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#12 John Paul Rice | Mainstream Silence on the Child Trafficking Epidemic

December 9, 2019

hello and welcome to another exciting
episode of dauntless dialogue podcast I’m your host Adam Reva and today is
episode 12 the mainstream silence on the child trafficking epidemic with me today
is John Paul rice filmmaker and producer of a child’s voice John welcome to the
show yeah so great to be on your show yeah it took a couple attempts to get
you on the show we had to reschedule and cancel I’m so sorry for the trouble but
I’m excited to have you here and I’m really excited to dissect today’s
subject matter so for anyone who’s new to your body of work can you give them a
bird’s eye view into maybe the synopsis and what got you interested in the
matter sure so the feature film that we just released is called the child’s
voice it’s a supernatural thriller it’s a story about two teenagers the young
homeless heroine addicted boy and a girl who is a survivor of domestic violence
her boyfriend has just started to abduct and start selling kids and in this film
there is a child that is sacrificed ritualistically that has an energy force
that calls out to the young homeless boy asking him for help and in answering
that call for help who leads him on a journey to uncover a human trafficking
ring run by two wealthy businessman when we basis film off of several fact-based
of these cases going back over the last 40 years into now firsthand testimony
from people like Ronald Bernard and others and a lot of what brought us to
this subject matter was people like yourself and many others over the last
two to three years since the Podesta emails were released have been talking
about human trafficking and uncovering all of the networks that are being run
and how they tie into the global elite so our our job in our movie
to tell a story that is a social issue that’s our company’s kind of mantra
which is no restrictions entertainment we tell stories that Hollywood rarely
touches upon very honest and realistic ways to kind of wake people up so that
they become inspired to take action and we do that through the narrative we do
it through a genre but it is done through a story that you can get
emotionally involved with and get invested in the characters as you’re
learning about what’s going on so it becomes a bigger picture rather
than an informational one and our intent in making this film was to highlight
both the horror and the tragedy that we had learned about but also balance it
with the resilience of human beings a message of compassion empathy and love
that I believe myself and many other people in this world share and that’s
how I felt we should best present this movie in this story once we got in
working with Edgar Michael Bravo the writer director it just it all came
together and the film that you saw in the film that your viewers will see as a
result of those efforts hmm yeah and it’s really well done I’m
really impressed with the level of cinematography and production value so
kudos to you my friends and I agree with you you know to really galvanize people
emotionally about this subject you have to personalize it you have to make it
about an individual or in your case you know fictionalize it and tell it in a
way where you can evoke the visceral outrage that people should feel about
this I can’t remember I think it was like oh man Vladimir Lenin or something
who said you know one death is a tragedy and a million deaths is a statistic so
not to quote an evil dude but the idea is when we lose ourselves in the
statistics it we detached from the actual ramifications of it the
of it and when we can kind of zoom in on one story it can become more profound so
what got you interested you said that you had seen the the John John Podesta
scandal you know start to gain traction was that what got you into this you know
it’s interesting I have to be quite honest here is that I didn’t pay much
attention to Podesta emails and the pizza gate scandal that was going on in
part from my own ignorance to not see what had actually been done on the
American people by the mainstream media I saw what they did to Bernie Sanders
and I saw what they did to his supporters which you know arguably is
the strongest part of the Democratic Party right now but at that time I still
had known all the fullness of what was going on and we were hearing the things
about Russia we didn’t really have any kind of proof at that time what was
really true and what wasn’t other than what was in his emails so in
short it didn’t come until after the election of Donald Trump and after the
inauguration when I started going on a torrent of binge watching on YouTube and
research in going back 30 40 years and as a result of all of that came back to
DC gay came back to the Podesta emails and started seeing how everything was
connecting how did the long history of this that started long ago going back
thousands years and go back hundred years you can talk about bloodlines but
when we get into the modern era between basically the last turn of the century
or World War two being the really defining moment and everything going
forward with bushes and Rockefellers H stone you know Prescott Bush and HW it
became more clear as to what this represented in what this meant and so it
was sort of my denial at first or ignorance if you will and in coming to
three years later or two years later now seeing how I’d open this whole thing is
it’s self-evident and so transparent for anybody that’s looking how corrupt and
horrific these people are I mean they’re truly criminals not just the Clintons
they’re they’re a servant of this group but people at the very very top of all
