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100 Layers of Steel vs Silk Challenge! *surprising*

March 7, 2020

this is under layers of steel and this
is a hundred layers of silk and today we’re gonna test which one is the
strongest and at the end of the video we’re going to use this I come on let’s
see if I get a good hit on this little dent little dent alright ok we got a
bigger dent for every like left on this video there will be a bigger dent charge
me up wow that reverberate through your hands
yes look at the boy give that one a good toss already
don’t miss steale is a little bit tougher than I expected so the problem
I’m gonna run into is that there’s no what kind of ninja throws that need to
start like that these are gonna be good for the soap but I think the bat and the
bowling ball aren’t gonna help me because the soaps gonna just absorb all
that like a sponge if it expunged I will try one more throwing star but like
let’s be honest these are level 1 weapons and we know
they’re not gonna do any real damage I need one to stick in you’re not gonna
stick one in the steel if you can stick one of those into steel by each polling well yeah ok so I’m gonna plug very
slowly I think we got maybe two layers of steel in with this and I’m out ten
bucks on its old label I’m getting double mean double block I’m adapting
the throwing stars that you had cuz those were awesome and they went just
steel I can’t believe that I’m gonna start with this because I am very strong
and I think I might just blow through with sheer force blue 42 blue 42 set hut
get it get it get nothing and my that there’s no way there’s no anti-clone
happy alright so John’s got the wooden bat
we’ve swapped off from the metal bat for our level 1 weapons I don’t think it’s
gonna do anything hit it I think I’m gonna wreck this bra let me just dang I
told you it’s absorbing it here I could swing hard of them got like dust that’s
all you did you got some dung I’m a happy go more this I go go go get it I’m
swinging hard Oh you tore like one piece of thread the ninja gadgets ladies and
gentlemen let’s get back here I don’t want to I don’t want to new GU get it
come on big throw ok oh that wonder like that’s like four layers Oh Oh knocked it
out dang it I can’t believe knocked it out I damage report I don’t know how
many layers that’s probably you probably got through if we peel this back maybe
like three okay wait I got one more special weapon if you guys are enjoying
this video don’t forget if you’re watching on a device turn it like this
make that red subscribe button gray and enable those certifications for level 2
weapons coming up with a second John I’m a little nervous about this weapon don’t
worry Maddie I’m a professional Amazonian assassin I got this is the
long I’ve never seen it blow down this big this is a spit ball gun taken to the
next level I’ll hold it wait is there technique hey this is a one-man job here
all right this is a one-man job trying to stabilize it I blow oh that was say
how big is this blade hey wait oh oh oh we went that deep okay that was like
eight layers deep this was sick I’m not bad I’m not bad for a level one weapon
careful careful that’s it that’s it dark mark do you guys see this look at that
tip taking out the haters one blow time we are moving on to level two weapons
now I get to try to hit the silk and see how much damage I can do these are were
these like throwing arrows are throwing ax
I think these are throwing gadgets I’d stand back your boys played enough black
ops 2 to know how to handle these so it’s like it more like a wristlet motion
what is with you and hit me oh then it’s a damage hey give me another give me
another one here we go and all I’m saying is you
know the the people in college you do you make it look a lot easier dang it
alright we’re moving on I : I’m going lefty I’m a righty both let’s
go left and dang dude not as much as I thought right hold on man switching go
righty I made you guys stay back cuz I’m going I’m going full effort here you
know what this reminds me of hold on this reminds me of when I go to the
chiropractor and they adjust my back they hit you with this oh guy practice
play minecraft I one more one more for good measure
oh geez dude this actually does not do nearly how is so so no I think you did
more like damage but that literally the blow dart went deeper this pickaxes it’s
uh pretty are pressed I can go with this one now right – come on man I wanna go
with this thing John that’s for the end don’t make me saw you like some french
bread alright I’m gonna throw this as hard as I can
oh geez, I’m gonna break the table on one layer right here I think what I did is I
hit it like this and I got through one layer busy oh is
that not me does that not me with your bat that was me in my that’s
actually that’s pretty good that’s that’s just me and this was me for sure
I’m gonna I’m gonna throw these two more times cuz these are fun damage
come on oh and that’s why you don’t do this at home
that’s the recoil this thing was out for John you did some damage is this new I
have been nominated for a Kids Choice Award on Nickelodeon and I need you to
click that link in the description and help me win so the good news can keep
rolling in so far okay all right I’ve learned it from the previous one are you
really going to you’re going crowbar can I do the pickaxe to order yeah yeah how much damage we got significant
damage oh that is significant contractor Barney has arrived Real Talk though
where’s Robert over so when we need him goofy I’m channeling my Robert energy
right now rid Robert I’d be just dead by now I was watching that video and let me
tell you this feels good can this give you a bonus item oh my oh
never mind I’m just gonna throw this this is about 90 pounds of polycarbonate the frame the frame Preston I got I got
it I got I got a hammer I got you I got you yep it’s good I’m
going to feel your reverberations this got really personal hi here we go I
think I can put this I think I can put this through but you gotta hit it in the
middle though this is this is the t-zone right like this is this where you want
to kill it okay I figured to put this through five let’s go let’s go
Oh yep I felt that okay I hope you felt it Oh direct it look at this Lucas
