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3 Streaking for Isolation–Subcultures–Strep Pyogenes w/Stab Technique

October 10, 2019

So, to begin label your plate for Streptococcus Pyogenes. I’m just going to put “S. Pyo” on here as an abbreviation for that. And today’s date. Then obtain your inoculum. So, obtain your inoculum. Again, just barely touch
one of those colonies. There you go!
And that will be plenty. So, we’ll inoculate
the plate right there, over the “6” in my label. And then flame your loop,
and then we’re going to streak it very much the same way that
we streaked the previous plate, the Staphylococcus Aureus plate, except when we’re finished streaking. I’ll show you how to stab the plate. Now we’re going to flip it over
to the sterile side. One streak out to this corner. Streak it out this way. Then turn it. One streak out into this corner,
and streak it this way. And one streak out into this corner,
and streak it like that. And then we’re going to
flame the loop, and I’ll show you how to stab this. To stab the plate, you want to
angle the loop directly perpendicular
to the plate. And then perpendicular to the streak lines in this area, you’re going to make three stabs parallel to each other. Just like this, about that far apart. Then you’re going to
flame the loop again, and we’ll make
three stabs in the end of this area right here. And stab right here, right here,
and right here. The purpose of this is to get some
of the organism down under the augur, which will enhance the beta hemolysis. So, now we’re finished
with streaking subcultures.


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