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February 18, 2020

What’s going on guys Ben Hess here with
Epidemic and today we’re going over five creative tips on editing music in your
videos let’s get to it What I’m going to show you in this video are tips that I use every single day and they work really well so tip number one I’m gonna
show you how to mix instrumental and lyric versions of music together tip
number two is how to raise up your background music when there’s no
dialogue tip number three is how to shorten or lengthen a song tip number
four is all about how to keep your music from peaking and tip number five is how
to add echo at the end of your video. Alright let’s jump in tip number one I’m
gonna show you how to mix an instrumental and lyric version of a song
the project I’m working on we’ve got some footage of my friend Paige and then
it goes to a voiceover with the release of the new Blackmagic 6k camera my
friend Sam and I met up to test it against my Red camera to see just how
good it really is then it goes to more footage right here we’ve filmed our
friend Paige and some amazing and then some behind the scenes along with a
voiceover and so the reason that you want
instrumental version is to put it over the parts of me talking because if you
have a song with lyrics and dialogue or voiceover of some sort those two voices
will be competing against each other so head on over to epidemic sound of course
and let’s see I went ahead and found this song It’s gotta be my someone by
Tape Machines really good and essentially you have to find a song with
you know the instrumental plus the vocal version so you’re gonna want to drag in
both of the songs and the instrumental will go right underneath the vocal
version. Mute the track that has the instrumental version on it and so for
this first portion I’m going to let it play And so now I obviously need to lower the
volume right here and this is where you’ll see the instrumental version
comes in handy really well so I’m just going to do negative 25 and see how it
sounds with the release of the new Blackmagic 6k camera my friend Sam and I
met up the 10th so you can see how my voice and the song are kind of competing
for each other what I would do would be select that same time sequence on the
instrumental version drag it up and then let’s see actually, I’ll drag the
vocal version down to another track and mute it and then do an exponential fade
let’s see exponential fade and then we’ll go like negative 24 see how that
sounds with the release of the new Blackmagic
6k camera my friend Sam and I’m and there you go so now my voice isn’t
competing with the song you hear the voiceover or the dialogue perfectly and
then it’s gonna fade back that it really is and if you want to take it one step
further there’s a really cool trick you can basically unmute the track that has
the vocals and leave that down pretty low so I would do like negative thirty
and then up to test it against my Red camera. Because sometimes that can feel a
little empty when it goes from a vocal song to no vocals when it obviously
should be there and so when you have just a little bit in the background it
can help kind of make the just the video feel a little bit more full so with the
release of the new Blackmagic 6k camera my friend Sam and I met up to test it
against my red camera to see and that sounds pretty good you could honestly
lower that even a little bit more but that’s how I would do it and this leads
me to the second tip which isn’t super creative but it’s very important a lot
of people will for example let me set this up so I put the volume down low
right here you just have good and really is
and a lot of people will leave it down because see how it’s all loud at the
beginning and then in between this dialogue scene and this dialogue scene
they leave the volume low and so it’s crucial to have that volume raised up
and so I mean either you can use keyframes to keep it up or just make
sure that you go back to the original track and keep the volume high but very
important tip to just make your video better in general. And let me just go ahead and bring
this instrumental version back up and exponential fade and lower the volume on
this. we’ve filmed our friend Paige in some amazing locations starting out on
and there we go so you could see how it went from normal
we just have back to normal and then back to low so just keeping a consistent
about the entire video is crucial. All right now moving on to tip number three
I’m gonna show you how to shorten or lengthen a song this video it’s a minute
and 20 seconds long this song is three minutes and 15 seconds so there’s a few
things you can do probably the most effective one would be go into Adobe
Audition so click the song in here and then edit in Adobe Audition and then
clip clip so and then you want to click multitrack up here in the upper
left-hand corner then you got to drag in the song click it and then go over here
to music click duration and then remix and it’ll analyze the clip really quick
and there you go so now what’s really cool you could
enter in the exact time you want your song to be so I just put one minute and
22 seconds and just like that it spits out a version of the song that
is 1 minute and 22 seconds long there’s a long fade
right here that lasts about 10 seconds so I’m gonna go ahead and do about 1
probably 30 yea 1:32 and there we go now it pretty much more for the song right
where needs to be so that ends right on the mark so to get
this back into Premiere Pro file export multitrack mix down entire session
because that’s the only thing that’s on there and drag this in and I’m just
gonna solo this so that’s all we hear and there we go now. And that is perfect
it lasts the entire length of the video and you could pretty much do the same
thing to lengthen it you just type in a bigger number than what the song’s
length is and it’ll spit out the exact length that you want and let’s do
