#1 Dr. Angie Sadeghi Talks IBS and ๐Ÿ’ฉ

March 11, 2020

My name is Dr. Angie Sadeghi. I am a
practicing gastroenterologist in Newport Beach, California, and I treat people with
gastrointestinal diseases or digestive problems. There are a few very common
complaints, including gas and bloating or abdominal distension, where people feel
pregnant. They wake up with a flat belly, and then they eat something or drink
something, and their belly swells up— quote-unquote swells up—and they get distended. That’s very common, followed by diarrhea, which means loose, frequent
stools; followed by constipation, which means infrequent, hard bowel movements
that look like rabbit pellets. But I would say gas and bloating is one of the
most common reasons. Traditionally, when people would complain of gas and
bloating, a lot of doctors attributed the problem to irritable bowel syndrome,
otherwise known as IBS, but a lot of these symptoms are actually due to
lactose intolerance. People would come into my office, and they suffer from gas
and bloating, and they say, “My GI doctor said that I have IBS.” And I would ask
them to go on a dairy-free diet, which means that they would have to exclude
anything that comes from the cow, meaning butter, yogurt, cheese, milk (cow’s
milk). And interestingly, they come back 30 days later and they’re doing
fantastic—the bloating is gone; constipation or diarrhea is gone—which
of course means that they didn’t really have irritable bowel syndrome in the
first place and that perhaps they had an intolerance to dairy.

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