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5 Students: Emilia Czyszczon discovers virus in soil sample

February 4, 2020

[ Background Music ]>During class I went out and obtained a soil
sample from a cave. And from this soil sample, I was
able to isolate my own virus. I discovered a bacteriophage which I decided to
name after myself. It’s called the Czyszczon one. It’s
a bacteriophage which is a virus that infects bacteria. The sample area that I got it
from happens to be glacial mud so it’s been around
since the ice age. So it’s kinda like an area
that you don’t know what’s been around since then which is why
there’s a craze about this. As of right now it’s the
most diverse bacteriophage in the database which means
I might be able to find say like a new gene or a new
protein that could– let’s say be used in the future
in like genetic engineering for something else
and most likely that mine will have
something that the ones that have been discovered
don’t have. The main thing I was looking for
in a college was that feeling of comfort and the second I
walked out of my car I was, you know, I basically told my
dad you know, Purdue is for me. I kinda learned what the life
of a researcher is really like which is not for everybody. One day you might
be working 2 hours, the next day might be
like a 16 hour work day. But I feel it’s kinda something
exciting because you’re working with something that
hasn’t been done before.


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