of this pyramid this financial structure that is enslaved us it just it just it’s
like one one iteration after the other and this is just one component of a much
bigger picture and how it all fits into the money and the commodity
commodification of human beings the corruption of our our entire democratic
system not only here in the United States but globally all the Democratic
viewers of power they’ve been co-opted destroyed or are completely weaponized
against the citizens so it’s you know you start going through logical
deduction and and you think about all of these different things and you ask
yourself you know questions like okay if there are bombing kids and blowing their
arms apart women and children and 17,000 children every day are dying of
starvation in the world and all of this rising income inequality there’s poverty
the our intelligence you know debate and speech just out the
window censorship I mean you start seeing all of these signs like and they
and they’re not like working independently of each other but it was
all tied together by Ronald Bernard that was the turning point when his testimony
confirmed what we had been reading and kind of speculating were theorizing that
in put a solid face with factual information behind it and it’s it just
told us right there that that this is what we need to be doing we need to go
in this church well you know congratulations because in
a year-and-a-half you’ve come a long way now you’re talking about bloodlines and
at elite you know parties with child sacrifice so to go from you know zero to
60 in a short amount of time had to have been quite the wake-up call and I think
it’s funny that right now we’re seeing an exponential awakening happening in
the wake of Donald Trump’s inauguration where you do have people waking up to
this information all in time you know fortunately there’s I don’t know at
least hundreds of thousands of internet researchers now independently sourcing
this information and I don’t know how accurate this is but I’ve at least heard
the rumor that a lot of the consolidation of information that’s
occurring on 4chan and vote and a Chan by these independent journalists is now
being combed through and aggregated for the building of these court cases to be
brought against some of these high ranking individuals because it is such a
an extravagant and extraordinarily large network of interconnected criminals you
know so to do it all requires a lot of manpower and so let’s shift gears for a
moment here because the last time you and I spoke I know that the issue of the
normalization of this sort of pedophilic ideology creeping its way into the
mainstream is something that ruffles both of our feathers quite a lot so
maybe you want to go into that subject and tell us a little bit about how this
is you know how the mainstream is complicit in a lot of the peddling of
this propaganda yeah I mean I think the first the most important thing to know
is that the same people that Seles Wars and cover up the crimes of Empire are
the ones who are anointed to a truth-teller
to us on our weekly shows nightly shows in the 24-hour news of cable so they’re
paid to cover up the crimes of Empire and promote and sell their wars
I mean it’s there’s so many facts that support that and it’s not even
speculative at this point so the idea that they would somehow have a hard line
and you know not allow for this kind of information to to get out and it’s it’s
ridiculous the the thing about normalization of
pedophilia and and the recent upswing that we’re seeing you know I mean people
have argued that it’s trying to get into the gay community and doing a
transgender this is not an anti trans rent this is just simply the when you
start seeing children day and you start seeing children being promoted underage
children under under prepubescent being promoted in a hyper sexualized fashion
as a drag queen and as a spokesperson for that movement yeah it is not by
accident of all the things that you could do why would you choose a child to
represent that the movement and then we see articles about how parents shouldn’t
be calling them day in her you know not using pronouns nice it’s out of control
more importantly though the things we’ve seen like the TED talk and other
articles now about how you know we shouldn’t criminalize that affiliation
encourage it or or that it’s an illness you know it’s an illness but it’s
treatable or we need to be sympathetic to these individuals what is so very
dangerous about this to me is that when you would talk to a pedophile or
somebody who does such things to children just the violation of a child
who is not sexually active alone they’re talking to you and I and
they will state matter-of-factly it’s not a choice for them this is how they
truly feel and their reality like thank you and I wake up every morning they
have certain thoughts on our mind certain considerations and things we
think about the world around us some people people we love is is real to them
what they feel as of all of what I just described is to you and I the
normalization of this but first of all the idea that there’s any movement in
the press to normalize this is either tells me if this is how the writers feel
the dippers owners of these media companies that own them to allow them to
print this garbage and at the same time you have Hollywood now they’re in full
force both in its virtue signaling on Twitter and promoting this through their
movies and it’s and to me it really should be a warning sign to us to say
you know there needs to be a really hard line drawn our children need to be
children they don’t need to be objects sexualized objects I mean if you just
look at what they’ve done to women that’s what they’re going to do to kids
