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🔴Get Rid of TOE NAIL FUNGUS SOLUTION Once and For All

August 20, 2019

Welcome everybody! I’m dr. Gordon
Pedersen and we’re gonna talk about nail fungus. I know it sounds like a skit from
Saturday Night Live but nail fungus is a big deal and what’s the best way to
combat that so I’m just gonna take a look at this picture it isn’t this a
fantastic look well what you’re seeing there is toenail fungus the cause of
toenail fungus this is a fungus now before we go any farther fungus yeast
they’re all the same thing so when I talk about toenail fungus it’s also a
yeast this is what it looks like under a microscope this is something that
secretes its own poison then it dissolves the tissue into a little
slurry maybe you can see that on this picture right here and then it eats its
own throw-up it eats its own slurry because that poison that it’s secreted
actually dissolves away the top layers of the healthy cells so yeast or fungus
is something that secretes a poison dissolves your tissue then eats the
tissue and that slurry this is why it hurts this is why it burns this is why
the immune system responds with inflammation and thickening of the
tissue it’s a chronic inflammation due to a poisonous attack and a chemical
burn that’s going on now all of that sounds pretty brutal but that’s why this
is a big deal because if it gets trapped underneath a toenail or a fingernail
it’s hard to get rid of we’re gonna talk a little bit more about that we’re gonna
talk about how to get rid of things we’re gonna talk about how to combat the
issue we’re gonna talk about what does work and how long it takes and what
risks are at hand here so without any further notice here we’re gonna move
ahead with nail fungus that means fingernails that means toenails
that means fungus and this is also a yeast so what is the best
way to combat nail fungus so here’s something that I want you to see right
off the bat if I’m talking about how to combat this fungus and do it in less
than seven days without a prescription here’s what I’m showing you a before and
after picture now what you’re seeing is before you’ve got yellowing you’ve got
yeast you’ve got toenail fungus now this is bad because many people refer to it
as athlete’s foot well I’m going to show you some better pictures of athletes
foot later on so hang in there with me if you’re an athlete or have athlete’s
foot we’re gonna show you some pictures but before and after the question is how
do we do this without a prescription well we’re gonna show you and this is
very very important stuff because it’s a very significant finding so we want you
to become your own doctor we want you to be your own doctor today my company’s
name is my doctor suggests and I named it that because I want you to be
educated and once you’re educated I want you to be the doctor who is suggesting
alternatives and primary issues in your life your health is your responsibility
and when you take that responsibility you are your own doctor well I’m dr.
Gordon Peterson I’m board certified in anti-aging medicine I have a PhD in
immunology I have a PhD in naturopathic medicine so I have multiple disciplines
of study and I’ve studied in multiple ways here’s what I found the human body
will heal itself if you give it the proper tools it takes a lot of learning
and education to understand what those tools are in addition I’ve discovered
that no single discipline of medicine has all the answers and I’ve been
continuously studying in multiple disciplines of medicine
that I can give you common-sense medicine and we’re going to talk about
that a little bit more now and look at this picture oh my gosh my toenail
fungus kind of got out of control now when you look at this image and it’s a
it’s a man-made the image or a computer-generated image from Hollywood
but it’s kind of brutal it’s kind of scary and the reason people are afraid
of toenail fungus is because they go to the beach or go to a public pool party
and there it is and do you think oh it’s just a hygiene issue I don’t want anyone
to see it and yet it’s more than that it can travel under the toenail and get
into the bloodstream and now you’ve got this ugly fungus this yeast as an
infection in your bloodstream and it becomes more difficult to take care of
so yeah it’s a scary animal this toenail fungus toenail fungus has some
interesting names and I’m only gonna say him once and hang in there I’m not gonna
get too scientific on you but look at the names of toenail fungus in the
medical books this one is called Anja Co mycosis and also known as tinea on Guam
now this is a fungal infection of the toenail or fingernails and what that
means is it’s so much easier to write toenail fungus than all of these big
names but before you go any farther look at this picture look at how the fungus
or the yeast infection is every single day making inroads to dissolving away
the toenail not only the toenail but under the toenail and when it gets to
the nail bed or the cuticle it can enter the bloodstream where it’s gonna spread
through your bloodstream and do this very same thing that’s a scary image
that’s why it needs to be taken care of athletes here you go I told you you’d be
able to see this athlete’s foot is caused by a fungus which is also a yeast
so you can see the two feet in this image this is athlete’s foot the
