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18 Signs Burglars Are Watching Your House Every Day

February 21, 2020

I know, you look at me and think, “So terrible,
breaking into houses like that!” But I’ve changed my ways, I promise! My burglar days are over! Now I wanna help you prevent guys like me
from stealing your stuff! How do you know thieves are targeting you? What keeps us away? (Spoiler alert: it’s not just expensive
security systems!) But first, the te ll-tale signs… 1) An empty fuel tank
You’re driving home from work or a nice shopping trip and notice the fuel tank is
showing empty. “But I just filled it up this morning!” Don’t be so quick to assume there’s a
problem with your car – it could be the sneaky work of burglars! Really determined thieves will stake your
house out, follow you to work or your quick trip to the store, and drain all the fuel
out of your tank to delay you as long as possible. If you find yourself with an empty tank even
though you’re sure you filled up recently, call your neighbors and have them check on
your place. If your fears are justified, call the police. 2) A new cleaner
The appearance of a new cleaner should alert you if you use these services regularly. If your cleaner has changed, the company should
warn you ahead of time. Or check it yourself. If there’s no information about this new
face, then something fishy could be going on. And don’t let the new cleaner in the house
in the first place. For that matter, watch out for… 3) Fake uniforms
What I mean is, the stranger at the door may call themselves a plumber, electrician, social
worker – you name it, we’ve thought of it! If someone tries to pull this stunt on you,
insist that they show you some ID. Such people may seem helpful and professional,
but they’re quietly studying your home while you’re talking to them – even if you just
open the door and stand in the threshold – we can see your valuables from there! Along this same line, you might get… 4) “Confused visitors”
You’re sitting there peacefully when you hear your doorknob wiggling and turning – your
heart instinctively jumps in your throat for a reason: something’s not right! So, you go to the door and ask (without opening
it, of course!), “Can I help you?” The answer you’re likely to get is, “Sorry,
I’m visiting a friend. Must’ve mixed the address up!” And, naturally, they take off. Try to get a look at their face through the
peephole. If you have a door camera, even better! 5) Electrical problems
Be diligent about checking your lights, especially the outdoor ones. If they keep going out or the lightbulbs are
always coming loose, don’t immediately assume you’re having some electrical problems. Thieves can unscrew them or cut the wires. We feel safer doing what we do in the dark! 6) “Marking”
Thieves can hang a flyer or white sticker on your door. They also might slide a thin piece of a plastic
bottle in the doorway. This is how they “mark” houses that are
easy to get into (they know just by looking at your place, but I’ll tell you more about
that a bit later!). If you see anything weird like this, even
if it’s likely just a harmless ad, remove it – if something hangs there for more than
a day, burglars will assume nobody’s home. Besides flyers, they may write numbers, Xs,
or strange coded symbols on the house or door. Keep an eye out! 7) Unknown calls
If you still have a home phone, do you get never-ending calls from unknown numbers? This could be their way of checking what times
you’re usually home or away. A burglar may immediately hang up or be silent
when you answer such a call. My advice: don’t answer them. If it’s important, the caller will leave
a message. If they claim to be your utility company,
get proof! Remember the thing about strangers at your
door? Same applies here. 8) Broken windows
“Well, duh – it’s how they get in!” No, I’m talking about what seems like an
accident! A baseball or rock flying through the living
room window – keep your guard up. It’s not necessarily careless kids or vandals. Burglars might do this to check if anyone’s
home or if you have a security system! 9) Watch out for suspicious vehicles. If you see an unknown car parked near the
house or it keeps driving by, and you’re sure it doesn’t belong to anyone in the neighborhood
– call the police. Anything suspicious should always be reported! Ok, you now know IF they’re targeting your
house. But you still need to know how to prevent
it in the first place! I’ve got some tips and common mistakes – check
if you’re on the right track! 1. – Don’t be careless with your trash. So many people just toss sensitive documents
like they’re regular trash – bank statements, pay stubs, receipts for big purchases. You know what this means to a burglar? “These people have money and nice things!” Always shred personal papers before you throw
them away. And don’t leave boxes from those expensive
purchases out on the curb – be it a new plasma TV, the latest phone, laptop, or gold
watch. Again, cut them up and conceal them in the
bins as best as you can. Better yet, take it to a cardboard recycling
dumpster yourself! And if you see someone rummaging in your trash,
call the police. 2. – Don’t let your mail pile up. A mailbox stuffed full usually means a homeowner
who’s been away for a while. A.k.a: an empty house with lots of nice stuff
to take! Whenever you go on vacation for a long time
or somewhere for a couple of days, ask a neighbor to get your mail. Or you can go to the post office and ask them
to hold your deliveries until you get back. 3. – Replace old doors, windows, and locks. The state of your front door and windows can
be a huge sign for a thief. If the door has old locks and entry points
look weak and aged, a thief realizes these spots are easy to break in through. Invest in replacements if you need to – make
it clear to burglars that you’re serious about your personal fortress! And make sure you’ve got plenty of outdoor
lighting and sensors. Remember, we like to work in the dark! 4. – Check the shrubbery. Got a big tree growing next to your house
or apartment? Get rid of any branches that hang near your
windows – a burglar can easily use them as a ladder. Also, thieves try to avoid houses with thorny
plants and bushes growing under the windows. Because, well, we don’t want to walk away
with some new body piercings! 5. – Keep it to yourself on social media. Don’t rush to upload photos while you’re
off in some faraway place on vacation. It’s pretty much like putting a big banner
out there: “Look! I’m not home and won’t be in the nearest
future!” Duh. It’s better to wait until you get back, and
only then upload your pictures and mention your awesome trip! 6. – Make it look like someone’s at home. Now, you don’t need to leave the TV or stereo
on the whole time you’re gone because who wants to pay that electric bill?! But you can get timers that’ll switch your
noisy electronics on every day for a certain amount of time. You can hook timers up to your lights as well! 7. – Block the windows. I know it sounds obvious, but I can’t tell
you how many times I drove around different neighborhoods, and almost everyone had their
curtains and blinds wide open! Or didn’t have any! I could see everything! Their giant flatscreen TV, sound system, gaming
consoles, musical instruments – some burglars will break in just for the wallet sitting
in the little bowl by the front door! (By the way, get rid of that if you have it!) Be especially careful about open windows at
night. Yes, your holiday decorations are gorgeous,
but I’ve got my eye on that computer in the corner! 8. – Don’t rely too much on a nice neighborhood. There are areas where residents feel so comfortable,
that they don’t even lock the doors! Or they hide keys in an obvious place. I mean, under the doormat, really? Come on, give me a challenge! Your neighbors might be honest people, but
who’s stopping anyone from coming into your quaint little cul-de-sac and helping themselves
to your stuff? Always lock your door, period. 9. – Put up some fake stickers. If you can’t afford a home security system,
well, you know what they say, “Fake it until you make it!” You can put stickers on your windows with
the name of some security system company – not many will be willing to check if you’re
bluffing! Or another good one: “Guard dog inside!” Even if you don’t have a dog! You can also put some fake surveillance cameras
up. Whatever gets the message across, do it! Hey, if you learned something new today, then
give the video a like and share it with a friend! And here are some other cool videos I think
you’ll enjoy. Just click to the left or right, and stay
on the Bright Side of life! How was that?


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  • Reply Tik Tok4L February 21, 2020 at 5:06 pm

    Who else been a huge fan of  Bright side before 2020?

    I'm gifting everyone who subs to me with notification on🔔

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