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10 Commandements Of A Candida Diet

August 17, 2019

Greetings. Eric Bakker. Thank you for coming
back. Going to do a video today, I thought about for a little while and it’s based on
lots of questions I get asked. As you can imagine, I get asked lots of stuff, but I
haven’t got the time to answer all of these questions, otherwise I’d be six foot under.
I can’t do it. It’s not possible, okay? Here’s a video I put together called 10 Commandments
of a Candida Diet. Now I’m not Jesus. I’m not Allah. I’m not Buddha. I’m not a religious
kind of person, I say, okay, so this has got nothing to do with the Bible or the Quran
or the Book of Mormon or nothing like that, all right? So please, let’s keep religious
stuff out of this, but I have called it the 10 Commandments, all right? Now a lot of these may seem simple to you.
In fact, when you watch this video, you’ll go, “That guy’s a nut job. He’s telling the
same stuff all the time, you know? I’m going to go and watch fluffy cat videos or I’m going
to go and watch some kind of other stuff, Justin Bieber or whatever people watch.” I
don’t know, but that’s fine, click off. That’s all right. This video is primarily for people who’ve
done so many protocols, who’ve been to so many doctors, who’ve tried so many candida
diets, who’ve tried so many different types of situations to get on top of their problem,
but they seem to be getting stuck or they’re relapsing or they’re going back or they’re
finding it impossible to get better. Now remember, there’s a lot of complexity
in simplicity. I’ll say it again. There’s a lot of complexity in simplicity. If you
do something really well, okay, to the best of your ability and you can’t possibly do
any better than that, that to me is complexity because it’s not easy to do a basic thing
really, really well, all right? One of my music teachers always said to me,
“Practice makes perfection, but perfect practice breeds ultimate perfection.” If you do things
whether you’re around people or not around people to the best of your ability, particularly
these 10 things I’m going to talk about and you still have issues with your digestive
system, whether you’ve got blasto, like a parasite, or candida or bacteria or whatever
kind of gut issue you got, if you still have serious issues beyond doing to the best of
your ability these 10 points, then something really needs to be checked out really carefully.
Something’s wrong. Either you’re not engaging properly in the program or you’re following
the wrong kind of protocol. The consultations I had yesterday, in particular
two people proved to me once again that basic stuff done properly can fix cases up of people
who’ve been suffering for 10, 15 plus years of problems. People who’ve spent tens of thousands
of dollars going to all kinds of doctors and yet they didn’t do the basic stuff right.
So let’s go over some 10 basic commandments here and let’s nail these down real hard so
you’re going to do them right. That gives me a lot of confidence knowing then that that
if you follow this kind of stuff, your outcome is likely to be significantly improved rather
than not, all right? Let’s start. Number one. Thou shalt relax and not be so
overly concerned about everything that goes into your mouth. This to me creates anxiety
on a whole new level. Every time you go out or when you’re at home with friends or people
bring food over, if you get really, really, really anxious and worked up every time you
eat something, it’s a real problem. You’ve got to change your relationship with food.
