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3 Prescriptions for Your Common Style Ailments

December 31, 2019

This is a video 3 Prescriptions for your common
style ailments. So a few months ago, I surveyed my subscribers
and viewers and one of the questions asked was, what is your biggest style challenge
or obstacle to having great style? As you can see from the graph on the screen,
there were a lot of different answers but there were three that jumped out as the top
three answers. The biggest challenge or obstacle is this
one right here. It’s about one-third of you agreed that
this was your biggest challenge and that is simply that you don’t know what you’re
doing. That’s okay. In this video, I’m going to give you this
prescription to solve that common style ailment that 1/3 of you are facing. So here we go. The first thing is to know okay, so you don’t
know what you’re doing. Don’t feel bad about that. You are absolutely not alone. You can see many subscribers are on this channel. You can see how many views that it has. You could see all the comments, people leaving
questions, suggestions. You’re not alone. I got a prescription for you, okay? So first you have to realize that it’s going
to be really easy to learn what to do about your style. The way to first tell you how this works is
think about learning for kids, think of TV shows like Blue’s Clues and Sesame Street. They kind of teach kids colors, your numbers,
your ABC, your fruits and vegetables. All those kind of things in simple little
kind of educational videos that kids could follow along with. While if you are a grown woman, looking to
learn how to have fabulous style, it’s the same. There are style video series on my YouTube
channel that, again, you just follow along, take the advice that’s on there and slowly
but surely, you will learn what to do about your style. It’s the exact same concept except it’s
for grownup women, right? So you can watch those videos and learn that
information. It’s really easy to do. So here’s the prescription. There’s a ton of videos on this YouTube
channel. You need to learn what to do quickly. I’m going to give you my suggestions so
you can get up to speed really quickly and we can get that comment style ailment solved. We think of style on a continuum. So we will say, biggest style impact and the
smallest style impact. I’m going to give you a suggestion of the
video series to follow along with. Remember, I said it’s like Blue’s Clues
or Sesame Street, that you just follow along and you will learn style and learn what style
works for you. If we go to biggest style impact, here’s
my suggestion. Here is my prescription. It’s going to be the series called “Style
Love Story.” In that one, it’s going to pair two items
together that look fabulous together and it’s a great way if you want to have a big style
impact and immediately have people start thinking you’re kind of a fashionista. All you have to do is do the pairings that
are in the video. That’s the one that’s going to lead to
the biggest style impact because a lot of being a fashionista or having fabulous style
is just knowing which things to pair together. So that will be my suggestion if you want
that biggest style impact. That’s the video series to start with. If you’re kind of in between, the one I’m
going to suggest you is the Conquer Your Curves series. In this one, it will give you a suggestion
of the dress style that works perfect for your body type. You don’t even have to watch all the videos. You can figure out which body type you are,
watch the video and then just start wearing that dress style. Immediately, it will be a style impact. You’ll wear it. You’ll get compliments. People will be asking did you lose weight
or something just because you’re dressing for your body type. All you do is watch one video and now you
have that information. Last but not the least, my suggestion would
be the video series called Wardrobe Classics. This one, it gives you, I think, five or six
different pieces that are considered wardrobe classics that you can add to your wardrobe
and start mixing them in. They’re classics which mean you could have
them forever. You could have them forever. They go with so many different things. It’s a great foundational thing for your
wardrobe. So it’s great to have them but you’re
not going to get that same style impact. You will for sure uplift your style but it’s
not going to be at the level of creating the pairings and dressing specifically for your
body type as in suggestion of the other two videos. Again, depending on where you’re looking
to go, here are my suggestions for the videos to start with. I will include below this video in the description
area, links specifically to this playlist. You can also find them here on y YouTube channel. So there we go. There’s your first prescription. So let’s go back to the survey data. So it says, again, what is your biggest challenge
or obstacle to having great style? We already covered the number 1 response,
and the number 2 response is this one right here in red. Okay. 24.1% of you said, “I don’t have enough
money.” Trust me, that is a challenge not just in
your style but for a lot of different reasons if you don’t have enough money. Again, I’m going to give you prescription
for that. In the previous video, I have covered this
concept before but I’m going to cover it again in this video. So two reasons you have nothing to wear. One reason is you don’t have the right ingredients. Yes, this right here, not having the right
ingredients, that actually does cost money because you have to acquire all of these pieces. But again, there’s kind of a solution to
that but we’ll pin it out for right now. That’s the first reason you have nothing
to wear. The second reason you have nothing to wear
is that you don’t know how to mix and match. So not knowing how to mix and match actually
doesn’t have a lot to do with money. That is really just your own ideas and using
your brain and changing your mindset about style so you know how to mix and match. So you don’t have to have a huge closet
but if you know how to mix and match, it makes it look like you have a big closet. Again, that doesn’t require money. You’ll learn how to do that. It’s very much similar to like I go dumbo. Okay. I grew up with this with my grandfather. You take what you got and you just throw it
in there and you make something that’s wonderful. So you have to have that mentality and know
how to do that. Again, I have a prescription for you to help
you to learn how to mix and match. Again, prescription number 2 is going to be
Get More Bang for Your Buck. I’m not going to cover this again. I’m going to put a pin on this but again,
you don’t have the right ingredients that’s why you have nothing to wear. Again, that does cost money. In the Style Recipe Card system, it does give
you the list if the right ingredients. Because again, if you take a look at your
closet, you probably have a lot of clothes there that you spent money on and you’re
not doing anything with them. They’re not really helping your style. So what if you took all of that money that
you spent on those clothes that do nothing for you and you actually put it to getting
the right ingredients. Okay. So just knowing what to buy. Again, we’re not covering this in our video
but I just wanted to make that point. But here is the prescription for you. So the second thing, remember, I said it has
nothing to do with money. It’s all about using your brain, your ideas,