it’s going to happen if we allow it we don’t allow it there’s there’s greater
opportunity and another possibility there but it frightens me a lot because
when I read stories about like Kevin Spacey for example and his brother who
came out and told what was going on his father was a Nazi lover terms of his
paraphernalia that he collected you call him a Nazi sympathizer but the real
issue is that he has been alleged to have sexually abused both boys as
children their own father and and his brother also talks about how he has a
very strange relationship with his mother this is what I would say is in
Shoeless behavior Kevin Spacey is a victim he’s also a perpetrator you know
I mean just with what’s out there available publicly and if you go back
and look at all of the speeches if you go back and look at all the things he
says and the he stands for they’re in direct contrast to exactly
always lived his life Harvey Weinstein is a sacrificial lamb in fact I would
argue that that Harvey wine movie industry and the media will continue to
give us Matt Lauer’s in our tea wine escapes as long as it’s good for their
bottom line so what we really have to start thinking about is where is all
this crap coming from how do all these people find each other and are attracted
to one another and that is really where the conspiracy is that if Inspira sees
that is how does an industry with billions of dollars allow for people on
the inside who are known to have raped kids continue to make movies continue to
be on Cameron on TV I mean it totally it kills me because I’m going there’s the
meat food movement which is about real true grievances that are going on in for
dozens if not hundreds of women in the industry alone that have come forward
but we won’t talk about the children when it’s been known for a decades-long
sexual abuse scandal that has been going on in this industry and replicated
across all industries Hollywood just happens to even those visible and the
most vulnerable because it promotes the markets itself in the celebrity culture
I mean it’s just if it’s more than just empty and morally bankrupt
it’s it’s corrupt it’s criminal it’s it’s violent I hope I mean I really truly hope that
the good people this world wake up and divest from using individuals completely
they’re not going to change just it’s just be very clear they’re not going to
change who they are but you will get them out of power very quickly by not
investing in their entertainment because it makes you feel good we watch this
with guardians of the galaxy in our there were James Gunn defenders left and
right for that guy because there were jokes without raping kids or hurting
children or sexual ization and children oddly enough though what nobody has
focused on all the jokes that he made about women adult women and what he
wanted to do to them in those tweets you don’t talk about any of that
in fact The Hollywood Reporter just came out with an article the other day but
that the studio exec is out here with iram in a heartbeat they see it as a big
joke and Hollywood Reporter tried to diminish these jokes as jokes that were
racist and homophobic that’s what they called them there is there is no media
anymore but us and at this point in terms of telling the truth and we may
make mistakes but we least have the humility and the honesty to do so I mean
I have no faith in these people whatsoever anymore I have I got out of
this like I’ve been out here 18 years I got out of Hollywood in terms of the
Hollywood system 10 years ago it’s been one of the most liberating and fantastic
things I’ve ever experienced had its ups and downs and it’s moments
where I didn’t you know before I knew the whole picture but looking back on
all of it I wouldn’t want to be involved with any
of these people who your support this kind of system and the complicity
silence the media the silence I mean whether they’re paid off or a
participating it doesn’t excuse me doesn’t matter
what really matters is that all of us together are far more stronger than them
the only reason why they have what they do today is do the fear on the news and
our ignorance which is we see them on TV they smile cameras flashing they’re
telling us nice things and and there’s a narrative a framing of that story that
goes around them outside of that there is nothing but these people have to
offer and you don’t need you don’t need sick people to be talented you need
caring dependent people who can respect an artist truth their sensitivity and
their rights as a human being you have that you will have amazing diversity in
this industry unlike anything you’ve ever seen it won’t be politically
correct either you’ll have the type of women and people of color young and old
telling stories that are truthful not ones that are censored or given a
specific parameter of what you can say and what you can’t say that’s what those
lawyers do therefore that’s what HR is therefore that’s what the executives are
there for all to protect make sure that we don’t know the full truth about
what’s going on yeah absolutely and to your point earlier about the LGBTQ
acronym wanting to be expanded to include pedophiles now they’re calling
them maps or minor attracted persons as if to get around the obvious stigma that
exists with the word pedophile as it should be stigmatized and to your other
point about you know using the trans children and saying like oh you’re not
for this well then you must just be bigoted or something and it’s like well
that’s what they do is they hide behind the bodies of children they hide their
evil ideology find a child so that if you criticize it
you’re they point to the child and say well then then you’re not you’re not in
