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1947 anti-fascist film goes viral in wake of racist protest in Virginia

December 17, 2019

Here in America is not a question of whether we tolerate minorities. America is minorities. And that means you and me. I happen to know the facts. Now friends, I’m just an average American, but I’m an American American, and some of the things
I see in this country of ours make my blood boil.
I see Negroes holding jobs that belong to me and you. Now I ask you, if we
allow this thing to go on what’s going to become of us real Americans? I’ve heard this kind of talk before but I never expected to hear it in America. And I tell you friends, we’ll never be able to call this country our own until
it’s a country without. Without what? Yeah, without what?
Without Negroes. Without alien foreigners. Without Catholics. Without Freemasons. What’s wrong with the Masons? I’m a Mason. Hey, that fella’s talking about me. I was born in Hungary, you are Mason. These are minorities, and then you belong to other minority groups too. Your right
to belong to these minorities is a precious thing. You have the right to be
what you are and say what you think because here we have personal freedom.
We have liberty, and these are not just fancy words, this is a practical and
priceless way of living. But we must work at it. We must guard everyone’s liberty
or we can lose our own. If we allow any minority to lose its freedom by persecution or by prejudice, we are threatening our own freedom.

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