and changing your mindset around style and learning how to mix and match. And so my suggestion for you is to follow
our podcast series that are called Complete the Look. This one is designed as a game. You’re putting together an outfit for an
event. You get to choose the different pieces. These come out only a few times a year. I think I have released one sample here on
the YouTube channel just so you can take a look at what it is. I’ll leave a link to my podcast so you can
get these episodes. It starts training you how to learn how to
mix and match. This is a resource that’s completely out
there when a new episode comes out. You just follow along and play and learn how
to start picking pieces to mix and match put together fabulous outfits. Okay? There’s your resource prescription number
2 for those of you that go, “I don’t have enough money,” then you really got to invest
in learning how to mix and match. Okay? So let’s move on. I promised you three prescriptions, right? Again, let’s go back to the survey. Again, the question was, what is your biggest
challenge or obstacle to having great style? So we covered the first two. Okay. And so the number 3 response on here, the
third most popular response is this one right here, until 11.1% of you said that you are
waiting to lose weight. This is a common one I hear all the time. Okay. And so if you are waiting to lose weight and
that’s your obstacle to style, because you don’t want to shop or you don’t want to
buy clothes, you don’t want to get things to mix and match since you’re like, “Hey,
I’m trying to lose weight. I don’t want to invest in things that aren’t
my current size.” So there are strategies of clothes you can
get that can help adjust as you lose weight and there’s a lot of things that look better
or wear differently just as you lose weight. So you can wear them now and if you’re talking
about losing 20lbs, you can still wear it after that. It just drapes and hangs differently and it
creates a different look but it still looks great. There are pieces that you could do with that. That is really a whole separate other video
that it could be on it’s own on how to exactly do that. But really, when you’re getting to things
that are more specific of like, I’m waiting to lose weight or I’m going to be losing
10lbs or I’m going to be losing 40lbs, whatever it is, you get to more specific things, you
need a little bit more one-on-one style advice. It’s going to be more personalized. So here is my prescription for that to get
you that personalized style advice because it could even be something like, my obstacle
is I’m going on vacation for this and I don’t know what to do, right? You’re getting into that space of its more
personalized style advice. The prescription there is that we now have
a service called Style Clinic. With the Style Clinic, you have dedicated
hours that it’s open but you can ask questions to get your personalized style advice, your
specific questions that tailor to your specific situation, whether it’s losing weight or
something else. So with this, you get to email in a question. You’ll get access to a phone number to call
in during the Style Clinic hours. You can even do – we will chat or we can
chat or do video chat to answer your questions. Again, Style Clinic hours, there are only
so many hours that it is open during a month and it is completely free and included with
the luxury tier membership of Style Sorority. But again, this is the way to get that personalized
style advice. So we’re looking at the survey responses,
the ones that were the little slivers in the pie chart, the things that might not apply
to everybody. This would be the perfect resource to help
you get those questions answered. And so Style Clinic, like I said, it’s available
to Style Sorority members that are in the luxury tier. However, we are having a free event, April
13, 14, and 15 that is available to Style Sorority members, all tiers, where you can
access Style Clinic and get your questions answered. Again, you can do phone, email, or Google
Chat to get your questions answered. For this weekend, we are making a lot of hours
available to get those questions answered. Again, this event is not open to everybody. You can check out the event page on It’s not available to anybody but we are
opening it up to all tiers of Style Sorority. Initially, it’s only for the luxury or couture
tiers where you get this service. But we wanted to introduce it to everybody
and make it available. So those of you that are Style Sorority members,
does not matter what tier, you will have access to this event, April 13, 14, and 15. Watch your inbox for the information on how
to call in, email in, or Google Chat during the hours available during that weekend event. So let’s summarize what was covered in this
video. Again, here are three prescriptions for your
common style ailments. So here’s the ailments, here’s the prescriptions. So again, we said the number 1 which is you
don’t know what you’re doing. And my prescription I gave to you was the
video style series. I gave you three series to follow based on
if you wanted to have a big style impact or small style impact. Again, the links to those playlists are in
the description area of this video. Ailment number 2 was you don’t have enough
money. Remember, I said the secret is you have to
learn how to mix and match. So to get practice on that and to get ideas
and learn how to start putting things together is to complete the look episodes of the podcast. Again, I will have links to that here below
the video. You could also go to the website You can go to the blog and look at the podcast
category and it will have the links, again, to the podcast and to the different series
and you can see how you can play Learning How to Complete a Look. Like I said, it’s almost like a game and
putting together and it’s great practice. Remember, the third ailment was you were waiting
to lose weight. And really, that’s a more in-depth topic
to get into and it’s very personalized based on everybody’s individual situation, how
much weight they’re looking to lose. And so I said when you get into the area of
personalized style advice, even things like I’ve had people go, “I have a gift card
to this particular store. What should I get?” That’s more personalized style advice and
that your resource, your prescription is going to be that Style Clinic. So again, if you are a Style Sorority member,
any tier, we have our event April 13, 14, and 15, where you have access to the Style
Clinic. There will be specific hours that you can
call in, email in, or Google Chat during that weekend. Thereafter, the Style Clinic is available
only to people in the luxury and couture tiers of Style Sorority but it is going to be available. So again, there are your three prescriptions
for your common style ailments. I hope you take them up and take all of your
prescriptions and really get the style help that you’re looking for. So this is the video. Again, 3 Prescriptions for Your Common Style
Ailments. Thank you again for watching and please, if
you love this video, subscribe to the YouTube channel to keep getting great style advice
and learning how to uplift your wardrobe. While you’re here, also peruse some of the
different Style Series that I’ve mentioned before and check out the website
to learn more about upcoming events that we may have and to learn more about Style Sorority. Thank you for watching.

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