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10 Signs You May Have A Parasite Infection

August 15, 2019

Greetings! Eric Bakker, naturopath from New Zealand. Author of Candida Crusher and formulator of
the CanXida range of dietary supplements. Thank you so much for checking out my video. Today, I’m going to talk about the 10 signs
that you may have a parasite infection. People often freak out when they hear the
word parasite. They think it’s like Godzilla or something
out of Star Wars or some huge creature with hooks and stuff. Something that gets inside you and is ripping
your intestines apart. Huge worms crawling through your guts and
coming out your bum and all this kind of stuff. That’s not parasites, that’s some science
fiction movie you’re thinking about. Forget about it. Parasites – usually you can’t even see the
darn things they’re so small. A parasite is basically an organism that feeds
off of another organism. I’ve got four teenagers; well, they’re grown
up now and you could almost consider them parasites because they feed off the adults. Come into the home during the holidays and
raid the fridge and they�re gone, but they’re not really parasites. Some people consider politicians to be parasites
because they take and take and give nothing back. No, that�s not parasites. The parasites I’m referring to are basically
microorganisms. Many people equate parasites with worms, like
hookworms and pinworms and tapeworms and things like that. People have emailed me over the years: “I’ve
seen this huge big white thing coming out of my stool wriggling around in the toilet
bowl. Is it a worm of some sort?” Those things don’t happen to people usually. You can get tapeworms, pinworms, and hookworms,
but you’re not going to pass motions and see creatures doing freestyle in the toilet bowl. These things are just fantasy land. They don’t really happen. Seeing stuff in the stool usually means undigested
food particles. Some people literally eat their dinner like
a German Shepherd would eat its food. Gone. Three or four bites, they swallow it and it’s
gone. They don�t even chew food. Remember, if you can’t chew properly, you
can’t poo properly. The other saying, I really like I heard when
I was in the States years ago was: Small stools, big hospitals; big stools, small hospitals. So people who poo properly are the ones who
chew properly. Parasites can happen, and they do happen to
a lot of people. But please take it out of your mind that all
sorts of particles in your stool are probably going to be parasites because there’s a big
chance that they’re probably undigested food particles. I’ve just spent a little bit of time on the
internet looking at Dr. Google again, looking at different blog sites on parasites and one
prominent person (he was talking about worms and stuff like that, and normally you can
feel and see parasites, but that’s actually not true). In fact, most parasitic infections you can’t
see with the eye at all. You need a microscope to see it. They’re so miniscule and even then it’s hard
to detect with a microscope. Sometimes you need DNA technology to determine
if there’s a parasite in the stool or not. This is how many doctors actually miss out
on parasites. Conventional stool testing, in my opinion,
is a waste of time for parasites. Usually they need a live parasite to find
it, to see it moving across the slide. They don’t use what we call PCR technology. PCR means Polymerase Chain Reaction. PCR is a special DNA technique where they
can actually see the DNA footprint of the parasite. It’s quite a high tech way of finding a bug
in someone’s stool, whether it’s dead or alive, whether there’s an egg there or part of the
parasite, it can be picked up accurately. Blastocystis is a very common parasite I see
in people. You can’t see it with the naked eye. It’s passed from human to human quite quickly. Pets often give it to people – cows, chickens,
domestic animals, pigs. It’s easily transferred to humans. Humans easily transfer it to other humans. So how do you get these bugs? Well, international travel used to be the
big thing with parasites, but I’m sorry to tell you, but the chances that you’ve got
a parasite are quite high these days. Many people have got Blastocystis. An amazing amount of stool samples I see I
can pick them up. Can you feel parasites? What are the common things that you would
experience with parasites? How do you know you’ve got these things? What are the signs? One of the most common things we look for
naturally is a bowel function disorder, a change in bowel pattern. I’m going to go some of these 10 signs and
symptoms now and elaborate on them a little bit for you. Having unexplained constipation or diarrhea,
gas or symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome. IBS is a big chance if your bowel has been
playing up for a while. My question to you is: Try and work out when
it started and backtrack. Were you traveling? Were you camping? Were you glamping? Have you heard of glamping? That’s apparently the fashion these days. It’s camping in style. Think about that. Did you go away for a weekend somewhere? What did you do? Can you remember a particular incident where
you went to a party or something and you didn’t feel well after? That could have been the beginning of the
IBS. The important thing is to work out who you
were with, because they may have had something at that time too. You travel internationally? Maybe you got diarrhea when you were overseas
and saw a doctor over there? This is a classic sign of parasite problems. We get a lot of that in New Zealand. People going to the islands here. Fiji, Rarotonga and those sorts of places. If you were in the U.S., it might have been
