professional, and who is crazy because he has
already managed to create a maccro that supports in its place in a clicker cookie. Well memz is here to make fun of those
which creates pseudo viruses which are in general not very complex but whose owners
boast proudly, and who are in general more visual than anything else, because it’s
known that in hacking, the more visual it is the more powerful it is! Memz will therefore be a trojan which will group
ALL visual stuff AT THE SAME TIME! A once launched, let’s go for the fair
the sausage. It will invert the colors, display
totally random stuff on the screen like nyancat or other error messages
while shaking the screen, you spam Windows notification ears
and also to research your place on the net! At least you will have a
excuse the next time your girlfriend will come to ask you for explanations on
why did you look for weird terms ! You will understand, the name of this trojan
therefore refers to the Memes that are rampant on the canvas, even if it actually starts
to date since for example the nyancat goes soon to be 9 years old! Yeah sorry for
old-fashioned … Basically Memz was not that violent
that seen that in any case it was not too much machine trouble and was removable
easily but that was without counting the community that made it more powerful
by creating his evil alter ego, Memz Destructive. And once this one started, the virus will
makes it clear that it’s over and your only option is to take advantage
of the show since any attempt to delete the trojan will kill the system. So yes. We take again the principle of Memz, except that here,
we’re also going to overheat the machine like never before, with open windows
in every way, slowing down the computer little by little, and destroying everything
interior system, which will finish on the famous BSOD… And when restarting
the computer, the trojan makes you understand that your system is totally infected,
and gives you as your only company … This famous NyanCat. Yeah i knew we couldn’t make him
trust this cat. Rensenware Do you know what a RansomWare is
? It’s a virus that consists of blocking your files until you have given a
certain ransom, hence its name! To do so it will encrypt the different
files and behind provide the decryption key and apply it after the ransom is paid
! In general, what is required is either confidential information or
money, often Bitcoin of course for leave a little less trace than a transfer
classic banking! It is extremely widespread and if you remember some
videos that I’ve been able to do in the past, there are downright cities that can be
taken hostage by that! It’s pretty reverent !
Well Rensenware, it does, except that here, rather than asking for your
personal or monetary wealth it will ask you to show that you are
a real g @ mer with an at sign instead due to ! And yeah, to be able to decipher these
files, we’re going to have to score 200 million points in Touhou 12: UFO
! For those who say “yeah but easy, you know me I made lots of tops 1
on Fortnite so frankly an old game retro like that, in two two I get there
! ” well these people don’t know what Touhou! This series officially
28 titles in its franchise is a shoot them up, but not the quiet shoot them up eh,
rather the bullet hell! Basically the specificity is that there will be a LOT of dumplings
to dodge on the screen, and you have to have sacred reflexes and a cool head
legendary not to panic, like look me this hell! If we search on Youtube,
people manage to exceed 200 million points after games over 20
minutes ! You imagine dodging all this delirium there for 20 minutes to collect your
files? I hope they are not too important huh, limit paying a ransom
of a few million is simpler… As what, we knew that those who were going to save
the world is real gamers! Haste to see the town hall of Paris make a call
of the best Touhou player in France for unlock all residents files
from the city… Good and little fun fact in there, but the
delirium developer got infected even testing the thing because yes it even
not used a virtual machine! And unfortunately well it’s not strong enough at play to reach
said score…. So he created a patch to be able to
recover files; ah well when we know the sources, it’s true that it’s
simpler, but for once, it’s really the watered arosser! Lose / Lose
Okay i know some computer users are currently laughing saying
“But I’m on Mac, you know viruses it doesn’t exist on that! ” So already
that’s wrong because i made a video showing the opposite, but above all, well here it is
fun for you! I know that with the one just before by the way,
I recalled a sad truth; Games on macs, it does not run the streets … But not
panic because Lose / Lose allow you to have a good time and put your talents
to the test ! Finally, the part you will still be very expensive… We are also here on a shoot them up, but
don’t panic, it’s not as epileptic than Touhou! The goal is therefore to destroy
these aliens thanks to your mega ship ! So far nothing unusual … Except that
done, these aliens, well these are the files from your computer! At each extinction
of these extraterrestrial beings, the computer will delete a file from
totally random on the bike ! And when I say totally random, eh
well it can be your cat’s photo on your desktop, like essential files
to the operating system! Basically you possibly have a chance at every death
alien to totally lose your machine and be good at reinstalling everything …
can also delete itself, and in any case, if you lose a life,
it will also destroy itself! For once here, if you don’t launch the game
in question or if you lose, your machine is not blocked, so you can use it
freely without future consequences, except that well, you will always have this little
voice that tells you that you don’t always not finished this game… And unfortunately,
it might be complicated! In itself, the name of the game is very well chosen
: Either you stop playing it, and therefore, you lose, either you continue, and you continue
to lose. Can’t wait to see speedruns
French on it! Twitch Booster Well, where is the French exception
in this list? Well we just arrived right in there! After all, how to speak
