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5 More Computer Viruses You Really Don’t Want to Get

December 31, 2019

Computers are incredible. By combining a few different parts, they can
use electrical signals to store information, perform billions of calculations per second,
and connect you with the rest of the world. But all those different components and connections
are also vulnerable. If a malicious piece of code, a computer virus,
gets in, it can take over your computer and make it totally useless, or even turn it into
a weapon. A virus is any type of code that’s designed
to spread to lots of different computers whether you like it or not. And once your computer is infected, the virus
usually does something bad. We’ve talked about some of the most damaging
computer viruses before. But there are lots of different kinds of viruses
and malware, short for “malicious software”, all of which can ruin your day in different
ways. Some are programmed to hold your files ransom
for money. Some are designed to bring down the internet
servers at the White House. And some are meant to physically destroy uranium
enrichment centrifuges. The first virus on our list is the first virus
that actually had the power to damage your computer’s hardware — to fix it, you had
to physically replace electronics. It appeared in 1998, and became known as the
Chernobyl virus. It did more than just render your computer
unusable: it turned it into a useless chunk of plastic until you went out and replaced
your computer’s BIOS chip. BIOS stands for basic input/output system,
and as the name suggests, one of its jobs is to handle all of your computer’s input/output
devices. Like your keyboard and mouse, like your monitor,
and your hard drive. It’s what your microprocessor uses to talk
to all the different parts of your computer that you can actually interact with. So if anything happens to your BIOS chip … there’s
no way to fix it. You can’t tell it how to fix itself without
some kind of input/output device. The Chernobyl virus would infect any files
and programs you tried to use. It’s what’s known as a space filler virus:
it hides in the unused space inside of other files. If those files were shared, or an infected
program was redistributed, the virus travels with them to a new machine, to infect even
more stuff. Then, the next April 26, which happens to
be the anniversary of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, the Chernobyl virus would activate. It would wipe out all the data on an infected
computer, and overwrite the BIOS chip. The virus did hundreds of millions of dollars
worth of damage, and it’s still not been completely quarantined. Luckily, only machines running the Windows
95 and 98 operating systems are vulnerable, so unless you’re one of the people still
using Windows 98, you probably don’t need to worry about it. The virus’s author was Taiwanese computer
programmer Chen Ing Hau, who actually signed the code with his own initials. And, incredible as it sounds, he never did
time. At the time, what he did wasn’t illegal
under Taiwanese cyber crime laws. About 80% of the destructive malware on the
internet are what’s known as worms. Worms are standalone pieces of code that can
infect your computer directly. They don’t need to infect any specific program
to work. Some worms infected target computers via e-mail
attachments. You got an e-mail from someone in your address
book, clicked on the attachment, and just like that, you’d downloaded the worm. The Code Red worm took a stealthier approach. There was no e-mail attachment. It attacked its victims’ computers through
their connection to the internet. To get infected, all you had to do was be
online when the worm randomly tried to access your IP address, your computer’s internet
ID. You also though had to be running a server
that used Microsoft’s Internet Information Services, which had a vulnerability the worm
could exploit. Code Red would send a long string of meaningless
characters — the letter N, like, fifty times — which would be more data than the computer
was expecting. That would give the worm access to parts of
the computer’s memory where it wasn’t supposed to be. Once it wrote itself onto your machine, it
would start looking for more random IP addresses to infect. That would slow your internet down to a crawl. The name Code Red, might sound kind of cool,
until you find out that it was named after the flavor of soft drink the guy who discovered
it was drinking at the time. We at SciShow have begun to suspect that this was just some kind of massive Mountain Dew brand deal. It was first spotted on July 13th, 2001. Code Red infected 360,000 computers in under
14 hours. That’s one of the fastest outbreaks of all
time. The plan was to overwhelm the White House’s
servers by having every machine infected with Code Red send junk data to the IP address
used by the White House. But it didn’t work. Software security experts discovered the worm,
and just changed the White House’s IP address before the attack was launched. The security flaw in Microsoft’s IIS was
also fixed. But between the loss of productivity experienced
by the infected machines, and the cost of cleaning everything up afterwards, Code Red
did about 2.7 billion dollars in damage. Whoever wrote it was never caught. Another kind of malware is ransomware, which
holds your data for ransom. Syndicates who use ransomware can easily make
millions of dollars per year from people and businesses desperate to get their data back. One of the most damaging ransomware programs
is Cryptolocker, which hit its peak in 2013. It mainly distributed itself via a botnet,
a group of computers that had already been infected with another virus. You could also get it by opening the wrong
kind of email attachment. Honestly, it’s starting to seem like you
