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101 THINGS TO EXPECT From Vaginoplasty (GCS/GRS/SRS)

August 15, 2019

Getting a vagina seems like a scary task,
and it makes sense: it’s a major surgery that’s rarely ever discussed with any sort
of detail or accuracy. Even if you’re getting it next week, you
might have no idea what to expect. And honestly? Neither did I. I got my vaginoplasty a year
and a half ago, and in that time I’ve realized that there’s a ton of really important stuff
about it that no one ever tells you. I’m here to clear all that up, though! That’s me, hi, my name’s Stacy, my pronouns
are they/them. I’m a real life trans person, and what follows
is a list of pretty much everything I’ve learned since May 2017 through living through
it myself and through talking to other people who’ve had this surgery. This is 101 tips, tricks, and things to expect
from vaginoplasty. Alright, number one! Well, actually, before we even get started,
you have to go find a surgeon and get on a waitlist, which are usually over a year long,
but, y’know, the sooner the better, so hop to! Alright, uh, Number one! Let’s talk about PRE-OP STUFF: Insurance
companies are literally the devil. Never stop fighting, and take
it as high up as you can. Your surgeon will want you to get some laser
hair removal done on your nethers before surgery, so make sure there’s ample time for you
to do that, and ask them for their diagram! You’ll need to have a plan for work. If you have a sit-down job, it’ll be more painful
coming back than if you have a stand-up job. If you have tattoos and piercings like I do,
you know that they teach you how to deal with pain, but if you don’t, then now’s a good
time to learn how to meditate through pain, Cause this’ll probably be the worst pain you’ll
ever experience in your entire life, but all you have to do is get through the first day
and you’ll be good. You will need some friends and family to rely
on over the course of this surgery and its recovery process, cause, y’know, there’s
a lot of stuff you’re not gonna be able to do, and you’re gonna need someone to
take care of you. Some surgery centers actually require that
you give them their name and number so that they know for sure that you have someone to
take care of you outside of the hospital. 2-4 weeks prior to the surgery, you’ll have
to stop taking estrogen, cause, y’know, taking estrogen orally can cause major blood
clots, but it’s not as bad as it seems! Yeah, it’ll feel kinda–kinda crappy, but
there’s a vagina at the end of the tunnel. Sleep will be vital to your recovery, so go
easy on the chocolate, tea, coffee, and soda in the days leading up to and following V-Day. Also, you’re gonna have to sleep on your
back for, like, a week. So, y’know, (sharp inhale) try and get in
the habit if you can. Contrary to popular belief, the worst part
of this surgery is not the pain. It’s the fact that you can’t masturbate
for three months. You will need to do bowel prep on the day
before surgery–make sure to stay home on that day. (chuckles) Make sure you bring some sort of cushioning
device with you to the surgery; anything really works as long as the middle’s cut out. You’ll need it for the inevitable post-op
wheelchair ride, and probably just for a month after for regular sitting. Okay, anesthesia. This is the one that’s kinda scary, but
it doesn’t really have to be, because it’s a really safe thing! And it’s really more of a non-event than
an event. Like, it feels like you stopped paying attention
for a second and then when you perked up you teleported to a new location and you just
feel super groggy, so…I mean, I understand that it’s scary cause I went through it
too, but I promise you’ll be fine. Let’s talk POST-OP: your vagina will probably
come out looking like an over-inflated strawberry birthday cake that a possum viciously dug
through before passing out or getting bored, OR a cross between a blowfish, a large, fleshy
pecan, and a venus flytrap. So, y’know, anything goes, but It’ll look fine in a couple months. Remember that you are a badass. This pain has nothing on you. You gotta show it who’s boss. Also, percocet gives you really wild dreams,
so, y’know, keep a log of that to keep yourself entertained. But make sure you have Benadryl on you at
all times, cause otherwise you’re gonna be in for some really rough, itchy nights
with those painkillers. Speaking of painkillers, never underestimate
the power of distraction. Your favorite TV show, video game, or group
of friends can be a painkiller! Make sure you’re getting 3 meals a day,
cause your body needs fuel to recover! Protein bars and meal replacement shakes also
help. Blood is 51% water, so make sure you’re
staying hydrated. This’ll also prevent some problems with
your catheter. Make sure you keep up your self-care for the
first week or two, cause it’s really easy to lose that sense of autonomy that you usually
