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2 Reasons Why You’re Bloated || Eating Disorder Recovery

November 21, 2019

do you experience uncomfortable bloating
constipation or digestive issues in your eating disorder recovery or when you
come from a past of dieting food restriction and
over exercising then I’m telling you in this video the reason for why this is
happening and how you can reverse these digestive issues hey everyone my name is
Christina and I welcome you back to another video
I’m psychology nutrition coach and I’m from mind body nutrition and in this
video I’m telling you the reason why you experience uncomfortable bloating
constipation diarrhea and all other digestive issues when you come from a
past of eating disorder dieting over exercising etc so there are several
reasons why you experience these uncomfortable symptoms and I’m gonna
tell you now the two main reasons why this is happening and what you can do to
make it better so the first reason is a low level of stomach acid so what does
that mean now so we have to understand that our stomach is and should be an
acidic place and every time when we eat something our brain is signalizing our
stomach that food is coming and this signal makes our stomach produce stomach
acid so that means eating food is a huge factor in our body producing stomach
acid but when there is no food coming which happens when we go on a diet we
developed an eating disorder or we go through over-exercising periods or
fasting periods then there is no reason for our stomach to produce enough
stomach acid and that means our stomach is becoming over time more and more
alkaline which is very very bad and affects our health in a very negative way
and I’m gonna tell you now why our stomach acid has a very very important
function because our stomach it is protecting our stomach from
uncomfortable viruses yeast candida bad bacteria and all other uncomfortable
things but when there is a low level of stomach acid then there is no protection
for our stomach and that means all these uncomfortable yeasts and Candida and
viruses and bad bacteria have a chance to grow and that means that all our
great and good bacteria that should be protected by our stomach acid
they die and then our stomach develops an imbalance of gut bacteria and this
imbalance of gut bacteria leads to bloating and all these uncomfortable
uncomfortable digestive issues but another very uncomfortable issue is
developing when our stomach acid is very low and that is vitamin and mineral
malabsorption because our stomach acid has the function to absorb the vitamins
and minerals from the food we consume but when there is a low level of stomach
acid then our body does not have the ability to absorb all the
vitamins and minerals that our body is needing and that means we are developing
malnutrition and that is also the reason why a lot of people who are recovering
from an eating disorder or they stop exercising and stop restricting their
calories it takes them much longer to reverse this malnutrition because the
body takes its time to rebuild the stomach acid and to learn again how to
absorb all those vitamins and minerals from the food and the second reason for
digestive issues after an eating disorder a period of restricting
calories or over exercising is a muscular atrophy of our digestive tract
so what does that mean so it does mean that when we go on a diet we restrict
calories or we develop an eating disorder and don’t eat enough food that
our body slows down our metabolism and when our body is slowing
down our metabolism that means our body is reducing our muscles and that is
very very bad because a reduction of our muscle mass of our body affects also our
heart because our heart is a muscle and also our digestive tract has muscles and
that means by slowing down our metabolism our muscles in our digestive
tract getting reduced and becoming very very weak and that is the reason why
people who restrict their calories or come from an eating disorder have a very
hard time to digest food because the muscles are so weak and that leads in a
lot of cases to bloating and constipation so that is the second
reason why digestive issues are occurring after an eating disorder or
period of restricting calories and now I’m telling you what you can do to make
your digestion working better so the first solution is make your stomach and
your digestive system as dirty as possible so you either take supplements
which contain good gut bacteria to help reverse the imbalance of your gut
bacteria in your body or you eat a lot of food that contains good gut bacteria
to help your digestive system if you want to have more information for this
topic then I will link here a video that I have made about this issue
and how to improve your digestion so if you’re interested you can watch this video.
the second advice I wanna give you is to eat a nutrient-dense diet because as I
told you a low level of stomach acid is responsible for malnutrition you need to
eat a lot of vitamins and minerals then the third advice I want to give you is to
eat fats it’s very very important to eat fats when you come from a history of
eating disorder and dieting because a lot of vitamins they can only
be absorbed by our body when we combine them with fats so it is very important
to not go on a low-fat diet or anything else
so in the last advice I’m going to give you is to eat enough food and to eat on
a regular basis in order to build muscles again so I really hope that this
video was helpful for you and I also want to mention I do two videos per week
every Monday I’m doing informational video and every Thursday I am doing
inspirational video so if that sounds interesting to you please don’t hesitate
to subscribe to my channel and I hope we will see you next time again in the next
video if you have any further questions then don’t hesitate to write them down
in the comment section below I’ll be happy to answer all of them and until
next time all the best to you take care and good bye

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    I hope this video is helping you to understand that these issues are completely normal and reversible if you are following my advices and be patient with it. I also did a video about the "5 ways to reduce bloating". If you're interested, the link will be provided for you in the description box underneath the video.

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