of this topic on a little joker viruses without mentioning this one… Originally from forums
of, the latter aims to trap the most naive streamers, with
its rather ambiguous name! Well, yes after everything, if there is ONE software that can improve
the flow, it is obviously an executable totally unknown who will settle all
problems huh! And beh though, there are had quite a few cases being tricked …
often on younger streams, are members of the forum who went
on their chat to tell them that there was a concern on the stream and that the software
was going to fix the problem it’s downloaded naively and behind, the magic operates! All
first a message will appear saying that the computer is damned with an insult
not necessarily very warm, as well as a rather disturbing sound, a bit like music
teeth of the sea, except that here it is our friend risitas who replaces the shark…
We realize as he goes this is a remix called Issou Night
Club, while also realizing that everything starts to melt gradually … And
the.. Well, it’s already too late; it is no longer useful
nothing to do anything because the most important system files
left in the interstellar vacuum. Everything was also organized to make people believe
to the legitimacy of said software, with downright a tutorial video showing that this is it
works, you’ll have a little pop up for tell you that it solved your problems
connection and everything! The number of clips of people being
have a legion on the net, and one more times of the youngest … Some that makes
a little bit of the trouble it happens to them in true, but others it’s still
a little instant karma… that after, everyone is free to judge, but what I find
fascinating it’s really all the setting place of the trap and especially the operation
of the said virus, which allows to have a show still fascinating … Must say that this virus there all the same
had worldwide fame with sometimes uses outside of our hex,
and squarely showed a brazilian youtuber of over 3 million subscribers who made
a video on that there are less than two years ! Very happy as the Don would say. Goose Desktop Come on, let’s finish with one that’s a little more
light, because this one, a bit like of some versions of MEMZ, is not
no longer very dangerous. Finally, in the sense that it is the only one who
not break your machine! However, when it’s there, it’s the worst of all, there’s no
debate ! the Goose Desktop comes from a game ultra popular video of the end of the year
last, soberly called: Untitled Goose Game, for untitled goose game, actually
it’s sober. Well, this game consists of embodying a goose
and to annoy people through various missions! Yeah it’s very simple but
also ultra efficient! To tell you which point this game has pleased, it has just been sacred
game of the year 2019! GAME OF THE YEAR! Kind 2017 was Breath of the Wild, 2018 GOD
OF WAR, and 2019…. Well a game where we steal a rake from a
gardener to put it in the water. Yes. And precisely, the latter had a descendant,
created by someone who has nothing to do with the basic studio, and it’s Desktop
Goose! Here we find the game goose in question, but rather than embodying it,
well it just gets stuck on your computer and damn it will take you
the hard life ! So she’s going to walk around on your desk,
will bring you memes on your screen goose-based obviously you write
little messages to tell you that she really want your dead, and sometimes you
poke your mouse which will make it impossible computer control since now
it’s its cursor, it’s not yours anymore ! She will of course never stop you
scream at the face with his magnificent cry whenever she comes to annoy you,
and at the same time playing your favorite music, because why not! and yes, okay, this one is not
as devastating as the rest and not permanently alter your machine
because ultimately it is easily removed, a kind of like MEMZ first of the name but it fits
totally in the definition of a virus since it affects the functioning
of your machine, even if you can easily remove it too if you know
where it comes from. So yes, if you want to be boring and little
fun, it’s not a REAL virus, well, we don’t have to invite you often in the evening
! Still, receive a call for help
from her mother to say that there has a goose that keeps biting her
mouse on her computer and she understands not what’s going on, it must be enough
priceless! So be careful, I’m not there for you
say “yeah too lol install it all on all CDI computers! ” in mode it’s
too cool to install viruses eh, already because you’re going to get hit on
fingers but also because even if all these viruses are funny at first you
go quickly cry after! And even the one goose for example which seems harmless,
may open for others malware that is a little bit less
nice … that’s why you can interest you yes, no problem, but
don’t go headlong either without think, because think, well, that can
still be good sometimes! What about you? What is the virus that we
has already subjected you without it being necessarily harmful in the long term? Eh
well tell me that in comment! I was very apprehensive to redo a
video of this style, I’m happy to recover to do this kind of video because after all
it was not just for Trash and it please! so we will try to come back
with one a month in this style so if that please let me know with your thumb
blue and the little subscription eh! Because for suddenly it allows me to wedge full of elements
different that could not be at only a full video! And even
who knows, talk about other subjects than tech, not to lock myself up either
in there, as in the Belle Epoque in short. Do not hesitate to share this
maximum video to all your friends to create Machiavellian plans to dominate the
world! Well i don’t know if you will dominate the world where you’ll just end up sticking around,
but hey, it is tempted! And of course; if it is not done yet,
subscribe to the channel by clicking on the logo that just appeared in the middle
of the screen, it’s very simple, it’s free, and it gives cefor as they say
young people ! And I also put others videos related to viruses too, history
further improve your knowledge! It was Leo of the TechMaker chain and above all, don’t stop
never learn! Hi !