favor of you know trans rights or gay rights or you don’t care about the
children we saw this happen with David Hogg
and the battle between you know the the second the pro Second Amendment and the
anti Second Amendment ORS and you know this is what they do is they they hide
behind the children now this is a little bit off topic but I was listening to a
Jordan Peterson conversation recently and he was talking about how as far as
the big five personality traits openness a sub factor of that is creativity so
when we look at Hollywood which is high in the creative types high in the open
types we know that it’s largely heritable although one of the largest
environmental predictors for creativity and innovation is early childhood trauma
because you’re constantly grappling with the childhood trauma that occurred to you
and since you’re in such utter mental and emotional anguish for the rest of
your life you can exist in the status quo you want to lash out and revolt and
change the status quo because if the status quo is what you experienced as a
child at least from your own perception then you want to change things you want
to fundamentally change things and you can’t ever get over that feeling so I
wonder if there is that sort of psychological motivation that happens in
the rankings of this pernicious fraternity called the Illuminati the New
World Order the deep state the dark state where they have systematic
childhood abuse and it turns out these creative types which filter their ways
which filter themselves into the ways of Hollywood into the ways of the Arts
you know the marina Abramovich’s of the world the spirit cookers so I know that
this is a hot-button issue for you something that you like talking about
can you speak to the psyche ecology that plays into this sort of
phenomena yeah and just to let everybody know and you as well I think we may have
talked about this I’m a firm believer of Alice Miller’s work
she wrote prisoners a childhood trauma to get the child over 35 almost 40 years
ago now and she’s written subsequent books probably the most the most
important one in this area that we’re going to discuss is the one called for
your own good it documents Hitler’s childhood and the
parallels of his rise to power as well as how he executed and implemented all
of his programming from childhood as an adult let’s take Hollywood for a second in
this disregard I am in the creative field I’ve been here 18 years I started
as an actor I certainly like all of us we have dealt with adversity in our
lives some of us more so than others but really trauma is your trauma as is the
next person is the next person in other words there is no comparison of scale
obviously there are worse things that can happen to people but in terms of
your relation to yourself and what you feel and think that is your own reality
until something else breaks that reality or pushes back that’s more forceful it’s
going to continue because if you have a system that rewards you in a certain way
there’s nothing to oppose that that thinking in other words if if I create a
system of that’s based on crushing your enemy
the person who beats back the other one the person who’s more tactful and smart
and you know smart but is all done under the premise of getting your power over
another human being and that’s what excites you or enriches you
I would argue that those people have a lack of love in them now they may not be
married they may have children they may go home and think they’re a good husband
good good father but in reality there is a there what I have found in my research
is that people and this is very simplistic but I want to explain this
people who measure their self-worth in their accomplishments their achievements
their awards the material wealth cost of their clothing the job that they have
their position of power how much money they make all of this and value
themselves at a greater level than another human being who has less that is
a red flag for someone who’s been abused as a child to the level and degree that
we can understand this there is obviously humiliation there is physical
abuse you could do it from spanking to heart beatings you know that we’ve
broken brown bones and bruises sexual abuse and there’s also alcoholism
which kind of ties in all of those things which is some of the worst
because it’s completely unpredictable in the creative field you get a lot of
people who have dealt with many of these things as children but it’s not a one
plus one always equals this type of formula in other words people who have
had the good fortune of having your parents loved them think very rationally
very creatively and very lovingly in their dispositions they don’t fear they
don’t live in a world of failure they don’t live in a world where there are
enemies everywhere where human behavior is looked upon is that everybody lies
everybody steals everybody cheats to get what they want this is how they feel and
they surround themselves with these kinds of people in these systems of
power because that system is built to attract those types and reward those
types across all all levels when you’re dealing with child abuse what you’re
doing is you have the the abuser and the victim and sometimes you have
the victims will run away from the abusers and other times you have the
victims actually hold on to the abuser and it is today with the mainstream
media we see this too in what I mean by that is people who still listen to the
mainstream media right and I’m not calling in doubt as though they’re bad
people but they supported Bernie Sanders during the primary they saw what the
media did to them and Kennedy and was and later is going to be found out how