have. Like, go ahead and, like, trim your nails,
and do up your eyebrows, and put on deodorant every day even if you don’t smell cause
it–it’ll just make you feel more normal! You might not be allowed to shower for a week
after surgery, and you will be very, very, very, very, VERY smelly. But that’s okay. You can always take a PTA shower in the sink
and just wash your hair the same way. Just as long as you don’t get your dressings
wet you can do whatever. Just make sure you’re not getting a sponge
or a loofah anywhere near your vagina, because getting your sponge caught on one of your
staples is like getting your soul sucked out through your vagina. Just use soapy hands instead. As soon as you’re able to stand up for more
than a few minutes at a time, go ahead and brush your teeth. Temporary menopause: unless you get on estrogen,
like, the DAY after surgery, which is probably not gonna happen, this is gonna happen to
you. Get ready for a lot of hot flashes and night
sweats, and keep a fan on you at all times. Ice is your best friend. Just remember to double-bag it. You should probably also have a towel on your
bed at all times centered on your crotch area, especially when you start dilation. You’re probably not gonna be able to pick
stuff up off the floor for a while, and that’s okay, just rely on your friends. If you’re tired of relying on your friends,
then, y’know, use one of these. The constipation WILL be monumental. Just make sure you’re staying on track with
your laxatives and you should be all good. If you can sit on the toilet with the lid
AND the seat up, it’ll transfer your weight away from the surgical site and towards your
hipbones, which’ll make the whole process a lot less painful. If you don’t use wet wipes already…go
ahead and start now. It’ll take a little while for you to be
able to differentiate your clit from your urethra, and that’s okay. People have been coming up with euphemisms
for “vagina” for centuries, but you get one that other people don’t: “the surgical
site!” Remember that your new vagina is a work of
art created by a masterful sculptor out of pretty much nothing, so, y’know, let it
do its thing. Let the paint dry. Don’t touch it! At least, not yet. Give it, like, a month or two. Let’s rewind a little bit and talk about
your PACKING: your packing is the 1-2 rolls of gauze that they’re just gonna stick up
your vagina at the end of the surgery to make sure it keeps its shape and to soak up all
that blood. It’s. Really. Gross. It smells awful and it’s just a big ball
of blood and other icky stuff, BUT, Once it’s removed, you will have your first
and only period. I would say enjoy it, but there’s no way
you’re going to. I hope you’re not attached to this pair
of underwear. Or this one. Or that one. Or that other one. But if you are, just, y’know, give it a
little rinse with some hydrogen peroxide and throw it in the wash, and it should be good
as new! Make sure you’re changing your pad two times
daily. Here’s how you do it: save the wrapper when
you unwrap it, have the short side oriented forward,take the main backing off, stick it
in the center of your underwear, and then take the backing off the wings, secure those
in, and wear it. Then, once you’re done, roll up the dirty
pad like this, wrap it in the old wrapper, and toss it. Try to get your pads wholesale if you can. A month’s worth of overnights and a month’s
worth of heavy flows should be good to start out with, cause even after the blood stops
there’s still the discharge, which is Arguably grosser than the blood, because it’s
responsible for making your packing smell like the way it does, so if you don’t want
your undies to smell like that, then keep wearing pads! But don’t worry, discharge is completely
normal, and that little pocket there in your undies is there for a reason. And you’ll settle into your regular quantity
and odor of discharge within about 7 or 8 months. Until then, your discharge is liable to come
in really gross clumps. That’s normal. (chuckles) Unfortunate, but normal. After about 3 months, you should be able to
graduate to pantyliners, which are SO MUCH more comfortable than pads, dude! Anyways, once your packing’s out, you’ll
be able to move around a lot more and you’ll be in a lot less pain, so once that happens
make sure you’re walking daily. You won’t think muscle atrophy will happen
to you, but it will. It’s kinda just a reality of this surgery. You just gotta keep walking until you get
your strength back. Once you quit narcotics, go ahead and quit
any and all caffeine as well, cause it’ll take a little bit for your body to start making
its own sleepy chemicals again. If you’re flying home from whatever city
you got your surgery in, which I hope you are, airport wheelchairs are your best friend. And, of course, there is nothing like recovering
in your own bed. Dilation: a necessary evil. This is what keeps your vagina open for the
healing process, but don’t worry! It becomes normal after a while, and in about
