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4 WNI Positif Terinfeksi Virus Corona

February 24, 2020

Hello everyone. I’m Nanda, today I want to give you new news. Previously, the world community was excited about talking
about the coronavirus because the virus is now spreading to almost parts of the world. Coronavirus is growing rapidly
until a scientific name was established namely COVID-19. CO=Corona, VI=virus, D=Disease means disease
and 19 that was the year the virus first circulated. This virus is spreading quickly, there are already many victims
including 4 Indonesian citizens were affected. Who are these 4 people? 3 Indonesian citizens working on the Diamond Princess Cruise Ship
and 1 other 44-year-old migrant worker in Singapore. According to Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi, She said that 3 Indonesian citizens who worked on the ship
now get medical help from Japan. Another citizen who works
in Singapore also has been assisted by a medical team and cure into the Singapore Hospital isolation room. Now His condition is stable. For the identity of Indonesian citizens in Singapore, this cannot be
distributed because of regulations from the Singapore government. Following are the latest data from 29 countries,
a total of 1,872 people died. The recovered numbered 12,887 people. That was affected by the virus 73,335 people. Many victims of this virus, the Indonesian Embassy appealed
to Indonesian citizens who work abroad to keep on the move as usual,
but still maintaining health and being vigilant. Thank you for watching and see you soon.

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