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25 Anime with Hidden Mental Illness

December 24, 2019

Welcome everybody to 25 anime with mental illness My Name is Misty/Chronexia, and today I wanted to do a more serious topic. Have you ever noticed how anime have sometimes really deep mental illness hidden within their characters? I don’t mean any disrespect with this video many of these characters are considered some of the best ever created But are they all mentally sane? After a lot of research have been pointed 25 animes whose characters showcase a lot of symptoms from these mental illness 1 – Perfect Blue Schizophrenia and Paranoia Let’s start with one of the most renowned title this one is a movie from the 90s about an iDOL who slowly find her way Into madness she showcased signs of schizophrenia and paranoia someone starts to stalk the girl and slowly she starts to lose her sanity 2 – Mirai Nikki Stockholm Syndrome Yuno Gasai is one of the most iconic female characters when it comes to crazy town But what about Yuki? Have you ever noticed how he turns out to be the perfect case of Stockholm syndrome? For those of you who don’t know stockholm syndrome is a mental illness where the victim of an abduction/hostage situation develops an attraction a love and an understanding for the captor in this case Yuki falling in love with Yuno when she kidnaps him 3 – Black Rock Shooter Paranoia, abandonment issue, depression. Black Rock Shooter is definitely a cocktail of mental illness. Not entirely focusing on the main girl character But rather her friends who fall into a severe case of Paranoia when she thinks her friends abandoned her which leads her into a severe depression. You also have some tertiary characters who display clear signs of psychosis which are hallucination. 4 – Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo Autism. This is one of the most subtle one on this list and it shocked me when I thought about it more because I never considered it before. Have you ever noticed how Mashiro, the main girl character in this anime, displays a lot of symptoms akin to autism? If you’re not very familiar with the illness let me tell you some of the symptoms. Flat or monotone speech, inappropriate social interaction, delay in learning, behavioral disturbance, avoidance of eye contact and limited interests. Sounds a lot like her, doesn’t it? 5 – One Piece, compulsive lying? Kleptomania and so forth. One Piece is one of the most beloved story around the world and me saying the characters are mentally ill is Definitely going to ruffle some feathers of a few fans But have you ever noticed how nearly every one of Luffy’s ship members have an illness or at the very least? Starts with one. Ends up being a compulsive liar. They’re not even trying to hide it that means a kleptomaniac Which is someone who can help us steal stuff of course she has a reason? But the fact she enjoy her teething makes her own list Sanji is addicted to smoking and love and Frankie has got as some levels of OCD going on for sure and Robin keeps putting yourself down constantly until well until spoiler stuff happens 6 – Little Buster narcolepsy when you think about it narcolepsy or also known as falling asleep instantly at any time is a Condition a lot of people consider funny and not really a real issue it is in this anime, and I can’t talk more about it without giving out some major spoilers, so if that piques your interest Definitely look this one up 7 – Naruto PTSD, mood disorder, emotional Dependency and ADD Sasuke do I even need [to] say more? After witnessing the whole death of his clan Sasuke ends up with a pretty severe case of PTSD short for post-traumatic stress disorder this creates within him mood disorder which people jokes a lot about calling him emo Secretin on her side showcase some clear signs of emotional Dependency about Sasuke and a lot could argue that Naruto himself starts off with a case of a ADD or attention deficit disorder 8 – WataMote a social anxiety when it comes to WataMote all the people can say is Cringe this anime is pure Cringe That’s because tomoko deals with social anxiety and makes her awkward in absolutely every simple situation She gets herself in, overthinking things and hoping to avoid interaction with people as much as possible that’s social anxiety 9 – Your Lie in April PTSD. As far as post-traumatic stress disorder goes I think one of the prime candidate for that is Arima Così After the death of his mother he lost his will to play music, and it definitely affected him on a Mental level. 10 – Sayonara Zetsubo Sensei depression and OCD although not a title a lot of people talk about Sayonara Zetsubo Sensei deals a lot with mental illness, a lot of them actually albeit they definitely use a more comical and lighthearted approach about the matter if you read in between the line you’ll see a lot of precursor symptoms of Depression, suicidal thoughts and a girl with a pretty acute OCD problem 11 – Welcome to the NHK. Social anxiety. This is also one of the more obvious one on this list sorrow is a 22 year old guy living on his own and social anxiety makes him like Tomoko from [Guatamori]. A very complex and difficult to deal with character One could also argue that he has got some case of Paranoia when talking about those conspiracy theories and whatnot. 