5am on Holy Ship with Claude VonStroke | Stroke Show Episode 1

September 16, 2019

welcome to stroke show the only show
that’s shot in the Attic of my barn hopefully we’ll get better at this I
just came back from holy ship we did a bit where we got into the elevators at 4
a.m. and we started interviewing a bunch of the festival goers check it out hey it’s Claude VonStroke it’s 4 am I’m
on holy ship we’re in an elevator going up and down everybody comes in and out we only have
a minute or two with each person what are you doing here I’m here to fuck shit
up okay can you give me a dance move absolutely this is how we do it hey guys how
you doing come on come on in can anybody make a weird noise *weird noise* they have a peculiarly shaped bacon bits
in and maybe a little bit of garlic bread we move into the egg roll what
country are you from California everyone’s standing no one’s dancing. you have some kind of accent though only right now we
have the accent as I’ve obtained the wings and the waffle fries i’m actually crying happy tears. she’s having the best time of anyone on the boat stay hydrated and pace yourselves do any kind of talent I can juggle Oh a+ where was that what room was that in. i don’t know i was just drawn there. can you tell anything. uhh no. i blew it.
what’s the weirdest noise you can make? Funny noise *song with funny noises* alright that was us in the elevators on
holy ship our special guest today since we’ve never done a stroke before and we
have no viewers our special guest is my assistant Maddie and my dog q-tip what do you have to say for yourself Maddie oh how we doing how
are you I’m good you know it’s hard producing TV show it is you do a lot of
things you do a lot of things no you do know you do know you know you know okay
okay Maddie got strep throat this week so she couldn’t come in on Monday. do you want to tell us about your doctor experience yeah actually I went to a CVS
MinuteClinic um shout-out to Casey my doctor we
support CVS / cedars-sinai yeah yeah heart surgery at CVS takes a steady hand
because if you touch the side so Maddie you just went on back-to-back holy ships
with me which is probably why you got strep throat 100% how was your boat like
how was your ship experience it was your first one it was intense it was an intense experience how
how was your holy ship it was pretty cool I did a lot of stuff I had a lot of
outfit changes did you do anything else yeah I mean we saw a bunch of like hardcore dubstep
12th planet headbangers did you win any money there’s a casino on
the boat I gambled with my man Dan and my other man druid we also did a bunch of other stuff I was
signing penis costumes did you dance at all I danced for a thousand hours do you
have any go-to dance moves yeah it’s kind of just like my typical like bounce on my calves you got some big calves 22s 22 inches one of my favorite things of the whole
ship was doing this stupid pirate contest with fernando because it was so we gotta get Norm Macdonald on here he’s the best if bombing on purpose did you have a favorite show of all the shows on the ship? no. ten shows ten sets ten sets two boats a
whole lot of fun q-tip you behaved so good buddy this is q-tip our dog named after q-tip from a tribe called quest some people think he’s named after a q-tip in
your ear because he looks like a white fuzzball Thank You Maddie for being our
special guest this week please if you like stroke show or you hated it please
write in and comment what you want to see on the show we’re open to anything
do you have anything to promote? no. The double dip tour! I’m coming 2 cities 3 cities 2 nights that’s a math equation. detroit chicago san francisco. links below are in the whatever you call
it the the below section listen to the birdhouse radio show on Sirius XM
and syndicated all around the world I think you can get it on iTunes you can get
it on a lot of places one time there was a farmer and a pumpkin and they went to
the store

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