reason the skin is so thick the reason it’s so cracked is because of this slide
on the right that’s a microscope picture of yeast
this is athlete’s foot this yeast is consuming the skin under the toenails it
can actually consume the nail as well so you can see that if you’re eating sugars
your diet will deliver sugar and that’s what these yeast are wanting to eat
they’re sending the message feed me more sugar and then you put them in socks and
shoes and now you’re in a warm moist area which is the perfect environment
for yeast to grow then if you eat sugar you’re making it grow so that’s what
this problem is and that’s where it comes from here’s some of the other
causes yeast also called fungi or fungus live in worse in warm of moist
environments this includes the feet you could put this in gloves as well but
shoes create an environment that is warmer and moister than normal and the
yeast that causes toenail fungus can also be responsible for athlete’s foot
fungus now here’s another one of those big names and it’s e falaka som this is
what causes foot fungus and the slide on the right is a microscopic picture of
that very fungus now look at the segments in this microscopic picture
notice that every 20 minutes they’re going to divide so you can see on the
top there’s four segments now imagine every 20 minutes that’s gonna divide and
become four more and then four more and you can see why this could spread
rapidly here’s some symptoms now the nail becomes thickened and
brittle discolored white yellow or black and you can see by the images in this
slide that this is actually a really brittle kind of irregularly shaped
toenail people with foot fungus or athlete’s foot summer
suffer from itching dry cracked skin and psychosocial phobia I said that psycho
social phobia they are afraid people will see their toenail fungus and think
that they are a disease carrying or leper like person can you imagine that
well I can I know this I’ve talked to many people that have this problem and
when you consider it causes behavioral changes your toenail fungus you start to
realize that you’ll be a social avoider you’ll start to avoid pool parties and
the beach parties you’ll wear shoes that are not open-toed
anymore and this changes your behavior now the fungi that caused toenail fungus
can remain contagious uh-oh now your toenails have just moved into
the scary category of contagious they can remain contagious for several years
in the showers in baths and swimming pools on towels blankets sheets shoes
and socks and other clothing so imagine not only is this something that can
erode your toenails it can be spread in bathrooms and showers and this is one of
the reason that public health officials require shoes in public showers there’s
a very good reason because this picture is in fact a picture of yeast that’s
being spread now the fungus most commonly spreads by contact in showers
and gym facilities where people walk on fungus in the showers they wash in sinks
they share shoes towels or socks and think about a locker room or a workout
room these locker rooms for team sports are a
common place for fungus to spread now bathrooms where numerous family members
shower are also a common location for the spread of this foot fungus I don’t
even have to say it you can imagine in your mind that a
bathroom needs to be clean but now you realize your bathroom floors especially
need to be microscopically clean they need to be free of this yeast now
prescription treatments include a number of different drugs
lamisil sporanox these are different drugs that doctors might give but they
also might prescribe a laser treatment shooting a laser through your toenail
and even sometimes they’ll surgically remove the toenail to be able to access
that fungus prescription drugs for fungus tend to damage the liver and can
cause more problems than they solve so let’s take a look at this terbinafine
which is also called lamisil is a drug that if you’re prescribed this drug for
toenail fungus it’s required that you actually get your liver enzymes tested
every month every month because the drug is so toxic that it can destroy your
liver and they have to keep track of it monthly so they know when to take you
off the drug because it could be that toxic to your liver so I’m just pointing
out that some of the choices you have at the doctor’s office come with a huge
risk attached to them as well approximately 10% of Americans have
toenail fungus so one in ten people have toenail fungus but wait but wait fifty
percent of the elderly have toenail fungus so we’re talking about when you
start to get older you’re going to have a one in two chance or 50% chance that
you have toenail fungus and by the way it does not go away on its own it can be
associated with a bacterial infection as well a secondary infection and
antibacterial drugs cause it to grow so let’s look at this for a minute
if you go to your doctor and they give you an antibiotic the antibiotic may
kill the bacteria but the antibiotic make
the the germs that are associated with yeast grow over dough it feeds the yeast
so what happens quite often is people that get an antibiotic returned to their
doctor within a week or two and they want an antifungal drug or an anti yeast
drug because the antibiotic made their yeast grow and I mean over a grow so
what happens is doctors don’t have a simple solution you can prescribe an