they were all involved in this collusion story that’s another topic but the
people that they’re listening to now and citing sources from in terms of giving
them the news about what’s true about Donald Trump
they have run back and completely embraced the very people that gas lift
them and abuse them for and still continue to do so to this day by the way
I mean you see it all over online the other side of it it’s it’s like a
Stockholm Syndrome right so in Hollywood you have all of
these artists all of these actors all of these people coming out beards getting
away from their families leaving their friends and their moms to pursue a dream
something that is up here that home does not offer you know that’s as objective
as I can get but I could tell you a lot of those people want to get away want to
get out want to do something whether it be them consciously aware of it or just
by their own drive to to achieve something
what is Hollywood advertised fame fortune money celebrity opportunity you
can beat anybody come from anywhere you can quote make it alright you bring in
thousands of these people every year to the city new ones that keep coming in it
is a fertile ground for predators you have ignorant people you have really
messed up people who are lost and troubled and I will tell you I have met
several yeah tell me things that I don’t not friends with them anymore or no was
really I just when I heard these things like I had a this
young girl who’s totally beautiful model gorgeous young seemed kind of sweet nice
met her at a cocktail party for a bachelor party freak on three times into
the country three conversations into our dialogue with others changes randomly
passes on to me that she has fantasized about going to Las Vegas finding a
hooker and killing her and taking her out in the desert and burying her body this is the kind of thing that is quiet
it’s done in the home that’s why most people can get away with it so when
we’re talking about this this whole system and human trafficking being a
symptom of this thinking this mentality up here and when we’re talking about
child abuse we’re talking about when a baby is born and we notice from the data
today it is hardwired for nurturing and love it’s an upper system that comes
right out of the box ready for you in life as a its senses and it’s it’s it’s
organic machinery are hardwired to attach itself to its mother and father
for survival this is not a thought in the baby’s mind this is the machinery
moving in that direction from the moment of birth going forward and arguably
before them but let’s just say we’re going moment they coming out of the womb
if you introduce abuse to that child you are ripping the hard wiring out you are
taking and tearing up that motherboard or messing with the RAM work or reducing
it and causing new synapses to connect that were never intended to be there and
those are permanently hardwired by the time they’re seven and they have formed
their entire personality at the at 18 months a baby has a negative or positive
view of himself or herself and that is going to stay with them for a very long
time the only thing that I will say about Jordan Peterson and I obviously
haven’t met him personally but I would love to talk to him
is that I do believe that people can change but that change is is a
fundamental commitment it is not a weekend workshop it’s not by a book it’s
by accepting the truth and continuing on a journey of self-discovery inside there
is no way and this is all I will say on this about myself there is no way I’d be
sitting here today if it were not for the people who care to remain as a child
who protected me as a child and who loved me later in life as an adult
enough so that I could get a steady foundation of reality to walk on and see
with new eyes and it was up to me at that point because once I had known the
truth about it it wasn’t about using this as a crutch it was saying okay what
kind of person do I want to become inside what kind of person do I want to
fight for inside what kind of world do I want to fight for outside and so all of
this has been somewhat of a spiritual journey going through this movie and
going through the last ten years but it has been so worth it
I say this to everybody who’s listening all of these people need our help the
ones committing the acts of abuse against innocent children have to be
stopped there is no excuse there is no reasoning with them whatsoever because
they will never stop is a compulsion in them they have not dealt with their the
reality of their childhood and this is how they excuse it they are slaves and
prisoners of their own childhood that is truly where they’re at and the only way
that you can free anyone is to look at a victim and try not to allow that victim
to become a perpetrator later in life every act of love you give a child no
matter how dire the situation is he’s like a deposit of gold in the bank the
last point I want to make about this unless you have some follow-up questions
but I really want to say this this has probably been the most inspiring part of
this entire experience over the last two years a friend of mine in Boston she’s a
great woman she’s an academic she was doing a whole bunch of different things
working for jobs and decided to retreat from academia and go right into working
with children Social Work she told me a story that broke my heart I can’t really
reveal the details of which but I can tell you that it involves a two-year-old
little child and a murder in the house that little girl every time a man would
come near her she would back away instinctively doesn’t even have thought
yet because of our conversations and me sharing with her this information that