liquor like a Lego watch it’ll stay there it’ll stay there come to the back
side coming we got to go to back side I got that round two straight are you
kidding me all the way through all it took was a pickaxe oh it took oh my gosh
it just all it took was a pickaxe and the muscles of a pure-bred Barney
Preston look through the white cheese hello level two weapons were enough to
break through hundred layers of steel but we haven’t even managed to get past
ten layers of the silk yet see the problem is the soak it absorbs the
impact the steel doesn’t it’s like a big red sponge but we’re not just getting
through today we’re estimating weight you would hear like a whole yeah no I
want to tear it in half the whole thing wave I’m get the salt this might be the
worst song that’s a five-star saw from Bass Pro thank you but all this can do
this thing is garbage Mac I almost thought Maddy said that’s a five star I
saw from bed bathroom oh you get it first you took too long on yours
once you hit through some of it with the ax and you can use this that is this is
intimidating do you see the bent tip I don’t know if you can see you guys but
when Robert came here and broke through the unbreakable box Oh okay so progress is being made what
straighten that out it’s it’s bent it and this so this is not like the soft
metal this is firm strong method this is very hard metal I’ll be honest I did not
anticipate this soap being harder than the steel but a hundred layers of silk a
super strong and it just like it move and it’s super soft right like that’s
the best thing I’m not saying 500 letters of steel but
I’d say by myself I’m gonna sleep in a bed okay dad
oh okay dude I don’t know if we’re gonna do anything I think that got one layer
we got to go the whole way all right oh wait come on get it come on oh my god
I heard a rip some piece of silk fell down there’s no way you only got through
one thing only one layer I was the cool sound effect obviously that’s one the
only way that we’re gonna make this work is like we got a strap this is this is
the stabby stab alright hold on Oh break the home let me hold this thing alright
we’re going big reinforce and oh there you go thank you I’ll get there get
there through don’t want it deep is like the exact same smart press in the exact
same spot that easy hold a joke I go it in we’re not budging this thing we got a
lot of layers deep yeah we’re beating it up we’re beating it up put your finger here pull it pull it out
put up I go to the back put it back did we get through know what we can see
we can see like the it’s pointy pulling it out oh my gosh you can put your
finger in there and it feels like rowing through like 30 layers of settlement
mister uh mister feels touching I’m feeling it alright I’m soaked this all
is getting stuck on the silk how deep we get oh my Oh pasty you know it’s back to
UM playing this back okay we’re so far I got the go ahead we’re green light this
is very that kind of work Oh Oh we’re going through a walkthrough
we’re all through today it looks like a rose wait a sec just stop sematic you
that looks like a rose it does get a bit higher up Mattie oh my gosh look at the
layers on full that is insane I think we’re gonna get through a hundred brah
no this is from a cheap lighter yep well I’m gonna go on the other side I’m
feeling it okay it’s hot it’s hot are we through no we’re not through keep
going I don’t see anything nothing on this side yet Jon keep burning oh I see
I see it we’re halfway through what we’re halfway through miners gonna run
out of gas it’s weakness you could say fire super effective I think it’s time
to bring out those the single weapon that’s alright we’ve been the secret
it’s time for the secret weapon the question is who gets to use the secret
I’m using the secret weapon or I will literally extinguish you all right is it unleash and reveal the secret let’s go
dude do you feel powerful so much power I know I do if this doesn’t get to the
higher layers of silt I don’t then we’re bringing out the right Oh Safety’s
coming off you guys ready three two one bro you nailed Preston you went right
into her spot first time shooting a crossbow and I would do that again
what’s on the other side wait wait no no no no no there’s no way
you can see the point I don’t know if you can see this that is the point of
the crossbow bolt that thing has a hundred and eighty-five pounds worth of
crank okay cranky cranked it like Soulja Boy but it’s like it’s it’s coming it’s
coming it’s coming it’s coming : Tim in 3 2 1
oh okay we’re not we’re pull we’re pulling over to the whole thing
okay um yeah get her give us some crank in there some twist oh she’s coming
she’s coming Wow so she was like that far into the
fencing like 3/4 inches I was actually a little bit lower by the way so if you
guys could see this is where I made my entry point I wanted to make it right
here so that’s this is where you want to land it all right I landed it like half
an inch too low my mind is calibrated let’s go back to crossbow ladies and
gentlemen I’m feeling cooler than I’ve felt in a few in a while safety off
oh let’s go that’s it that okay wait wait wait a
second the big reveal three one two yeah the crazy thing is is we would not have
been able to make it through this if it wasn’t for the lighter that’s how much
stronger the silk was in the steel and I thought it was gonna be the other way
around lesson learned if you ever build body
armor don’t use steel also why are we building buildings out of steel and not
so we need silk we got our spray paint we make a little target for Preston so
he knows where he’s going what do you think x marks the spot er let’s do it
let’s do it actual target with the circles okay hi this is it ladies and gentlemen
before we in the video don’t forget to comment the first 60 minutes because we
will feature your comment right over here but before we go we’re gonna see if
this can get through the hundred layers of steel and three sender to 100 Mike I
come over here it’s official ladies and gentlemen hundred layers of silk is
stronger than a hundred layers of steel don’t forget to click either of these
videos that YouTube is recommending you come and have a great day we’ll see you
all next yeah


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