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    Je me souviens le créateur avait fait de la pub sur reddit

  • Reply Qayan Q March 7, 2020 at 9:26 pm

    1:50 mdr c'est une ref a spoof movie

  • Reply Marhphios March 7, 2020 at 9:26 pm

    pas mal cette video a quand la prochaine trash ?

  • Reply FriizX_ March 7, 2020 at 9:27 pm

    goose desktop, c'est horrible, j'en avais mis 5 sur un ordi au lycée 😂😂😂 heureusement que "esc" les supprime 😂

  • Reply fo3789 March 7, 2020 at 9:29 pm

    C moi ou depuis qu'il y a eu le drama avc trash leo fait bcp moins de vues ???

  • Reply Gusgus March 7, 2020 at 9:29 pm

    Sympa !

  • Reply BM BB March 7, 2020 at 9:31 pm

    Quand je pense que je panique quand y'a une fenêtre de contenu tendancieux qui pop et que jpeux pas l'enlever

  • Reply Saika Asashi March 7, 2020 at 9:32 pm

    Léo qui a browsé "Joke Programs" sur le malware wiki.

  • Reply Famille Tremblay March 7, 2020 at 9:33 pm

    jai vus bonzi buddy jai cliqué sur la video

  • Reply Troll Fury March 7, 2020 at 9:33 pm

    Le rensanware a mon pire ennemie solution trouvée j'ai payé 90€ a nouveaux disque dur au lieu des 660 que le demander la personne

  • Reply Sébastien AUDEBERT March 7, 2020 at 9:34 pm

    souvenir de trash …

  • Reply E March 7, 2020 at 9:37 pm


  • Reply E March 7, 2020 at 9:37 pm


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