a year you’ll only have to dilate a few times a week. Until then you’ll probably be dilating about
3 times a day for 10-20 minutes. If, however, it’s been a month and you’re
still bleeding every time you dilate, probably a sign that you need to start dilating more
often! Your surgeon’s dilation schedule is not
the word of god. You CAN change it for your own needs. For the first month or so when you’re dilating,
use a mirror so you can see what’s going on. For the love of god, do NOT stick it in your
urethra. That’s this part right here. You wanna stick it in the vaginal canal, which
is this little thing right here! You’re gonna wanna use a descending motion
when you’re pushing in so that you go under the pubic bone. Make sure to use lots of water-based lube,
go slow, and go to the same depth every time to save yourself some heartache. (And vagina-ache.) If you encounter resistance when inserting
your dilator, it might be due to a bad angle. If you let go a little bit, the dilator will
actually center itself magically! It’s a pretty cool trick. Once your dilator is in, hold it in with your
calf. It makes everything SO much easier. Also, if you’re not holding it in and you
laugh at something really hard, your dilator will shoot out of your body at 90MPH. Once you’re done dilating, go ahead and
use a wet wipe to get all the ick off the dilator, and then wash it in soap and water. When sizing up your dilators, which you will
do every 2-3 months, make sure you go really slow and start it off with the previous size. Also, you will queef a lot when you do this. It’s HILARIOUS. PEEING: It will be messy and annoying. Hydrate anyways. You have plenty of time to develop muscle
and control later on. I would hope that this is common knowledge,
but make sure to wipe front to back unless you wanna get a UTI. You know how usually when you go pee you have
to, like, flex the muscle a little bit to get the last little bit out at the end? You won’t have to do that anymore, cause
your urethra is now 5 times shorter! Also, peeing might hurt to start out with
once you get your catheter out, but that’s normal. If it continues to hurt and hurts a lot, you’re
having an increase in frequency of your urine and a change in the appearance, you probably
have a UTI! That’s okay though, antibiotics will take
care of it. Also, there’s this really cool drug that’s
sold over the counter called Azo, it turns your pee orange and it numbs your urethra,
so it’s pretty useful. Infections of the urinary tract and yeast
variety are common in the beginning. Think of it as your initiation into vaginahood. Be excited, then be in pain. In general, UTI’s burn, yeast infections
itch, and bacterial vaginosis smells. If you find you’re getting recurrent bacterial
vaginosis, this probably means that your vaginal pH is really off. Could be due to a couple things, but all this
means is you need to acidify your vagina somehow. And I mean, you can do it manually, using
douching or boric acid suppositories, or you can just get these little microscopic dudes
to do it for you! Instructions in the description. Also, if you have bacterial vaginosis, don’t
have sex. It’s not just cause it’s, like, smelly
and gross, but also cause it increases your chance of getting an STI. If you’re using antibiotics to take care
of it, I recommend the topical form of the antibiotic, and while you’re using that,
make sure to wear a pad so you don’t get all that nasty gel all over your undies, and
take probiotics during your course of treatment. FURTHER RECOVERY: Leg-crossing is about to
be 10 times more awesome, and it’s also the first position you should try when sitting
without using a cushion, cause it allows you to put all your weight on one of your legs! Sitting down will be one of the last major
hurdles you’ll have to overcome in your recovery, and you will feel VERY normal afterwards. And don’t worry, the smell goes away after
a while. Kegel exercises are essential for incontinence,
but can also improve your own sexual pleasure! Instructions in the description. Phantom pains and itches will probably happen,
but you can solve it with a mirror and a touch. If you get a phantom scrotum itch, then just
scratch your labia, cause that’s what those nerves turned into. They’re all still there. The only thing that’ll take longer to heal
than your clit is your labia. Give them 6 to 8 months to stop
being swollen, whiny pissbabies, then they’ll be really cute. Also it, like, takes a little bit of time
to develop sensation in your labia, which is kinda strange, but if you feel numb for
the first couple weeks, then don’t worry about it. You know that feeling of your scrotum getting
stuck to your thigh? That’ll still happen, except your scrotum
is now your incredibly swollen labia. There is a very real possibility that getting
turned on will cause you to be in pain for at least maybe the first six weeks. Your clit’s healing. Give it time. It’s an angsty teenager, it doesn’t wanna