we are talking about today she finally made up her mind and said you know what
if I’m gonna keep getting angry about all of this stuff happening I can spend
that time and effort doing something about it so she went to go work she met
that child at the home where this incident happened
she picked the child up carried her and she said you know what I’m gonna spend a
day with this girl took her to the park joked around with her found out she has
a funny little shark sense of humor for a two-year-old took her to a movie it
curled up on a couch she fell asleep those are moments of heaven those are
moments of heaven that are absolute blessings in this world to a child who
has never experienced that before to rest feel safe to be in peace and we can
do that we can do that every day within ourselves and we can do that and give
that to a child no matter how imperfect or flawed
these moments are it is better than not doing anything that is my firm belief
about this and I know that I’m not in the minority but it needs to be said
over and over and over again we cannot have the future that we want if we allow
children to be abused this way and it starts with all of us inside and in our
own personal life what we do standing up for those kids in the home as we see it
happen out in public as we see another adult commitment act like that put a
stop to it let them know it’s not okay hmm yeah I completely agree and that’s
at the core of my message it’s you know I might talk about the politics or the
psychology behind some of this stuff but it really all boils down to you know
children growing up in a functional household and feeling that they’re loved
and you know if we’re gonna bring in end to this there’s gonna be a lot of
children who are going to be I guess in need of rehabilitation from this sort of
crisis and it’s almost going to be like a massive inundation of children of all
ages who are gonna need to be you know shown genuine love going through therapy
and and there’s a whole I talked about this on the program before there’s
there’s a lot that would go into re matriculating one of these individuals
back into society but what would you say is the first step to talking about these
things how do you bring it up to others what do you think is the first step in
in making others aware of it and not coming across as like a conspiracy
theorist per se so if I were to sit somebody gun is completely uninitiated you know let’s just say they have seen
some things and heard some things I’ve been told this is a conspiracy I think
that the most credible experiences that I’ve had the most genuine experiences
I’ve had is speaking from my own personal experience first with my family
with my sisters with my brother with my a niece and nephews not to try and paint
this whole big picture but make it very personal to them about their life this
is not this is not a futile exercise it may take many years to sustain this to
build that trust with them especially if they’ve been divided away
from you and there’s also going to be people that are not connected to you or
won’t want to listen to it but the intent is not to be right the intent is
to speak honestly and truthfully what you believe I’ve seen this in corporate
rooms the boardrooms before where the person doesn’t have all the facts and
everything but they’re very enthusiastic about what they’re telling you and
they’re doing so in a way that’s not like you know yelling and screaming and
telling everybody who doesn’t understand them that they’re stupid but they feel
this like this excitement of sharing and I’ve noticed that in this in these
boardrooms you know when they’re talking about facts in sistex and this person
has disposition that person has disposition really immediately command
with your respect the ones that speak most honestly and excited about their
idea or what material they’re presenting all these heads turn towards actually
spurred elicit so that’s the first technique as far as information goes
it’s going to be your discovery first in other words you can’t just throw a bunch
of links at somebody and say now watch this watch this read this read that read
this now don’t you understand it’s a process like it was a process for us a
year and a half is a long time but still that’s a lot of information to cover in
a very short period of time it was also the emotional blows because of the
betrayal in all of this to discover all of these things so some materials out
there I would recommend JFK to 911 everything is a rich man’s trek for
starters that was made four years ago and you did I think at least it’s
estimated over a billion times online come collectively Ronald Bernard series
the first part very first part is extremely important films that touch on
this issue whether they be documentaries or features like ours that are
disclosure movies that actually get people thinking did that is that what
actually happens right it raises a question in somebody’s mind and it’s not
to sit there and show you solid in in refute you know unrefuted
all evidence that you speak that what you believe and what you feel and then
let it go and come back another day I think for the majority of people if you
for for all the manipulation that they do about children in the media selling
us wars to selling us anti-constitutional measures speak the
truth about the children that are actually being used and
manipulated behind the scenes and show them the things by all of the different
people and how there was cover-ups throughout all of history and that these
people were all connected to each other I mean if it really though I still and
when you and what you truly believe if you’re just regurgitating something that
you heard off of TV or a documentary and haven’t done your own research on it