should never open anything that you are emailed, ever. The idea behind Cryptolocker was simple. It would infect your computer, encrypt all
your files, and then give you three days to pay three hundred dollars in an untraceable
currency like Bitcoin. If you paid, they sent you the key to decrypt
your files. If you didn’t, Cryptolocker would delete
itself, leaving all of your files encrypted with no way of ever getting them back. Ever. And I mean, no way of getting them back. In our cryptography episode, we talked about
how much easier it is to encrypt something than it is to decrypt it. Without the decryption key, your files are
gone. On the…I guess you could call it the “upside,”
users who paid the ransom did actually get their files back. At least until other hackers started attacking
the servers where Cryptolocker stored its decryption keys. After that … ehhh, you are lucky if you
got your key. Cryptolocker was eventually neutralized by
taking down the botnet it used to distribute itself. But not before its creators made an estimated three million dollars in bitcoins from their victims. Whoever they were, they were never found. At this point, you might be thinking, “ well,
It’s a good thing I use an antivirus program.” Yeah … about that. Our next piece of malware is Bakasoftware. Although you might know it better as Antivirus
XP 2008. Or Spyware Protect 2009. Or any of its many other names, all of which
are meant to trick you into thinking it’s a legitimate antivirus program. Bakasoftware is what’s known as a Trojan
Horse, a program that gets onto your computer by making you believe it’s something harmless. Or even something that’s supposed to protect
you from viruses. When you download Bakasoftware … or whatever
it’s calling itself these days … it runs a fake scan of your computer, which detects
fake viruses. Bakasoftware then tells you that in order
to remove those viruses, you need to upgrade to the full version of the program, for some
reasonable-sounding figure like $39.95. And it’ll keep popping up to tell you to
upgrade every time you try to open a file, open a program, open a folder, or switch between
windows. It can make your computer practically unusable. And you cannot just uninstall it. Bakasoftware spreads itself across potentially
dozens of different places on your hard drive. If you get infected by any of the heads of
the Bakasoftware hydra, there are tools to remove it, but it is a huge nightmare, and
it doesn’t always work. Bakasoftware is still operating today, and
infecting thousands of new computers every month. It seems like it shouldn’t be that hard
to find out who’s running it. I mean, you can pay them with your credit
card, you don’t need bitcoins. And we do pretty much know who’s running
it. The problem is that they’re in Russia… Bakasoftware doesn’t attack Russian users. Russian cybercrime laws don’t apply unless
a Russian citizen is affected. The good news is that if your operating system
is set to default to Russian language settings, and if you’re using a Cyrillic keyboard,
Bakasoftware should leave you alone, as well! The last virus on our list, you will not get
from e-mail attachments. You can’t get it from a botnet. In fact, unless you’re an Iranian nuclear
scientist, you’ve got nothing to worry about. I’m talking about Stuxnet: the first known digital weapon deployed by a nation for strategic purposes. That nation…was the United States, along
with allies in Israel. Developed under the codename Olympic Games,
Stuxnet was greenlit in 2006, under the Bush administration, to slow Iranian nuclear development. The goal was to develop a virus that could
take out the centrifuges powering uranium enrichment in the Natanz enrichment plant
in Iran. That virus was Stuxnet, which was deployed
in 2009. Stuxnet had to be carried into Natanz on thumb drives, either by double agents or unknowing accomplices. Once the thumb drive was plugged in, Stuxnet
would deposit itself on the target computer. To avoid detection, it came with security
certifications stolen from legitimate companies like RealTek and JMicronTechnology, both based
in Taiwan. Once inside Natanz, Stuxnet infiltrated the
computers used to calibrate the system that controlled Stuxnets five thousand centrifuges. Then it would do two things. Stuxnet would order the rotors that drove
the centrifuges to suddenly either speed up or slow down. The rotors would crack, and the centrifuges
would break. At the same time, Stuxnet would intercept
the information that this was happening before it reached the control centers where in Natanz’s
nuclear technicians were watching. Instead, Stuxnet sent them data that said
that everything was fine. So the Iranian scientists knew that centrifuges
were failing all the time…but they did not know why. With the kind of equipment used at Natanz,
you’d expect them to need to replace around 800 centrifuges a year. Instead, they were replacing up to two thousand
centrifuges every couple of months. In 2010, Stuxnet escaped Natanz on an Iranian
engineer’s laptop, and started replicating itself all over the internet. So, suddenly, everyone knew about it, and
wanted to figure out what it was. A global investigation followed, as security
specialists around the world did everything they could to figure out how Stuxnet worked
and who was behind it. It took almost a year. Stuxnet was, at the time, by far the most
sophisticated piece of malware ever created. So there are lots of different kinds of viruses,
and lots of different ways they can do damage. But you can avoid most of them, as long
as you don’t open sketchy emails, download weird files, or try to create a nuclear enrichment
program… Don’t do that. Yes, also you might want to use an antivirus
program. Just make sure it’s not actually a virus
in disguise. Thanks for watching this episode of SciShow,
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