antibiotic that kills bacteria but that feeds the yeast or you can prescribe an
anti yeast or antifungal drug but that feeds the bacteria and it destroys the
liver at the same time so what is the solution because it’s a big problem well
there is a solution my doctor suggests has a solution in fact several options
of solution alkalyn structured silver can help when you look at this picture
the tall bottle you’ll see is a liquid the round blue labeled bottle is a gel
there’s also a lotion a lozenge and a soap in this line now what that means is
we’ve got delivery systems for silver silver destroys bacteria viruses and
yeast all at the same time so even if you’re that person who’s got a bacterial
infection and a yeast infection silver can destroy both of them all at
the same time and we’re delivering them in ways that are important for you in a
liquid a gel a lotion a lozenge in a soap silver destroys the bacteria
viruses and yeast which is also a fungus all at the same time and there are no
drugs that can do all of this that’s a huge important point because silver is
all natural this is an all-natural product
and it has the ability to destroy more things than a man-made antibiotic or
antifungal drug the silver liquid and soap can destroy the problem if the
silver can get access to the fungus in other words the liquid gel or soaps
needs to come in contact with the germ it takes a little ingenuity to deliver
silver under a toenail but toenails will absorb the liquid silver and soften the
toenail allowing access under the toenail but it takes about 30 minutes of
soaking so in your mind silver liquid has to soak on that toenail to start to
soften it and get into it for 30 minutes every other day so take a look at this
when you look at this fungus I know this is just a funny picture and I know I’ve
got a photograph here of somebody on the big toe and it’s it’s a fungus looking
back at you but recognize silver can destroy the problem but silver must be
reapplied every other day until the toenail grows out in this takes about
eight months some people in six months so imagine what you’re doing here is
you’re destroying the problem under the toenail for about two days then the
toenail moves forward as it grows out you need to do it again and you’re doing
it every other day until this problem grows out so how do I keep the toenail
fungus from returning because it will well the first thing is you’ve got to
start doing a little bit of hygiene now you want to keep your feet dry what that
means is you’re gonna be running around in the summer and your feet are gonna
sweat your sock is gonna hold that sweat it’s going to leave your foot moist well
many people put their socks on in the morning and take them off at night but
if you do exercise wash and dry your feet so that you’re keeping keeping them
as dry as possible because remember warm moist areas are an environment where
this fungus wants to live next change socks and shoes often that’s usually
twice a day number three where the correctly fitting shoes if they’re too
tight fungus can grow if they’re too loose fungus can get in and grow number
four trim your toenails short and straight across what that means is if
you’re trimming your toenails and you trim them right
where you should and you curve down into the toenail bed you’re leaving a nice
little crevice where skin can fold over the toenail and warm a moist environment
for fungus to grow so straight across and keep them short long toenails allow
fungus underneath the nail bed easier use silver soap in the shower well this
is a really easy way to go and a terrific option when you recognize that
silver soap from my doctor suggests is non-toxic number one and it doesn’t have
all those chemicals and preservatives and toxic elements that other soaps have
it’s all-natural and it has silver in it you’re gonna be washing your body in a
non-toxic way and the silver will leave a little residue of the silver on your
feet on your whole body for that matter which destroys bacteria viruses and
yeast and it stops the problem from starting another choice spray socks with
silver liquid and that’s simple with a little spray bottle and liquid silver in
there you can just slightly dampen your sock before you put it in your shoe so
you spray the sock with your foot in it and then tuck it into your shoe and look
what you’ve got you’ve got a nice little barrier level in a barrier layer I
should say another option drink silver liquid two teaspoons twice a day the
liquid silver is now going to go into your body absorb into your bloodstream
travel through your body and you’re gonna be destroying bacteria viruses and
yeast from the inside of your body out and this is important because the
toenail has a nail bed it’s called a cuticle and it’s right where the blood
flow is coming and feeding the toenail so you’re gonna get a lot of benefit
from the inside and drinking silver another option do not share towels do
not share socks do not share shoes this is where somebody’s germs may have
already embedded themselves already colonized when you put them on you’re
gonna transfer a warm moist environment filled with yeast and fungus right to
your own feet so don’t share the last one here is
where Footwear in public showers don’t go barefoot in public showers in
fact these little swimmer shoes are kind of smart to wear in pools public