then it’s no different than giving a long hike on social media or a retweet
people will find you more credible if you talk to them in a more honest way
and you’re not trying to push some agenda you know from their point of view
some kind of agenda on them but then it’s coming somewhere from within here
and up here a place of believe based on what you know to be true with the
evidence that’s available to you I I would say that’s that’s the strategy and
that’s what’s worked for me in talking to my family about this and talking to
my friends about this and talking to other people about this we’ll all say
relatively the same thing but we have to go outside of our echo chamber we have
to engage the people that we love and care for that we truly do that’s where
it’s got to start and we will build that movement because it’s a consciousness
movement it’s an awakening and it’s one that will eventually reach critical mass
and it only takes one one public disclosure event to begin to kick off
the next wave and I think we’re getting really close to that
we can’t only be waiting on somebody else to do it’s about what you do but
you do what I do what he does what she does our imaginations our creativity is
far more greater than anything that they they can come up with and when I say
they the the sick bastards that have that have run this this world for a very
long time don’t have any new ideas their idea is that everything that they have
is a replay of the past that’s the best thinking of us in Hollywood it’s reboots
remakes spin-offs franchises other you know prequels sequels whatever you wanna
call it they have completely capitulated to that because they are collapsing upon
themselves for the very reason that they were designed to keep secrets and so
they’re just retreading the old stories and the old storylines in the and the
cliches all over again but it’s it’s all out there as well it’s
just a mirror of other other areas other systems that are doing the same thing
they can’t they can’t innovate they can’t contain they’re all tied to this
debt based system and so anything that you and I come up with anything that we
imagine no matter how insignificant we think it is or how stupid of an idea is
it’s better than anything that they can do you know because of the nature of the
type of information that I share publicly I have a lot of people who
approach me and talk about these sorts of things you know they know that you
know the the medical system the corruption that goes on in the
pharmaceutical industry they know that that’s an important hot-button issue for
me so I have people coming up to me and telling me information all the time and
the same thing goes for this systemic pedophilia issue so since you’ve stepped
forward and since you’ve made this film and to become something that’s quite
important to you I imagine you talk about it with friends and family quite a
lot have you had people from within the industry start to come forward and say
man I’m so glad that you’re speaking up on behalf of you know the voiceless and
sharing this information you know I have a story to share with you you know
recently we had Isaac Cappy blow the whistle on a ton of different you know
naming names and stuff which no one ever dares to do so I guess in making this
film have have you had people now approach you and share things with you
yeah there’s been a there’s been a lot of offline conversations people send me
emails talking to me about the scripts that they want to get made
I can tell you that there are people in Hollywood not at the top for people who
have accomplished quite a bit it worked through the industry for many decades
and there’s been quite successful who are wanting to see a new Hollywood and
they are actively working to try and do something about it I can’t give away
what their plans are it’s not going to be a press release or they you know
transition turning off the switch and on the other one but but they’re creating
distribution channels for films they’re looking at alternative internet
technologies to do this they’re seeing the future and this this system that
we’re in here the current one with all the streaming and then the Internet it’s
all connected together so they’re just going to continue to lose market share
and they’re going to tighter and tighter and consolidate
until it’s pretty much the same across support for that aspect of it it is
things can change in terms of things can open up but I’m just looking at the
trajectory where they’re all going right now there are a number of writers that I
know through a friend who works with a group of writers in Hollywood who add
four years in red killing audiences through their scripts and unbeknownst to
the people who are producing and directing them or even the studio
executives because they don’t really pay any attention as they’re lost in their
own bubble there are let me say and I kind of hit on this point a little bit
earlier the talent that you’re seeing today that’s on the screen in TV and in
film whether it be talented or not whether it be somebody you don’t like or
not whether it be somebody who’s actively involved in pedophilia or not
that it’s such a small miniscule sliver of the actual talent that is in this
town it gives me great hope because I’ve been working in attended film for over
10 years and I have stayed outside of the agents have stayed outside of the
managers I have gone directly on the internet looking for talent the film you
saw child’s voice all those actors were non-union all of those actors including
the two young leads were complete discoveries of talents Angela I saw her
on a GoPro video etske and I saw a sweetness in her and Joey