another example here so I’m gonna take the original version I’m gonna solo this
track so that’s all we hear and for example this video is short and so
honestly I would just go and cut this the song right at the rubber the beat starts
and that way it gets right to the audio and I think that sounds or right to the
dialogue under the lyrics whatever you want to say the song is gonna have you
know your first your core it is and your bridge and what’s really cool is you can
go in to let’s say the end of the chorus and usually right after the second
chorus of a song there’s gonna be a bridge and so you can take out the whole
middle part of a song by merging the first chorus and the bridge so let’s see
if I go over here I’m gonna double click the song so that this pops up and we can
see that I just visually see that the bridge starts it starts right there so I’m gonna click
I so that’s my endpoint so let’s find where the first portion of the chorus
ends at so it ended right there and I pressed O
it automatically you know clipped my song right there and now I could kind of
morph these two together and I have to line it up right at the beat so if i
zoom in far enough and I kind of extend both of these right here I can go
underneath and I drag that out a little bit hope this is making sense and now I
can see how these two chorus beats line up perfectly and I could just kind of
like cut that out cut that out bring it up and this should boom that is
how it’s done and so you can also cut usually the
chorus and half so right there it’s gonna be cut in half
you just listen to the beat and let’s see how it sounds and just like that you
know I shortened the song even more so you can kind of do that with verses the
chorus but the most important thing to remember is to keep the integrity of the
song and so it’s okay if you really need to you know shorten the song for let’s
say a thirty second commercial or something but the goal is to make it
sound like that’s how the song was written because an artist put a lot of
time and energy to making this sound really good and so you just got to be
respectful of their work and make sure that you’re not like destroying their
song we’re doing these sort of edits but I feel like it but I feel it’s okay when
you need to shorten it to match let’s say a commercial or you know a minute
video or something like that so let’s move on the tip number four which is
keeping your song from peaking so over here on the right hand side of the
screen you’ve got your pretty much your audio
levels and it’s going to show you where you’re hitting so it’s getting really
close to zero so you have a few ways of doing this you can go to the audio track
mixer go up here and go ahead and okay we’re on track number six so go to
number six and then right here you can just lower it a little bit it’s gonna lower both of these
tracks at the same time pretty much anything that’s on this track will be
lowered there’s another trick so right here on the audio track mixer which if
you can’t find it it’s gonna be under your window audio track mixer there
should be a triangle right here or a little arrow so you click this and then
you can add effects that go into the entire track so go into amplitude and
compression go ahead and choose dynamics double click that and then click
compressor and then when you click your threshold that will be let’s say i’m
gonna choose negative 3 if any sound goes above negative 3 decibels it’s
going to compress it back down so without getting too technical you know
let’s just set our ratio right in the middle at 4.5 and then as you can see you could see these little marks right
here these red bars that means it’s being active. bringing it down a little
bit which is very helpful for when you have sound effects multiple tracks
playing at the same time it just keeps everything in check and let’s move on to
the fifth tip which is adding an echo to the end of your song if your song has a
natural echo at the end of it but if it doesn’t line up with your video so for
this instance the song ends at about two minutes the video ends at 1:14 I would
go in and use those tips I just shared to shorten your song to where it ends at
the end of the chorus so for times sake I’m just going to kind of line this up
roughly let’s see to the end of the first chorus so so see how the end of the first chorus
goes into the next verse what you can do is take that end echo and write that
last night let’s listen for it right there so I can go in and it didn’t quite
flow perfectly so let’s do do a constant power and there we go so what I would
personally do would be have the song end right about there and see how the song
you know doesn’t quite really start where it needs to I would use those tips
I shared to shorten or lengthen the song in this case I would shorten the song
alright so there we go your five creative tips on how to edit music in
your videos and just to recap tip number one you’re gonna want to mix your
instrumental Plus lyric versions of a song to better suit videos with dialogue
tip number two erasure music back up during those dialogue breaks tip number
three shorten or lengthen a song depending on how long your video is tip
number four use a compressor to level out your music and keep it from peaking
and tip number five add an echo at the end of your video even if the song isn’t
finished yet I hope you guys enjoyed this video and if anyone has any cool
audio tips and tricks drop them below I’d love to check them out and if you
have any questions drop them below and I’ll try to get to them as well look
forward to seeing you guys on the next


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    Epidemic Sound

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    The Exponential Fade tip was great.. i also use keyframes to gradually increase and decrese the levels according to my preferences

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