I’m telling you now, you can’t keep thinking like that. Change tact. Try different types
of food, but simple diets, I’ll say it again, simple diets work the best. I had a patient yesterday and every time she
eats particular types of food, she’ll sprinkle turmeric powder on it or every time she eats
a meal, she’ll chop up fresh garlic and put that in with it. As much as I really like
this lady, I think she’s gorgeous, her focus is too much on killing, killing, killing,
killing. You can’t keep thinking like that. You can’t keep thinking everything you’re
going to eat’s going to kill candida or it’s going to feed candida. It’s a dumb way to
think. These are assumptions you’re making based
on probably junk you read online or junk that people tell you. Stop getting this idea in
your head that candida is fed by different foods. Don’t just think about candida, think
about the balance of all of the microbes in the gut. Think about the digestive problems
that you’ve built around these bugs, you know? For example, low functioning stomach, low
functioning pancreas. You may have an issue with the small bowel. You may have an issue
with the large bowel. There could be issues all around the gut and these issues may need
to be tackled differently than you think, but purely by looking at a food and saying
good or bad based on your idea of whether it’s going to feed candida or not is a dumb
idea. Let’s just say it again. It’s a dumb idea. Now if you want to click
off and look at those fluffy cat videos, away you go, but I’m going to keep going. I’m on
to commandment number two now. Thou shalt choose friends carefully, especially when
eating out or getting people over. You’re influenced tremendously by the people that
you hang with, so if you hang with people who party and like to drink beers and have
pizzas and smoke weed and stuff like that, that’s fine by me, but it may not be the right
approach if you’re on a candida kind of diet. It may not be the right approach if you’re
serious about getting your health on track. Sometimes having friendships is like gardening,
you’ve got a bit of pruning to do, if you get my drift. Sometimes there’s an old tree
in the yard, you’ve just got to get rid of it, chop it out. Other times, you’ve got a
little bit of gentle slashing to do. Just chop a few things away, meaning, “Oh, I’m
sorry, but I’m not available on that day. Can’t make it. I’m really busy. I’m sorry,
but…” If you become a little bit less available, you’ll find that the friends will often want
to party with other people and go somewhere else. If you want to take your health to a
whole new level and you’re hanging with people who don’t take your health seriously, maybe
they need to take their friendship somewhere else. Now that sounds callous and hard, but
I’ve seen too many people being dragged down by people around them. That’s commandment
number two. Commandment number three, thou shalt shop
less at supermarkets and less at convenience stores. Thou shalt shop less on impulse and
buying things like that. Better to go to farmer’s markets or better to make a relationship with
people you know that grow food. There are lots of people all around the world like me
that grow food and I’m quite keen always to swap stuff. I’ve got raspberry overload, so
I’ll gladly swap raspberries for kilograms or pounds of really nice organic apples, now
I can do that. Now maybe you can’t do that, but what I’m saying is form a relationship
or try and meet someone who grows stuff and if the person’s like me and they’re pretty
keen on not using all this toxic junk in their yard, then you’re probably going to get a
quite a clean kind of that food to eat. Believe me, there are a lot of people now
that grow organic food, whether it’s meats or grains or vegetables or fruits, you’ll
find them out there. You just have to go tick, tick, tick on the keyboard and you’ll find
them. The only thing you want to buy at the supermarket is toilet paper or maybe a bit
of soap. Okay, where are we now? We’re at commandment
number four. Thou shalt get thou kitchen in order. Thou shalt make the changes necessary,
so take a garbage bag to your pantry or refrigerator. If I walk into your house right now with a
big garbage bag, what am I going to be throwing out if I walk into the kitchen? Would I need
a small garbage bag or would I need a skip? What would I need? It’s up to you. You have
to think about that one. Before you start on the candida diet, it’s good to do that
kind of approach and to clean everything out. Get the junk out of your life and then replenish
when you start with nice food, the food that I talk about in all of these videos. That’s
going to remove temptation. You’re moving your friend out of the room who’s going to
push that gin and tonic in your face, or vodka, or whatever you drink. I don’t know what you
drink, but get the stuff out of your room so it’s not in your face, a chocolate bar
there or some Cheerios there or stuff like that. Move all that out, the less temptation,
the less likely … Most people for example, will like to eat
a bit of chocolate, but driving down to the store to buy chocolate means you really want
chocolate bad, you’ll kill for it, but if you haven’t got it in your pantry or in your
refrigerator or whatever, you’re less likely to snack on it than if you’ve actually got
it physically in the house. Am I right? Probably. So that’s one thing I’d like you to do is
really go through the pantry and your refrigerator and bin everything that you know is not right.
I guarantee you, there’ll be stuff in your fridge now, not everybody, but a majority
of people watching this, there’ll be stuff lurking in the back that needs to go in the
garbage can. Commandment number five, thou shalt be kind
to yourself and tell yourself it’s going to take time and I’m going to make the changes
necessary in my life to get my health back on track and I’m also not going to just look
at food, I’m going to look at all the things in my life that could influence me in a bad
way, my relationships, my occupation, my neighbors, all the people around me. I’m going to try
and fix things up. I’m sick of feeling like crap. I’m going to try and be nice to people.