12 – Steins;Gate. Schizophrenia this one might shatter the reality of some of you who’ve seen the anime Did you ever stop to think [Oka Bei] Is schizophrenic? This anime is a masterpiece of time-travel, but everything is always presented from the point of view of [Oka Bei] Why is that? Add to it his random outbursts of laughter and him talking to his phone with no one on the other end. Those are definitely symptoms Of this illness I’ll be the first to admit this one is more in the theory crafting section But hey foods for thoughts 13 – Higurashi. Schizophrenia and Paranoia people going crazy left and right It’s not hard to see several of them having to deal with Paranoia personality disorder schizophrenia Self-mutilation and on and on if you have an appreciation from mental illness characters and haven’t seen this one. It’s for checking out. 14 – School Live. PTSD, and psychosis this one is kind of spoilery But at the same time this happens in the very first episode So if you really don’t want to know about this skip to number 15 otherwise let me tell you about Yuki. You good. Yeah, okay Well when episode 1 begins Yuki lives in a very cheery school and at the end of the episode though You learned that yuki is actually dealing with a severe case of PTSD when her school got invaded by zombies Add to it the psychosis of her creating a hallucination of her now the C’s friends It definitely [censured whose fine.] 15- Soul Eater. also being displayed as kind of a joke throughout the whole show Kidd, one of the main characters, definitely showcased some sense tons of Obsessive-compulsive disorder about symmetry. I know some people think of OCD lightly thinking is just a clean freaks, But it definitely forced the people afflicted with this illness to do things you wouldn’t grasp, such as touching a spot on the wall three times Flicking the light switch seven times and leaving the door with your left Foot forward if done wrong, then they have to start over. This is something kid has with his symmetry although like I said It’s mostly used for comical relief kind of is disrespectful for the people with real OCD. But hey it fits the bill 16 – Elfen Lied. Multiple personality disorder and sociopath[y]. While she did require some sort of trigger Lucy or knew whichever you want to call her definitely jumps from a lovey-Dovey innocent girl to a psychopath with sociopath[ic] tendencies who just goes on a rampage giving what the cool kids would classify as no f*cks. 17 – Isshuukan Friends. Amnesia. When it comes to Amnesia It’s a cop-out for a lot of shows who don’t want to revealed or build characters properly They give them Amnesia as some kind of temporary face so they can make a big reveal later on Which is poor writing in my book. But Isshuukan Friends used the condition in a very creative way, Coyote is a girl with Chronic memory loss after weeks She forgets everything. It’s definitely an interesting approach and a creative way to properly address this illness 18 – Death Note. Sociopath, Delusion of grandeur. Asperger’s syndrome this anime is literally three kids with mental illness fighting against each other On one side you have Light which is more of an antihero. With clear signs of being a sociopath with Delusion of grandeur if not a God complex and a self-centered lack of empathy versus L and near who seems to be boat afflicted with Asperger’s syndrome an illness a little kin to autism, where people show difficulty in social environment and repetitive behavior and Focus interest etc.. 19 – Tales of the Abyss. Gynophobia. Tales of the Abyss is an anime based upon a game and on the mental level it definitely has a lot going on But I want to talk about Guy’s gynophobia, or the fear of women Something that got triggered when he was a kid as a defense mechanism to an event which gave him PTSD. Despite Guy being a side character. He’s still managed to be likable you make his condition something you care about 20 – xxxHolic. Addiction Self-Sabotage, pathological lying. In xxxHolic you’ll find a lot of different cases some having addictions some who can’t help but constantly lie and Even some people who can accept their own success, so they constantly sabotage themselves xxxHolic is a really dark anime that you might be able to see from a different perspective 21 – Narutaru. Suicidal thoughts Narutaru is a very serious anime about a girl who befriends a strange creature Eventually she notices other kids befriended other creatures, and they’re not all playing nice some leading kids to straight-up suicide It’s a super heavy piece about suicide that I think is quite underrated. If you like thriller. Maybe you can enjoy this show 22 – Evangelion. Abandonment issues, depression, anxiety, self loathing. Beside never getting the f*cking robot Shinji chinch is a kid with a shit ton of issues, first off He has to deal with constant anxiety, he hates himself He’s the press and don’t even get me started on his father. Evangelion is messed up on all fronts So good luck trying to deal with it. 23- The Tatami Galaxy Depression. the whole point of the Tatami Galaxy is regret, so much regret that it throws the main character into a depressive state That is incredibly well rendered with the surreal visuals that the enemy go through 24 – Tsuritama. Anxiety. In Tsuritama you have another main character who absolutely fails at making any kind of social interaction. This causes him a great deal of anxiety which leads him to freeze whenever he gets involved with people It’s a very intricate aspect of this illness and the producer plays it out quite well. 25 – Code Geass. sociopath, god complex, depression, madness, dementia. Once again We have a solid cocktail of the illnesses most of which all pertain to Lelouch his patriotism Converts him into a sociopath with a God complex. When he gets a new ability that allows him to control people. Eventually that drags them into madness and dementia. Which if anything it makes for really complex character. So that’s all I had for you guys today, but of course there’s still several more such as Monster, with it’s sociopath point of view. Oreven more PTSD in Sound of the Sky. Or the Stockholm syndrome again in Samurai 7. You got split personality in Danganronpa. And then you got Serial Experiment Lain. Which is the whole thing on itself and and so forth. So truly, It’s not the choice that are missing so if you’d like to make a suggestion about one in particular that Affected you in a way Or another make sure to add the title in comment section below if you enjoyed the video give it a thumbs up and subscribe Maybe for more in the future The point of this video is not to take mental illness lightly, quite the opposite if you’re dealing with stress Depression suicidal thoughts or any kind of issues Whatsoever, please reach out to someone about it Don’t let it eat you from within. I don’t know you personally, but I do want you to be happy so are you?

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