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2017 RF Sore Throat Checks

October 20, 2019

(music) Good morning Talofa, my name is Juanita To’o and I am the practice nurse for Health Star Medical Centre here in Glen Innes. It’s very important to check sore throats, if the child with a sore throat has Streptococcus A, it could lead to Rheumatic Fever and heart damage. Don’t wait, once they
complain please bring them in to see the nurse. When a child comes in with a sore throat, we assess
him or her by taking his temperature, doing his weight and checking
his lymph nodes. Okay, open wide and say ahh. Okay good boy. If the child presents with a temperature of 38 and he’s got swelling of
the tonsils we give them antibiotics straight away.
So if your child has a sore throat, come in to the clinic. Sore throats can lead to Rheumatic Fever and heart damage. If you are not sure what to do call Healthline for advice. (music)

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