get up. You will probably also become an angsty teenager
after a while of not being able to tend to certain urges, but if you’re experiencing
a lot of oversensitivity, it’ll be gone by the 6 month mark. Also, getting turned on and not having a swelling
feeling in your nethers is probably the best feeling in the observable universe. Having your first orgasm will take a while. I mean, it’s a completely new body part
that you have to learn how to use. You just gotta try everything! And honestly, most of the sex toy industry
is now catered towards you, so use that to your advantage. Self-lubrication is the rule, not the exception. If you get this surgery, more than likely
you’ll be able to get wet when you get turned on. While you may not be able to reproduce anymore,
you’re still not immune to STI’s, so always use a barrier. That being said, you can have sex at the 3
month mark. “3 months” is synonymous with “fully
healed”, and it won’t really feel like it cause healing is a gradient, it’s not
an event. But the 3 month mark is a point after which
you can pretty much enjoy any activity, barring any pain. You can swim, you can ride your bike, you
can have sex, you can do whatever you want! It’s literally–it’s…your vagina. You can–you can do what you want. You could even get it pierced! Like, I got my labia pierced twice, and it
barely hurts, and it looks super cool! I mean, you have to stop dilating for a little
bit, but–and really hear me when I say this– You do not have to dilate after the
6** month mark. That is completely optional. Everyone seems to think that you have to dilate
for the rest of your life otherwise your vagina will close up, and I mean, yeah, that’s
probably for the first 6** months, but after that it’s a complete myth, dude! I am SO OVER people thinking that this is,
like, a lifelong conscription, you know? You don’t if you don’t want to. If you wanna stick things in your vagina,
like someone else’s body parts or, like, a dildo or something, then yeah, you should
probably dilate, but like, you don’t have to if you don’t want to. Your vagina will shrink down to a minimum
width, but you can always get that back up by using your fingers, and then starting off
by the smallest dilator and then going up and up and up, and…it’s–your–your vagina
is amazing, it’s elastic! It’s like–(grunts) it’s–it’s a work
of art, dude. Ugh. Anyways, GENERAL TIPS: This surgery is a crucible. It’s what you make of it. And yeah, circumstances vary wildly, and you
might run into some roadblocks that I never did, but the thing is is that you have to
see this as an enduringly positive experience, otherwise you might not get through it. Lean on your friends. I have no idea where I’d be if I didn’t
have all my wonderful friends to lean on in my times of trouble. Special shout out to JJ, Mara, and Makalah
for taking care of me while I was recovering. Patience has never been this virtuous. For real, though, you’ll have to do a lot
of waiting around for stuff to happen, and it’s gonna suck, but all you gotta do is
be patient and pass the time. Your new vagina exists solely for your own
comfort and pleasure, and that is a very beautiful thing! Also, some days you’ll look down and you’ll
be like, “woah, dude, I have a vagina.” Cause it’s just that cool! Every vagina is unique. Too many people get lost in searching for
aesthetic perfection and trying to figure out which surgeon will create, like, this
one very specific anatomical part, but honestly, it doesn’t really matter as much as you
think it does. Unless you’re a sex worker, the only people
in your life who will see your vagina will probably just be your doctors and your sexual
partners, and that’s pretty much it. No matter how your vagina comes out looking,
you’ll probably just feel thankful you have one in general. People born with vaginas can have ugly vaginas. People born with vaginas can have trouble
self-lubricating. They can have trouble reaching orgasm, they
can have shallow vaginas. Like, everyone’s different. No one’s perfect. Every. Vagina. Is. Unique. It doesn’t matter whether it was created
through DNA instructions or from a surgeon. EVERY vagina is unique. This surgery is not a cure-all. If you had self-image issues going into this
surgery, you will probably still have them when you come out. This surgery will not make you feel less alone. It won’t cure your anxiety or depression,
but it will make you feel less dysphoric. It’s easy to be scared of this whole thing. I mean, it’s major surgery on, like, a really
important body part. But honestly? It takes courage to get to this point. If you ask me, even coming out is courageous. Yes, it may be necessary, as is this surgery,
but I still see it as an act of courage. (chuckles) Cause, you know, you did it! You came out instead of lying down and wallowing
away. If you ask me, facing the world every day
