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🔵 Disease Disorder Illness Ailment – Difference Meaning Examples – British English Pronunciation

January 3, 2020

Disease – Disorder – Illness – Ailment – Difference Meaning Examples – British English Pronunciation – ailment disease disorder and illness ill with all and you bull if you look 3 condition that these were the definitions up almost identical for we use from very different one okay cryptic at: see this link to your site cream from something something
infectious or Mon pictures okay the disease could be
caused by bacteria caller okay protease be okay but added to use could will could be something degenerative in
your body some part of your body that he’s break or breaking apart your body that could
also be buddy but it needs to be something that
changes over time because on the other hand we have but
these all okay prompting the not correct from prosecutors not correctly aligned correctly organized
working correct about disorder okay so here we really got week removed from the TV
through to the to order on for example something degenerated the I’m crime d okay he degenerative the brain in fact a
disorder I think a disorder let series now what
about the word ill who Eluru says you’re not well okay so you suffer
from the disease do you suffer from a new what we can you ha be would not be well because you have buddy word okay but diseases and disorders up to but
generally a disease or disorder more serious and ill it would for example effort that
before out crime DC but and hilemon you could call Richard killed me but box makes it lead strong on now let’s look at the loft one a deal okay to a field beat him and all all help now and ailment not normally theory a ailment talking the make held by okay on if much let strong top yes how’s your ailment noted this word ailment he’s fairly for unfairly old as well yeah I get noticed disease and disorder a whole medical and illness Eve lake monster and hold time and that ailment is more all sup I hope you enjoyed the video if you did
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for now Disease – Disorder – Illness – Ailment – Difference Meaning Examples – British English Pronunciation


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    Doctor here: We use disease to mean the biological cause of health whereas illness is associated with the expression of poor well-being, be it due to disease or not.  We see illness as being the manifestation of poor health as a result of disease and cultural factors.  For example you may be ill because you are depressed, which doesn't necessarily need to be caused by disease.  However you may also be depressed because of the disease – it is sort of like the individual's expression of their situation, which of course can vary between individuals even if they are in the same situation.  For this reason we say we 'cure' disease and 'heal' illness.  Sort of.

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