Try and work out why all these problems are recurring. I’m eating a good diet, not feeling
good inside. I’m going to try and fix that up by smoothing out the rough spots. Be kind to yourself. No need to kick yourself
up the back. The candida’s doing a good job of that already. By being kind to yourself
and cutting yourself some slack, and I don’t mean going down to Wendy’s or Domino’s and
getting a big two scoop ice cream to reward yourself. I’m talking more about maybe a facial
or a massage or getting your feet massaged or going away on a weekend trip with your
partner. Now these are things you can do to really enjoy yourself and to reward yourself
for the steps you’ve taken to really get your health back on track. So always be kind to
yourself. Let’s have a look here. Commandment number
six, ignore what you read online. Actually it sounds like god, doesn’t it? Thou shalt
ignore what thou reads online. You are unique. You’re a totally unique individual, so your
protocol is going to be different from Mary’s over here and Peter’s over there, because
this is you we’re talking about. We’re not talking about some random guy on Facebook
that wrote some stuff about his Auntie’s pet dog having god knows what. Forget about what
people write about themselves. It doesn’t relate to you. If I call you over to my house and I had four
different types of people with their favorite dishes, and you and I are sitting there, are
you going to enjoy each of those four favorite dishes? One’s going to turn your stomach.
Don’t think you’re somebody else. You are yourself, you’re unique. Your protocol needs
to be crafted for you based on your set of factors, based on your digestive power, based
on your lifestyle. It’s something you can do by watching a lot of my videos and understanding
that uniqueness is very real and this is what we need to tap into, your strengths and weaknesses. Okay. I hope you got that point. It’s a tricky
one, but ignore what you read online. Especially when you get this cure in one hour, all this
kind of crap, don’t believe it. Commandment number seven, thou shalt understand
that changes are entirely necessary. Changes in your lifestyle are necessary. If you’re
one of these people who’ve been sick an awfully long time and you keep trying one diet and
another diet and another diet, you keep trying this pill and that pill and it’s not working
and you keep doing it over and over again. Imagine if you had a leaky tap and you kept
getting a plumber in for 15 flipping years to fix the tap and it kept dripping, “Oh well,
we’ll try another plumber.” Man, that guy would be gone in a flash. Think about it. Changes are necessary. You
need to make change if you want to have a change. If you don’t make the lifestyle changes,
you’re probably not going to get well long-term. You may get symptomatic relief like a lot
of doctors will like you to have to keep you on pills or whatever, but you’re not going
to get that long-term deep seated wellness that you’re looking for if you don’t make
those fundamental changes of things that are really upsetting you on a deep level, like
your mother in law, like your boss. Something there, get rid of it, deal with
it, fix it up. It’s one of the most important commandments here. If you’re stuck, you need
to unstick yourself by firing the people around you that need firing. Call them what you want.
They could be negative people, they could be toxic people or whatever, but they’re just
as bad as eating a donut in my opinion, a donut an hour, more like it. Commandment number eight, thou shalt avoid
antibiotics at all costs. The worst drug you can take if you’re trying to recover. Sore
tooth, two weeks on antibiotics could set you back six months. Acne, antibiotics for
six months duration could set you back 10 years, in some cases. So think about it carefully.
Why would you want to keep pointing a gun at yourself all the time? ‘Cause to me, that’s
what an antibiotic is like. It’s Russian roulette. You don’t know hoa many bullets are in that
gun, meaning you don’t know how long the dysfunction’s going to last. I’d be very careful if I were
you about antibiotics. This video will be up within, hopefully 10,
20, 30 years from now and someone’ll look at it and go, “Man, I wish we’d never take
that crap back then, but look at this guy, he’s actually warning us back then and all
this stuff came out.” And it will come out one day. It will come out. It’s coming out
now, but you’ll see, mark my words, I’ll be gone, antibiotics will be banned and it’s
coming in, but it won’t be now. It’ll be well down the track. They will never use those
drugs again. I can see that. My grandkids will likely never use antibiotics. There’ll
be a totally different way of dealing with bugs. You know where I think it’s going to come
from? It’s going to come from a probiotic angle. They’ll have genetic testing up to
such a high degree, they’ll be able to fingerprint every single bug in your gut entirely and
work out the correct balance when you’re healthy and how to repopulate that when you’re sick.