is a courageous act, transphobes be damned. Even if you are scared, you still have to
have courage. And if you don’t have anyone who believe
in you, I believe in you! I know you’ll make it through in one piece. I know you will be okay. And last, but not least, don’t do it for
anyone but yourself. …wait. Is it done? Is that it? Hey! What’s up? It’s Stacy! Welcome to the post-video, where I talk about
everything that I didn’t get an opportunity to in the first 15 minutes of this video. Because I recorded the voiceover back in October,
there were some things that I just didn’t think to put in until…well, like, now, pretty
much. Let’s talk about complications, finding
a surgeon, dilation, and– and a bunch of other stuff! But first, if you liked this video or just
found it educational, or entertaining, or helpful, or anything like that, please share
it! Cause there are SO many transfeminine people
out there that need to know this information. So many people, like ME, went through this
surgery and had no idea what to expect at the end and were very surprised by things
that should not surprise us. Also, if you’re a surgeon or surgery center
and would like to place this video on your website, my paypal is RIGHT here. Okay! Things we didn’t cover. Not mentioning complications in a video like
this would be irresponsible, SO, I need y’all to know that if you’re going to get this
surgery, it is possible that you are going to have some complications. If you do have complications, it’s likely
that they will be minor, but major ones can and have occurred. I’m talking things like loss of function,
numbness, nerve damage, necrosis, asymmetry, injury to the rectum or bladder, prolapse,
need for revision surgeries, freaking fistulas. All of these things can and have occurred,
BUT the chance of having a major complication are relatively low, AND if your surgeon is
reputable, there is a slightly lower chance that any of these thing will happen to you. WHICH BRINGS US to our next point–vet your
surgeons. If you select a surgeon, make sure that you
read their reviews, Google them, we live in an age where information is readily accessible
to us at our fingertips, and just, like–just read about your surgeons, y’all. Make sure you’re going to someone who’s
good. There are a lot of surgeons out there who
claim to be able to do this surgery very competently and really cannot. So, y’know… Also, results galleries for surgeons are very
important to have! If your surgeon is reluctant to show you any
of their results, that should be a point of suspicion. Having a pornstar vag is not very important,
but having a vagina that you feel connected to and feels like an actual, real part of
your body is very important. Let’s talk about methods. We covered penile inversion in this video,
and that’s the only one I talk about, because, well…it’s the one that I got, and it’s
the one that everyone else got who I talked to, and it’s…really just the gold standard
of vaginoplasty. There are other methods, though, that have
their drawbacks and advantages. Make sure you know which method your surgeon
is using before you actually, y’know, get into the surgery. DILATION: the very big point of contention
for a lot of people. I said in the video that you don’t have
to dilate after the 3 month mark, which logically makes sense because it’s the point after
which you’re considered to be fully healed. Some, albeit outdated, sources say that 6
months is the standard. If you wanna play it safe and go for 6 months,
it wouldn’t really hurt! You should, however, size up at least once
no matter what you do, if for no other reason than to explore your sexuality! Cause, you know, you can put stuff in there. Dilation has never actually been formally
studied to this degree. There haven’t been any actual, scientific,
long-term studies on what happens if you don’t dilate, but if you take my experience and
the experience of all the other people I’ve talked to, it doesn’t really matter! Dilation does not appear to be essential after
3–to 6–months. The truth is, once again, that vaginas are
elastic, and they can take a lot more than you think they can. But PLEASE, please, dilate for at least 3
months, size up at least once–don’t screw yourself, is what I’m saying. The cool thing about dilation is that you
can substitute penetrative sex with a roughly dilator-sized and -shaped object, and, you
know, you don’t have to dilate. Really all dilation does is make sure that
your vagina stays open for the healing process and makes sure that your pelvic floor
muscles get used to actually having a chasm in between them. When you dilate, you don’t move the dilator
in and out, you just leave it there at full depth. And you will know when you hit full depth,
trust me. That being said, never leave a solid object
inside your vagina for an extended period of time–I’m talking 30+ minutes. If your surgeon tells you to do anything of
