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10 Самых Трогательных Спасений Животных!

December 15, 2019

Hello. Margot is with you. Do not walk past an animal
in trouble and think that there are other good people who
they will help him. Each of us can be
the last or even the only a chance for life. These are the 10 most touching
animal rescue. Go. In Poland, in forestry
not far from belarusian big deer border stuck
in the swamp and could not get out. Only sticking out of the swamp
head, neck and back. Foresters saw the beast
and immediately rushed him save. He was pulled by the horns, but the deer
pulled out. And only later I realized that
they want to help him and stopped resist. He was pulled out for an hour! Fortunately, everything turned out! And after salvation
hid in the forest. Unaware of anything
the woman was driving and stuck under her hood
kitten. A dog rode with her. Feeling or hearing
kitten, he barked. The woman stopped. Having examined the car and finding
under the hood of a live kitten, she did not know what to do
farther. Get it yourself
the woman couldn’t therefore called the organization
help animals Hope For Paws. Arriving at the place, the volunteer
tried to lure a kitten, but he was so scared
that just clogged deeper. Just around the car
case put up a fence. But the kitten breaking through
through a single clearance in the fence, ran away and hid
under another car. Inspecting one car
after another, they found the baby. He climbed again below
wheel and further under the hood. Therefore, I had to find
car owner to he opened the hood. And finally soiled
trembling and indignant but a safe and sound kitten
was caught! The volunteer took the baby to
shelter organization and redeemed. The kitten received the name Axel. And just imagine a kitten
thanked the volunteer for salvation, rubbing
face on his face. This story is moving
you to the core. In India, the dog started loudly
whine in the hope that her howl will attract attention
caring people. People who run away
to the noise, we immediately realized that she most likely lost
their children in the rubble of the house. Old and emergency house,
in which they lived collapsed and under the rubble of concrete
plates turned out to be her cubs. Rescue team was called
animals from the organization Animal aid. Mom dog pointed to rescuers
the place where her puppies were. While the volunteers were taking apart
heavy stones and tried do it as fast as possible
the dog tried to help them digging and biting stones. Just think about it! She was cleaned, but the dog wasn’t
could stay away. And so, soon I heard
whining her babies. They were miraculously alive
and it felt maternal heart. Puppies got and their mother
calmed down. The dog immediately accepted them
into her arms and fed. Dog family found a new
safe corner and fed mom. Poor little puppy got a paw
into the trap. Disgusting and cruel
device. They ran to the cry of the baby
caring people. The puppy ran away and did not give
touch himself, he was very afraid that he will become even more sick. How plaintively he cried. But in the end to a man
managed to remove the trap from paws of a puppy. The kid was taken from the forest
and fed. To his great happiness, his
the foot was in perfect order. Apparently her just very
strongly squeezed, and the trap ended up without teeth. After a little while
baby already played with his new friend. Captain of a small yacht
noticed tangled in grid to the turtle and one of
men from the ship dived for her. Without help
the animal could not get out out of the trap. The grid was huge. Poor thing was completely
shrouded in it, and dragged by a huge tail of
this tangled grid. A man caught a turtle
and put it on a yacht. She didn’t even resist. The mesh was cut and released.
animal in the sea. See how fast
she was able to sail away. Wildlife Rescuer
Simon Cowell called and reported a fox stuck
foot in the fence. He and the assistant hurried
for help. Men crawled over to the fox. At this time to helpless
the dog ran up to the animal and tried to attack. They drove him away and watched
so that he does not fit. Simon with the help of nippers
cut the fence net and freed the poor thing’s foot. She was badly damaged
paw cut to blood metal mesh. The little fox was carried in a carrier,
to take to the clinic and then drew again
dog that had to deter from attack. The poor thing was bleeding badly
so the men tightly bandaged paw while driving to the clinic. Fortunately, the injury turned out to be
not serious, the wound was treated and bandaged. About a week the foot was treated,
then this fox released nearby
from where she was stuck. Caring people drew
attention to the dog which clearly needed help. He was all overgrown with dirty,
shredded wool. When volunteers came for him,
it turned out that there are two of them. The second animal was in
the same neglected state. Dogs lived in a littered courtyard
garbage and they, as it turned out, there was even a mistress. She’s just completely for
did not care for them and treated do not care. She let the volunteers
pick them up even without further return. First they caught one dog,
and then the second one, which tried to escape. In the vet clinic, they are not without
Labor sheared. Just look how much
excess wool accumulated on poor things. She occupied more than
the dog’s body itself. The dogs were given for overexposure,
where they were cared for and treated skin diseases. They were given the names Beol and Dahl. When is the health of babies
returned to normal, they were transferred a married couple who
helps dogs in including believing people again. They have a lot of dogs that
used to be homeless so Beola and Dahl appeared
many friends. After a couple of days they
become less afraid and their little hearts finally
started to open for love In august in american
Massachusetts raccoon stuck his head in the sewer
bars. They hastened to help him
fire rescuers and doctors. The kid was watered with liquid
soap, but even so it is not could get free. Then the grate was removed and started
push on one side and pull on the other. After 2 hours of trying everything
finally happened. Rescued animal surviving
such an unpleasant situation after rehabilitation, was
released near from the ill-fated place. This incident happened completely
recently in Peterhof. Fox hunting duck
in the palace park and having committed jump, fell into the fountain,
fenced with a high parapet. Poor girl tried to swim
on the channel in the hope that will get out. But no options for
she was gone. The water was also very cold,
and the animal was very cold. I came to the aid of the chanterelle
man, park worker ,, who was not afraid to climb
into cold water and pulled her ashore. Hungry roamed the streets
weak and exhausted by disease dog. It was impossible to look at her
no tears it was walking skeleton with incredibly sad
eyes, her days were numbered. One person failed
past and called the rescue service Animal Aid. Volunteers caught the baby
and brought to their center. She was carefully examined. She had very strong scabies,
terrible exhaustion of the body, many small wounds. Rescue Center staff
animals were fed her, bathed, smeared the skin
lotions for skin diseases, accustomed to affection. The baby was called Mary. Volunteer care has turned
Mary is beautiful and happy a little dog. See how she transformed. All these salvations would be
impossible without good people lifeguards. I think they deserve
your like. Also help spread
this video to become as much as possible concerned
people. subscribe to my channel
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video. Margot was with you. Bye everyone.


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