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4Elements Festival in Bankstown (tourlife 9) | L-FRESH The LION

October 23, 2019

I’m backstage with Sol & Declan. Sol: What’s up? LION: Both of them performed their first songs
for the first time today. How’d it feel? Sol: Oh it was sick! Amazing! LION: Did you rock it? Sol: Yeah boy!
(laughs) (Mirrah performing “No Matter”) you got to respect that have confidence, make them step back
see how they act, now watch how they react when they see opposites attract
in fact, they just being mad got their tones flipping
about what they don’t have must have some love missing don’t matter if your day seems too long (fades out) Luka Lesson: ready to roll! (Luka Lesson & crew performing Artefact) LION: We’re with the mastermind behind 4Elements. Vyv! Congratulations! Mirrah: Huge congratulations! LION: How do you feel? Vyv: I’m good. I feel happy, man. It’s been another successful day, another
lot of happy people. Great performances. Awesome art. Mirrah: Yeah man. LION: Bankstown representing (cheering) MK-1 chanting: 4Elements. Vuli playing the piano part to Still D.R.E. LION: Still!
across the world… Still
(laughs) Still taking my time to perfect the beat
And I still got love for the streets V-U-L-I-E

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