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😷 Coronavirus: Consejos Para Prevenir La Infeccion Del Virus 🦠

March 7, 2020

Hello friends welcome to this your natural health channel in panic that has unleashed the epidemic in the world Coronavirus is of vital importance know what the signs and symptoms are and what can we do and what does not stop preventing this epidemic interests you be sure to watch this video until final so stay with us [Music] yes coronaviruses are a family of viruses which was discovered in the 60s but whose origin is still unknown its different types cause different diseases from a cold to a severe respiratory syndrome on coronavirus owes its name to the appearance which presents since it is very similar to a crown or halo is a type of viruses present in both humans and in animals in recent years they have described three epidemic outbreaks important caused by coronavirus on first epidemic outbreak caused by coronavirus is known as the syndrome acute acute respiratory known as sars began in November 2002 at China affected more than 8000 people in 37 countries and caused more than 700 deaths after the syndrome appeared middle eastern respiratory tract how merz was first detected in 2012 in saudi arabia has been notified until October 2019 more than 2400 cases of infection in different countries with more than 800 deaths and the third epidemic outbreak caused by with a virus appeared at the end of December 2019 known as covite 19 caused an outbreak of diseases in the Wuhan city since then on dripping of new infected has been continuous and its transmission of person to person has accelerated don’t forget to leave us a comment we always read each other and in thanks we will give you a heart red and a like signs and symptoms of coronavirus signs and symptoms of infection in the new corona virus may appear 2 to 14 days later of exposure and may include cough runny nose and runny fever fever sore throat and headache shortness of breath or trouble breathing chills and malaise the severity of symptoms again coronavirus can vary from very mild to extreme and even death some people become infected but not They develop no symptoms and don’t know they find most of them wrong people around 80% recover of the disease without the need for perform any special treatment about one in 6 people who they contract in kobe 19 develops a serious illness and has difficulty breathe the elderly and those suffer from underlying medical conditions as high blood pressure problems Heart or diabetes have more odds of developing one serious illness around 2 by percent of people who have contracted sickness to the dead people who have a cough fever and difficulty to Breathing should seek medical attention how lakovic 19 spreads a person can against lakovic 19 by contact with another one is infected by the virus disease can spread from person to person through the drops coming from the nose or mouth that goodbyes when a person infected cough or exhale these drops fall about objects and surfaces that surround the person so that others people can get the cob and 19 if touch these objects or surfaces and then they touch their eyes the nose or the mouth can also spread if it inhale any particles scattered a person with commit 19 and when coughing or salar is why important to stay more than one meter away from a person who is find yourself sick in the panic you have the epidemic unleashed in the world colon to china virus convit 19 information on medicines prevention measures and these home remedies to avoid the contAgio has not stopped waiting however, not everything that is said or known read in the media and in internet is true according to the organization World Health of Things That Yes they work and others that don’t fight the coronavirus before continuing me I would like to tell you that if you like them home remedies and in general subjects of health you subscribe to the channel and activate the bell so you can receive all our advice and remember to like this video coronavirus tips for prevent virus infection the best way to prevent disease is avoid exposure to this virus by That’s the first tip to prevent Coronavirus epidemic is wash hands frequently with soap and water for at least 20 seconds especially after going to the bathroom before eating and after blowing your nose coughing or Sneeze something as simple as using water and soap continuously for washing hands can prevent the spread of coronavirus and other diseases ni even the water needs to be warm that it is necessary to dry them very good advice to prevent the spread of alcohol use coronavirus antibacterial or hand sanitizer if there is no soap and water available clean them with a hand sanitizer containing at least 60% alcohol cover the entire surface of the hands and borders until you feel it is they dried if they are visibly in the hand soiled it is preferable to use soap and water avoid touching your eyes nose and mouth with hands without washing another excellent advice for the prevention of This virus is the use of a mask or mouth cover if a person is coughing or sneezing you should use a mouthpiece to avoid contagion if you don’t have cover the nose cures and the mouth with the elbow or a tissue throw away used tissues in a trash can in a bag plastic immediately wash your hands with water and soap for at least 20 seconds if it is taking care of a sick person too you must wear a mask it is necessary to wash your hands with water and soap before and after using a mouthpiece and never touch the front of the mask this does not work against the coronavirus take antibiotics because they are only effective to fight bacteria no virus of any kind spray alcohol or substances with chlorine in the body then This does not eliminate viruses that have entered the body and if it can damage the Mucous membranes disinfectants with Chlorine should only be used in Commonly used supervision such as doorknobs Of the doors desks tables handrails and so on used now of hot air hands make use of UV lamps to disinfect It does not work well can irritate the skin consume garlic use any other type of Natural remedies apply vaccines against the flu use nasal rinses with saline water smear the body with sesame oil Some people believe that by smoking a cigarette the video did not input that It definitely doesn’t work on conclusion we can say that the forms more effective to protect oneself and to others in front of the coming 19 are to wash the hands often cover your mouth with the elbow with a mask or with a tissue when coughing and holding a distance of at least one meter with people who cough or sneeze recommendations people who had fever cough and shortness of breath and who think they could have been exposed to cob and 19 must communicate with your health care provider from Immediately the patients are like 19 Confirmed must remain low insulation precautions in the house or in a spotlight until risk of secondary transmission to others people are considered low as much as possible a person infected should remain in one roomspecific and far from other people who are at home or at a center of attention also is in Your home should use a separate bathroom from be possible while ill not handle and touch pets or others animals the decision to interrupt the insulation precautions in the house or in a care center should be taken according to each particular case in consult with care providers State Medical and Health Department and premises [Music] if you liked the video don’t forget Share it with your family and friends thanks for watching this video I hope it is useful for you see us another time [Music]


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    😷 Coronavirus: Consejos Para Prevenir La Infeccion Del Virus 🦠

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