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August 23, 2019

Hi everyone, welcome back to another vlog. I am currently in Carson City Nevada checking out a couple things in the
state capitol. There’s a lot of history here, a lot of railroad stuff, and of
course a lot of access to nature and outdoors. Actually the last time I was in
Carson City was about 10 years ago exactly. I came here after Burning Man in
2009, so this was a great place to escape and decompress after Burning Man,
if that’s what you’re doing this year but I’m gonna show you guys some of the
other things that the city has to offer. So I’m gonna freshen up here, charge up
my phone, and then head over to the local hot springs, and then after that I’m
gonna go figure out what the deal is for dinner. Hiking, historical stuff, food, hipster coffee, all that stuff’s happening
tomorrow. If my eyes look tired it’s because I’ve been up since 5:00 a.m. and
it’s about 3:00 and it’s time for my siesta, but alas I’m going to the hot springs. I feel like that’s gonna rejuvenate me, so
that’s it for my check-in now, I’ll see you guys in a bit! OK, so I am at the Carson City Hot Springs. It’s like on a very nondescript road. At
the front desk they’ll check you in and tell you the rooms available based on
temperature. So I wanted something in the middle, not too extreme, but like not a
beginner either. So this is room C and the water is 102.5° and it’s delightful. So for single occupancy it’s $25 for an adult, you get access to
the hot spring room for two hours and then you have unlimited access to the pool outside after that’s over with. Morning friends! It is day two in Carson
City. I just packed up all my stuff back over there, and I’m getting ready to go out
and explore. First things first, I have to get some hipster coffee because that’s
my favorite thing to do when I travel, especially solo because it’s definitely
my thing and that’s how I have to start my day. I love experiencing local coffee
culture and like cool like hipster shops that have fun decor and they have like a
little bit of a twist. I’m gonna go explore some of the historic buildings
like the State Capitol and whatnot, so after that I’m gonna go get some lunch
and then I’m going to take a hike, and then explore some more stuff before
leaving town, so a quick little trip but wanted to check in with you guys and let
you know how this morning’s getting started. Hey! So now I am at the Kings Canyon waterfall. I’m gonna do a short hike up this hill behind you. I just pulled up and I can already hear the waterfall. I heard it’s a pretty easy hike but there is an optional 1 mile loop if you want do something a little extra. I’m not sure this is gonna come up on video, but there’s tons of fire ants everywhere. This little guy is carrying
something. Look at that! Look at him go. Made it to the waterfall! Alright I’ve made it to a really
questionable ledge, I’m not sure I should be up here. I think it’s OK though, a little kid just climbed up here, he was fine. Ummm, the view’s incredible and the waterfall, you get
right up to it which is amazing, great photo opps up here, and the hike wasn’t
too bad at all!

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  • Reply Ilana Pinsky August 18, 2019 at 5:43 pm

    This looked so relaxing! I was jealous of you and the hot spring!

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