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March 10, 2020

NAMASTE, SALAM, SATSHRIAAKAL, KEMCHO Friends…how are you all? right now where I’m on my back it’s all fields this is highway & the other way is the highway as well I’m going to rajasthan….but why? as it is written on the board I took this $100 Challenge but what this challenge is all about? After giving exams of 10th & 12th students have free time of 2-3 Months and this free is the best time when you can figure it out that what do you wanna do in your life? because most students don’t know about it In our parent’s time, it was a simple pattern that either you become an engineer or a doctor but now we have a lot of options to look for in the open world also we are in the quest to find-it out what exactly do we love doing in life and you can find that thing during the period of 2 or 3 months In fact, it’s for everyone who doesn’t know what to do in life So, in this Journey, I’ll show you in How Cheap you can travel to Rajasthan Also, I choose Rajasthan for this because it’s a big state also I got some Connections in Rajasthan as well who can help me out In this video, I’ll show you how you can travel to Rajasthan in just $100 which includes everything food, travel, hotels, etc So, let’s start this new Journey from Rewari I have spent 90 Rupee from Rohtak to Rewari in Public Transport Bus and right now I’m traveling with Kamal & Vishal in this truck doing hitchhiking also it’s my first ride in this Journey Right now coronavirus is going strong everywhere …what do you think about that people should need to go out of their home? Life can’t be lived with all these fake media hypes you said it, right brother, I know it’s going on around the world right now but until it touches you just live your life the way you wanted to live without any fear Nothing gonna happen people with die only from the media hypes They’ll keep thinking about it and in the end, it will take them down It’s not something which will be bought by people in an airplane and spread in the city If you really want to then first learn to live without fear and enjoy with whatever you got I really liked your answers & I wanted to ask you one more question When for the first time I did Hitchhiking in south India most of my relatives thought that truck drivers are killers & they just drink and drive all the time.. what’s your say? It’s an old saying that one bad fish can make the full lake bad Everyone is right no one is wrong and also without any proof, we can’t say someone is bad or good Without talking to them or without knowing them that well you can’t judge someone whether it’s a truck driver or someone else I accept that some truck drivers are not that good but not all of them You meet us anytime & you’ll see that we are good with good and bad with bad which is a usual human behavior When it comes to giving someone ride so we don’t stop at places on the night if someone asks for a ride When it comes to day time it depends on a person-to-person and you believe in humanity or not….also if you are right the other will be right as well with you We travel around India and we have seen it that if you give respect to anyone then you’ll surely get it back in the same way How much do you guys take to reach Bengaluru from Chandigarh? 1-week sir Me: How many litres of petrol do you need for that?
He: Petrol worth 60,000 INR Me: How much do you only 5 hours?
He: yes sir Me: What is this?
He: Pukkki Me: Why you eat Pukki?
He: So, we won’t sleep in the night Me: & how much do you eat while driving?
He: one teacup spoon take it with water……So if you don’t want to sleep eat Pukki [HAHAHA] They take out 2 components from a plant one is called Weed the other one is called “Pukki”. People usually use “Weed” for medical purpose & also to get high When the process of weed making is done the left-over will be crushed in a mixture and the remaining part will be called “Pukki” which is used for not getting sleepy Me: We took a small break on the way & we’re having a cup of tea Together & Vishal Ordered some food for himself
He: You also eat food brother
Me: Thanks for asking but I’m full right now Me: Where the RTO money goes?
He: In the pocket of Govt. Me: If it goes into government’s pocket then you must have gotten a receipt
He: It doesn’t into Government’s Pocket-it goes into their personal pocket You’ll find RTO Officer on each & every border and no one will give you a receipt of the money that they take from you He: not at all you’ll only get the receipt of the weight machine which are only in Madya Pradesh & Maharashtra Me: Not a chance for RTO to give you a Receipt
He: not at all
Me: & How much they take from you 200?
He: It different on every border He: Once my uncle ate “Bhang ke Pakode” during Maha Shivratri time & we were taking to the bed so he can sleep and he suddenly wakes up & said I’m Flying He: & Even people from both sides are grabbing him but still, he’s like “I’m Flying”
[HAHA] He: It was a very comic scene over there he was lying on the bed with his hands in a shape of wings & saying I’m Flying
[HAHA] He: Everyone in the family was laughing Including his wife, kids & neighbors
[HAHA] He: Once we were playing cricket & one guy was full high and he was doing fielding…got a catch….and he was like this….and the ball went between his hands We all were shouting that throw the ball but he was busy in his own world after even dropping the catch he’s was busy with himself We all were Laughing hard on him but he was still like the same and has stomach pain Lagughing that day haha
[HAHA} One guy who took it he’s was crying all the time…even when someone tells a joke he’s still crying….he was too focused on crying haha If you take this thing you’ll keep Laughing if you were laughing before…’ll keep crying if you were crying before until you get sober again The Only cure of this is “Strong Tea” and “1 Tea Spoon of Desi Ghee” apart from this nothing helps you get sober Time is 6:32 PM and I’m in Shahpura right now which about 100 KMs away from Khatu Shyam where I want to go My Friend Tejas is waiting for me in Khatu Shyam Ji Vishal is cleaning the glass, Kamal went to meet his brother-in-law in Shahpura he is a mechanic over here And I’m here waiting in this truck to Move And I’ll sleep around 10 or 11 PM today after reaching Khatu Shyam Ji Still, 4-5 hours are left for that and until now I have spent only 90 Rupee on this trip which was from Rohtak to Rewari Bus Me: Why you guys gave me a ride? He: To help you brother Me: Don’t you thought that I can be a bad guy? He: we have figured it out by looking at you that you had bags with you….You had a Camera with you so we got to know that you might be a Tourist here Me: You got some experience haha He: But we don’t give a ride to people in night Me: okay Paaji….Thanks a lot for the Ride…I really felt good being with you guys Kamal brother dropped me 10 KMs before Chandwaji & then I tried to Hitchhike again but didn’t get any vehicle from there and this one is a Commercial Vehicle which will charge me So, guys right now I’m here in Chomu and they took 25 Rupee from me until here From here I’ll go to Ringus & from there Khatu Shyam ji is Just 10 KMs Finally, I’m here in Khatu Shyam Ji &I got a Direct Vehicle from Chomu till here and he charged me 70 Rupee for the ride So, today’s total is 195 Rupee until now So, right now it’s 10 In the night & I’m here in the apartment of Tejas His side it’s the kitchen area where the Couchs are in this Apartment & this will be my bed for tonight and as you can see everything was messy over there on the room Now I’ll edit this video so you guys can watch it in the morning that’s what I have to do now and after that, I’ll sleep hard because I’m tired today so need proper sleep Subscribe the Channel and press the bell icon also press the like button and do share the video as well and this series gonna be a long series where I’m gonna show you how to Travel in Just $100 all Over the Rajasthan…So, hot the bell icon and subscribe to the channel Also, don’t forget to tell me in the comment box that you liked the video or not …..don’t forget to comment I’ll see you guys soon in a New Video until then Jai Shri Shyam & Jai Hind!!!


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