the Caribbean or Central America. In Europe, you may have gone to the Canary
Islands. You may have a history of what we call a dodgy
stomach. Stomach�s not good. Foods don’t really sit with you. You may have a history of food poisoning,
for example. Went to a party or wedding. One of my patients recently went on a plane
and she ate a chicken sandwich and by the time she got off, she was running to the toilet. She knew what was going on there. Sometimes sleeping disturbances or a really
strange change in sleeping pattern can give you an idea that you could have a bug going
on internally, so that might need checking out. A classic one is skin irritations. Many people with parasites develop itchy skin
or flare-ups on the inner thigh or on the upper arms or around the neck or parts of
the face. In that case, if it’s persistent, definitely
get a blood test and stool test done to check for parasites and also for kidney and liver
function. Pharmaceutical medications can cause that,
too. You need to really differentiate there. Grinding teeth in sleep. It’s a classic with children with worms. Lots of kids grind their teeth in sleep. Boring the finger in the nose and itchy bum. Grinding the teeth. These are all signs of roundworm infections. Kids are easily treated for worm infections. Aches in muscles or joints, especially in
conjunction with skin irritations. This could also be a clear indication of a
parasite problem. Aching in the body. Experiencing feelings of apathy or exhaustion,
depression, especially in conjunction with travel and a change in the bowel pattern. Try and put two or three of these things together
to see. The more you’ve got, the higher incidents
or probability that it’s a parasite. You’ve been diagnosed with iron deficient
anemia. There are certain types of parasites and bacteria
that like to eat iron in the gut. They gobble them up. So, if you’ve got persistent low iron and
it’s unexplained, definitely get a stool test done, a comprehensive. You never feel full or satisfied after any
kind of food you’ve eaten. Sometimes if you’ve got worm infections, the
worm needs food and you need food. You can eat and the parasites will eat alongside
you. You experience fatigue. Tiredness is a big one with parasites. Have you recently become tired after traveling? Have you been on a weekend excursion with
people, got a bowel change, got fatigue, itchy skin or things like that? If in doubt, my solution is get a comprehensive
stool test done. A CDSA times three. Three stool samples tested independently. Three concurrent days the samples taken. Goes to a specialty lab. You can get this done by your physician or
I can help you out if you need a steer in the right direction. Then treatment. Parasites respond beautifully to natural medicine
treatment. In fact, they respond better than pharmaceutical
medications in my opinion because good natural medicines do not eradicate beneficial bacteria. I can’t tell you how many people I’ve seen
over the years – hundreds, if not thousands. of people who’ve had a parasite, went down
the medical route, and in some cases got triple therapy by clinics like the Center for Digestive
Diseases in Sydney, Australia for example. Got put on drugs. Secnidazole, trimethoprim, diloxanide and
drugs like that, metronidazole and then ended up getting a partial result and then getting
sick again. I haven’t seen this once, I haven’t seen this
twice, I haven’t seen this three times, I’ve seen it hundreds of times. My advice to you first is to go for the natural
treatment first. If you do it properly in conjunction with
diet and some lifestyle changes and some dietary supplements, you should get a good result. If you don’t, then my advice would be to check
out why you’re not responding. Are you staying up too late? Are you working too long? Are you drinking a few beers or wines on the
side trying to kill these bugs? You’ve got to play the game right if you want
to win the game. Believe me, I’ve worked with a lot of people
with parasites over the years. You can get an outstanding result with the
right kind of treatment. Check out some of my other videos where I
talk about Blastocystis and other parasites. You’ll learn a lot more from that kind of
information. Check out my CanXida range of dietary supplements
because they were produced by me not just for yeast infection but also to target parasites. Many different types of parasites. How do I know they work? Because of the constant feedback I’m getting
from patients and from people through this YouTube channel and through other means online,
which is really cool. Of course, we always get certain people who
don’t respond to natural medicines, and in that case, we look at pharmaceutical intervention. But why would you want to use a nuclear bomb
when you can get rid of a target with a handgun first? Make sense? Less collateral damage. I hope you learned a little bit about parasites
through this video. The common signs, let’s just quickly go over
them again. Change in bowel pattern, fatigue/tiredness,
itchy skin, aches or muscle problems, especially unexplained, teeth grinding, especially for
younger people and children, sleeping issues, travel, (been to a BBQ or you’ve been to a
wedding and you had some dodgy food, got a bit sick or you didn’t feel quite right after
a meal out at a cheap restaurant or something). Think about that. It could have been that. Those are the sort of things I want you to
think about when it comes to the typical signs of a parasite. So, time to say goodbye. Please click on the link below if you haven’t
already got my free report, and thanks for tuning in.


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