swimming pools and public showers as well diagnosing the foot fungus uses a
blacklight excuse me it’s called a Woods lamp so in medical terms they say take a
look at that foot under a woods lamp well this is a blacklight and it’s the
same light tuned to an ultraviolet a frequency that’s used in bug zappers can
you see this picture that I have up here the blue light is a frequency that’s
ultraviolet a and it makes the fungus fluoresce or glow so you can see that on
the right hand side in a beaker that the fungus in the water the fungus is green
and glowing it’s fluorescent and this is just what happens when a black light or
a woods lamp is used you can actually see the germs and oftentimes in a
doctor’s office this will be a way of diagnosing the fungus so you’ll go in
and your feet will be put under a lamp and you can look at it you can see your
feet are glowing if you have this problem now toenail fungus after 30
minutes and silver gel and a finger caught looks like this so what happened
here is this toe you can easily see that there’s a fungus growing down under the
nail so I like to use a finger caught now that’s just a stretchy little device
that we fill up with silver gel fill it half full pull it over the toe and it
stretches tight kind of pressurizing the silver gel so it will get down under the
toenail this is what happens to it after here’s the before and after
of that same situation the before slide on the left you can see that the fungus
is a darker color it’s thicker in nature now we’re gonna soak that with a gel put
it in a finger caught I’ll show you what that is in a minute and after 30 minutes
you can see there’s a difference already that’s just in one treatment here’s the
picture of a finger caught now finger cots can be filled with silver gel half
full and then stretched over the toe for 30 minutes you do it every other day so
stretch it over the offended toe sit down and watch your favorite movie
listen to your favorite music or read a book and this is 30 minutes that you’re
going to give your toe a treatment every other day here’s what finger cots are
there called caught CO T TS and in some pharmacies and some stores they call
them finger covers so fill half full with silver gel then stretch over a
finger or toe and wait for 30 minutes every other day until the fungus is gone
and toenails grow out so that’s about six or eight months now you also want to
be drinking liquid silver 2 teaspoons twice a day so you’re getting the
benefit from inside the bloodstream as well as out another option and these are
all options you don’t have to do all of these pick one soak your feet in liquid
silver 30 minutes every other day so you can see what she’s got here she just
took a normal baking tray she poured the silver in it she put her foot in it
soaked and watch TV for 30 minutes and then this way you’re getting liquid on
the entire foot not just the toenail here’s a way that’s really easy soaking
a tissue in this picture you can see a tissue in it’s wet it’s wet with the
silver and the liquid silver is important because you need to soak that
tissue not just kind of sprinkle it soak that tissue wrap it around the toe or
toenails and let it soak for 30 minutes every other day I’ve seen people in the
hospital that have very bad tone problems and they didn’t even go in the
hospital for the toenail problem they went in for pneumonia and other things
but they soaked this tissue with the liquid silver wrapped it around their
toes every other day and you can imagine it was a great benefit in just a very
short period of time now what I’ve gone through here is the
reality of toenail fungus and this is a problem because if it gets into your
bloodstream it can put yeast into your bloodstream then you’ve got a real major
problem and it can settle in any of the organs of your body so toenail fungus
not only ugly is a health problem it is contagious
keep your bare feet off of public showers and you’re going to want to
scrub your feet and use a silver soap to do so so in quick summary wwm eye doctor
suggests calm has the products the silver in an alkaline structured form
that’s going to work best with your system it comes as a liquid it comes as
a gel there’s lotions there soaps but let’s pay attention to what you really
need most you need at least two of these products liquid silver to drink two
teaspoons twice a day and the gel to put on your wound or more importantly in a
finger cotton stretched over your toe every other day yeah the other options
are good like the soap but the most important one is the liquid then the gel
and then we can go ahead and use the soap so if you’re looking for these
there on my doctor suggest calm and let’s get people freedom from athlete’s
foot freedom from foot problems free them from fungus and I hope one thing
that you learned is that doctors name things with way too many names
there’s yeast and there’s fungus and there’s fungi and then they give all
these different names to their drugs and I don’t know if it’s to confuse people
or make people think they’re smart but don’t be confused it’s this easy
athlete’s foot is a fungus toenail fungus is a fungus
they’re both yeast but they can both be destroyed by silver and at the same time
if you have a bacterial infection silver will help with that as well so thanks
for listening and let’s improve our foot health good night


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