the sort or dilate overnight, you should probably just not listen to them. You should only expect to see that in, like,
really severe cases of something going wrong where you’d need to do that, but…yeah,
it’s–it’s not good for you to leave stuff in there. Sizing up dilators does hurt. It doesn’t hurt nearly as much as the surgery,
it’s just, like… yeah, it’ll be a little bit sore. But that sizing up pain will probably only
last about a week. Speaking of pain, YES, the pain is awful,
BUT, as I said in the video, all you have to do is make it through the first day, and
really, like, once the second day comes around you’ll be like “oh, wow. This is kind of manageable,” because you’ll
remember what happened the previous day. For me, the first day is the only day that
I cried, and it literally made every single other day pale in comparison when it comes
to pain. Also, like, painkillers exist. And yeah, the pain will still be awful even
with the painkillers on the first day, but, you know, they really, really kick in on that
second, third, fourth day. Also, you come out of it with a SIIIICK pain
tolerance! Getting tattoos and piercings now is literally
no biggie at all. As far as scars go, you will have some scars
that are just going along the labia majora, but in my case at least, the labia majora
actually do cover up those scars, so I haven’t actually physically seen them in, like, months. I do have some circular scars on my inner
thighs from where they sewed the packing into my…inner thighs. Um, but it’s been a year and a half and
they’re pretty much almost skin color, so they’re very–they’re–they’re not very
noticeable. Lastly, this is a very Americentric video. If you live in literally any other country,
it–chances are, things are gonna be a little bit different. But the majority of what I said will still
apply, it’s just when it comes to finding surgeons and, like, stuff with insurance–probably
gonna be a little bit different. I think in the UK they actually give you,
like radically different sized dilators than they do in the US? But, um, if you know anything about that,
just message me and I’ll put it in, like, a pinned comment or something. If you live in other countries, you should
still, of course, vet your surgeons. Um…I think that’s it. Follow me on my main Twitter if you wanna
look at really bad jokes and linguistic puns, and bloopers from all my videos. I did keep a pretty thorough log of what recovery
was like on my surgery Twitter, and… it’s pretty cool! If you read it from the beginning, a lot of
people have found that to be very useful. But yeah! That pretty much does it for this video, and
I can’t believe we are at the end of this gigantic freaking video. This is the biggest video I’ve ever produced,
and I’m… (sharp inhale) I’m just– I’m really proud of myself. So…thank you so much for watching all the
way to this point. Like, holy crap, wow. I’d also like to thank all my helpers who
actually, like, made this possible. I literally could not have done it without
them. JJ, who did the orange tattoo, helped me film
the very first, like, segment for this whole thing. Thank you to Melanie and Amethyst for their
hands, faces, and all of their wonderful help; Noah, for letting me borrow their Gameboy
and for doing that speed paint that you saw in number…38, I think? Allison, for letting me borrow their extremely
graphic fuchsia-colored dildo that I had to pixelate out; Rachel, for helping me out on
all the dilation parts; Sonya, for helping me on the percussion for the soundtrack; Lyndsay,
for their enormous help on filming, moral support, bringing me food, and just, like,
being a kickass friend! To my mom for making a bunch of the props
and helping me with filming; and, of course, everyone at Corpus Arts who helped make this
event a reality, because…wow, I literally would not have done this without a deadline,
but with their help I was able to make it happen, so just know that I love each and
every single one of you. So yeah! That about does it. If y’all have any questions or anything
just leave ‘em in the comments below and I will try my best to get to them, and hopefully
it’ll be good to have, like, a public record of all these questions and answers, cause
all I wanna do is help y’all get as much knowledge about this as possible. But yeah, I hope y’all have a great rest
of your day and I’ll see you next time. Bye!! (Gotta love that freeze frame right?)


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    Also, when I had my surgery for the radical hysterectomy, etc., it felt like I was sitting on a knife, every time I put pressure on it. These tips sound great. Also slouching down and sitting on your tailbone can be a great way to sit. Don't sit down, unless you're sure of the stability of the seat. I sat in an old recliner that had a piece of the seat shift, and it felt like getting a falcon punch to the groin. Be careful.

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