That’s going to be the end of pharmaceutical medicine and you’ll see I’m correct and that’ll
be coming in. I wish I were there long enough to see it all. Right, commandment number eight, thou shalt
test thou gut before thou starts taking active strong treatment. If you go on a road trip
in a new country, if you go on an ocean journey in a sailboat, if you go out of space in a
flying saucer, wherever you go, you probably need some kind of map or some kind of idea
where you’re going. How long it’s going to get there. What’s it going to cost to get
there? What resources do I need to get there? All those sort of things will be worked out
before you actually go on that journey, but the crazy thing is people never do it when
they do a treatment for their gut. They just say, “Oh, we’ll give this a bit of a try.
Oh, let’s try that. Oh, that’s not working, let’s try that.” They’ve got no road map.
They’ve got no understanding where they’re going, how long it’s gonna take, how strong
or how long they need to treat. They know nothing. They’re flying blind. It’s like being
an airplane with two pairs of sunglasses on. You’ve got no idea where you’re going.
You’re probably going to crash into something. You need a map and stool testing is a map
and I’ve learned how to read maps real good. I’ve read thousands of maps over the years,
so you get to develop a skill in that. The patient I had yesterday, I read a stool
report in about two minutes. I summarized it quick and all we did is we treated one
tiny, little thing in that test. We didn’t throw 50 pills at this person. We didn’t sign
the person up for 20 consultations ahead and milk 10 grand out of her. That’s not the idea
of medicine. With very careful analysis and a fine tuned prescription is going to work
10 times better than just throwing pills at someone and saying, “Try this or try that,”
because you’ve got no idea what you’re doing half the time. Functional testing is far more
important than most people think, particularly for the digestive system. You’ll be surprised
how it can shorten your treatment by doing that which means you save a lot of money and
a lot of time and misery. I know for hundreds of patients out there right now that’ll put
up their hand and will give me testimony to that. Commandment number ten, thou shalt understand
that set backs are totally normal and natural. Reward yourself as we’ve spoken about. You
need to make the changes if you want to expect a change in your life. You need to keep the
good habits going and slowly, one by one, identify a bad habit and kick it out, just
boot it out. If you’ve got a lot of people you know, some people are really nice, some
people are nice, some people are not so nice, and some people, well, we’re not going to
go there, you’re probably going to get rid of a couple of those people, aren’t you? You’re
going to chop em out. We talked about that in a previous point. This is one of the most
important points of the commandments is making the necessary changes in your life, cleaning
up your act by diet wise and lifestyle wise, understanding it’s going to take time and
be kind to yourself during that process. Removing temptation by cleaning out the refrigerator,
understanding that most of the information online about candida is pure, well put the
expletive in there that you want to put in there. I’m a bit like Donald Trump, “It’s fake news.”
There’s a lot of fake candida news out there. Am I fake? Maybe some of the stuff I say is
a bit fake, I don’t know. You can take it anyway you want it. I’ve been seeing patients
an awfully long time to know, in my opinion, what’s fake and what’s not fake. And with
now the advent of social media and the internet, there’s a lot of fake stuff out there and
a lot of it’s primarily designed either to scare people or annoy people or confuse people.
I could honestly tell you, some of the information I read is completely laughable, but if you’re
coming from a a lay person’s perspective, you might not understand that laughability,
you might actually take it serious. If it sounds crazy or really whacky, it probably
is, so just be careful. This is a video you may want to watch once
or twice and write some very important points down regarding yourself, regarding these commandments.
This is going to help you navigate a nice path through this candida mess. So I hope
some of that information was useful for you. Thanks for tuning in.


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