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August 30, 2019

hello my loves
Welcome to this new video in which we will talk about a problem that we
frustrates deeply Know that there is a thousand and one use
al garlic as I have seen during my different videos, they are
all very very effective to have them test myself, today we are going
talk about any of these uses but before going into the thick of it, if
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, think especially of the notification bell Garlic is a very natural antibiotic
effective and antifungal. So it’s a perfect option to achieve an excellent
home remedy! It will allow us to put an end to many pathologies, know
that several studies indicate a positive effect of garlic consumption on prevention
certain cancers. It would reduce the risks stomach cancer, throat, esophagus,
colon and ovary. In addition, garlic is increasing the combativeness of the immune system
and helps the body fight more effectively cancer cells. Garlic would help regulate cholesterol
fighting against what is called “the bad cholesterol “, which increases the risk
cardiovascular diseases. It is therefore an indirect ally of the heart! Moreover, he
increases the fluidity of the blood, which reduces the formation of clots likely to clog
veins and arteries. Good for the line Low in calories and rich
potassium, calcium and envitamin A and C, garlic fights bad cholesterol
and promotes urinary elimination. It stimulates also the metabolism and allows to burn
calories. In addition, the consumption of garlic gives the brain signals of satiety
when you eat it. Garlic is your slimming ally! 
But if you want to use it in your diets, as always, consume it with
moderation. Include it in your habits rather than forcing you to
ingest. Garlic can cause problems indigestion, diarrhea and poor
breath. Against warts No, your grandmother
did not lie to you: garlic would be nice and very effective against warts. For the
to make disappear, just rub everything gently wart with a clove of garlic.
Be careful, however, to protect the skin around the wart so that it is not
burned. A remedy to repeat until total disappearance of the wart. 
Against acne Again according to our dearest grandmothers, apply a clove of garlic
directly on our acne pimples could to work miracles Antiseptic virtues
and antibacterial of garlic would allow to avoid inflammations of the skin. 
For beautiful hair Rich in allicin, garlic fight against dandruff and falling
hair. For beautiful nails To restore radiance
to your dull or damaged nails, rub delicately with garlic. This one
fortifies them and helps them regrow. Anti-allergenic Garlic would be an anti-allergen.
It reduces by more than 90% the cellular response after exposure to an allergen. Another thing, garlic effectively replaces
antibiotics. It increases the level of antioxidant in the body. Oral candidiasis is a localized infection
in the mouth. It is caused by mushrooms or common yeast called Candida
albicans. This disease can cause some symptoms like a white and thick layer
on the tongue and on the throat. It can also bring small lesions
or rashes that present great itching. There are many
natural treatments to treat candidiasis. All showed their effectiveness. We can
so enjoy the medicinal properties that contain many foods from our
daily! For preparation you will need a
garlic and 20 cl of olive oil Garlic with olive oil
The principle is to macerate several garlic heads in olive oil.
It’s a strange mix, but we assure you that his taste is not
unpleasant. Moreover, to have health, you have to try to do everything.
You can make smaller things quantities of your choice
ingredients * 20 peeled garlic cloves
* 5 cups of olive oil (1 liter) Utensils
* 1 glass bottle How to do ?
* Take each clove of garlic and cut it in two.
* Pour the oil into the bottle add garlic.
* Let macerate for three weeks for all the properties of the mixture
be active. take a spoon every morning to young
, it’ll get rid of odors. oral, infections, mycoses, regulate your systems
digestive, and much more during of the day you can
* You can eat this spread on a piece of bread, besides having good
taste is extremely good for horns * Take it in snack, you will see that
the results will be excellent. So here we are
Thank you for watching this news video until the end, I tell you a very
soon for new videos Kisses b


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