I saw Jewish independent film this guy play Tim the homeless heroin addicted
kid unbelievable came out here from Maine was living in Fresno for three
months and took a bus down for the audition this is everywhere and if you
create a system that rewards this type of storytelling and talent and you
protect these kids the adults too and keep the adult everybody just keep
everybody safe that’s all you got to do the amount of
Allen in diversity and the it would be unlike anything else you’ve ever seen
and and they have just bottlenecked it so tightly because of the diminishing
returns of their box office and their dwindling audiences and the lack of
ideas they are frightened to death of what is coming for them and it’s not
just the pedophilia disclosure and child sex abuse has been going on although
that’s frightening for them but it really they’re seeing the end of their
model and that’s really where we’re at a transition period so all all of the
people like Isaac and others continue to come out and it will be Tiffany was
another one she just came out the other day she was on the traffic report and
some other shows it’s happening this is the but this is just the beginning so I
can’t wait in five to ten years the kind of talent that I’ll have the ability to
help nurture and produce with all of my experience and discover I mean that
that’s one of the most that was one of the best joys of doing this job is
finding discoveries of talent of people you don’t know what’s out there and
seeing what’s out there and meeting them and working with them and seeing seeing
you know what it is seeing the pleasure of them getting to create their art
doing honest work and actually being rewarded for it not necessarily all in
monetary and the industry’s cheerleading and the awards you know it means most of
them it’s getting a paycheck that APRI bit because it’s a show of the dream
coming true and an appreciation for their work and then they go to the
premiere and they have people who don’t know who they are doctor friends and
family come up to them afterwards and tears just overwhelmed with emotion
thanking them for doing something for being a part of this it’s such a
beautiful thing I hope we have a world one day that experiences that because
it’ll be a healthy sign that we have turned a major corner in this one this
is going to be a I might tell you it’s not going to be
easy but it’s one worth fighting for every single day I can’t wait for the
talent on this here right now that is yet to be unleashed and the rest that
will come once that road has been paved well there you have it I’m so excited to
hear about that and to see that there’s people thinking outside the box about
subverting the existing power structures and obsolescing the corrupt you know
outlets and thinking thinking in a new and progressive way it’s it’s so awesome
and it’s great to hear that there is a reservoir of you know up-and-coming
talent that we can draw from in the new world so you know John I want to thank
you for coming on today’s show I want you to give our listeners a direction
where they can find your film and and and maybe follow up keep up with your
you know your life and all the work that you’re doing yeah so we’re most active
if you want to join us on social media we’re most active on Twitter at no
restrictions and as our company logo on it and its tweeted out by me daily but
if you want to see the film the movie a child’s voice you can find it on forward slash on demand if you look up a child’s voice it should be the
top search there we can also in the direct link in the video as well but all
I want to say is for the folks at home listening please support this film in any way that
you can if you buy it just promise me that you’ll show it to
as many people as you possibly can we want we want to get as many people we
need to get as many people who are not aware of this to experience it and see
it up close for what it is to begin that conversation The Awakening and it is all
about the child in each and every one of us that we must love first and answer
the call to calmness and we will help every single child in this world that’s
what that’s what we’re gunning for that’s what we’re hoping to do and I’m
doing my little part in my little corner of the world in this way and I hope to
continue that journey to school and doing other films along these lines yeah
yeah you know guys check it out support it it’s a great film it’s really well
done it’s been an honor to have you on the show today of John and you know evil
exists when good men do nothing when we stay silent and the mainstream media
might be complicit in this issue because they are remaining silent on the matter
and they’re covering up the tracks but we’re not you know there’s a growing
coalition of voices that are raising their volume that are you know exposing
this at a faster and faster pace and for those of you who worry about you know
there being safety in numbers we’ll get on board now because there’s
more of us speaking about it than ever before
you know John and I might be approaching this in a radically different way you
know he’s doing a realistic fiction film whereas some of my work is more
documentary in style and and just the the data but the more of us that can
collectively pool our efforts to tear down you know Goliath that can tear that
can tear down this giant corrupt pernicious evil pestilent institution
this industry of child trafficking then we can deliver to the future a
better world we can promise the children of today a better tomorrow I’m Adam Riva
you’re watching dauntless dialogue calm and we’ll see you in the next episode
thanks for watching


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