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? BEST Product Research Software | Junglescout vs. Viral Launch

December 20, 2019

What Is up ninjas! Have you ever
wanted to become an overnight Millionaire with Amazon FBA but just
didn’t know which product research Software to use well this video we’re
going to take a deep dive comparing a Viral lunch with jungle scouts to decide
once and for all what is a the best most Accurate product on research software
for Amazon FBA so stay tuned That man does let’s dive into it we are
going to finally answer the age old Ancient question what is more accurate
viral lunch or jungle Scout for product Research and we figured out a fun little
ninja tactic to figure out exactly how To do this we’re bringing over in a
second we are going to be comparing Viral launch product discovery versus
the jungle Scout tool for product Research what we’re gonna do guys is we
are going to actually compare the result From viral launch and from jungle Scout
on one of my newer brands and we are Going to compare the data that they give
us for viral launch and for jungle Scout With direct sales data from my Amazon
back-end and how we’re gonna get that Guys is we’re gonna go into the business
reports and we’re gonna do a by Aysen Detailed page
sales and traffic report and we’re gonna Run it on three randomly chosen products
to be as accurate as possible and we’re gonna compare the numbers that viral
launch gives us that jungle Scout gives us and the true source of data from
Amazon and we’re gonna see once and for all which is more accurate viral launch
or jungle Scouts before we do that guys there are going to be deeply discounted
links for both viral launch and jungle Scout I’m good friends with the CEOs and
founders of both companies so this is going to be completely unbiased
I love Casey I love Greg I’ve learned a lot from both of them and they’ve helped
thousands of my students find amazing products and build and was on FBA
businesses but as what you guys to know full transparency always I am doing this
for you so this is going to be 0% bias in any way I’m just going to literally
show you guys the data and tell you exactly what that data represents and
Greg in Casey if you’re watching this no hard feelings if you don’t turn out to
be the winner of this particular test I still love you both but the moral of the
story guys is I’m always going to be doing this for you and I’m going to give
you the best data available so if you do want a super deep discount 30% off
everything from viral launch a deep discount for jungle scout those links
will be available down in the description so save yourself some money
right and use that additional savings on the software to buy more products and
build your Amazon empire quicker so let’s get into it guys this is V data
directly from viral launch jungle scallop for three randomly chosen
products for one of my Amazon Brandt so what we see here is viral launched on
the Left we see products 1 2 & 3 we see that their estimates are twenty thousand
five hundred around eleven thousand and around 20 thousand five hundred per
month for these three products in question for Java Scout we see that
their estimate is actually quite different for product one ten thousand a
month for product two they’re about the same and for product three they are
about the same what we’re gonna do now guys is we’re going to compare these
numbers that we got directly from viral launch and jungle Scout to the business
report that we pulled directly from Amazon Amazon is easily one true source
of data right so if you’re running a business report detailed page report by
a sin you can get you know the exact sales numbers for any of your products
and I suggest you guys go out and do this for yourselves right I’m just
trying to show you in one quick way three random products chosen from one of
my brand accounts and I’m gonna show you exactly what happens with the breakdown
viral launch versus jungle scalp versus the true source of beta from Amazon but
you guys can do this by yourself you have to do is go into the report section
of Amazon and then go to business reports and then take a look at be a
detailed page sales and traffic report by Aysen and you can see your actual
true sales by Aysen for any product that you have and then compare it with viral
launch and General Scott yourself but what we’re gonna do guys is we’re gonna
do that for you because we want to make your life easy at and that lifestyle
ninja and so I’m gonna show you the actual direct from Amazon report that I
pulled and again a lot of its points out but what we’re worried about is the
ordered product sales and this is for the same three products product 1 part 2
part 3 and so I did made it one step easier for you guys as I love you
we’re we’re gonna have viral launch Jean Scott and direct from Amazon all in one
place so for product one we had 20,000 over at viral launch we had 10,000 at
jungle Scout the true numbers o drumroll please were twenty thousand four hundred
and seventy dollars and five cents and so viral launch was much much closer on
that particular one for product to viral launch estimated ten thousand seven
hundred fifty 10 thousand versus ten thousand six hundred thirty two the true
numbers were 11805 and so we have another win over here on
the viral launch side and then the product three were 20600 about per month
for viral launch 20400 for jungle scout and the true
numbers were thirty thousand four hundred and thirteen and so we have
three wins actually over here on viral launch yay which means that if our
launch in this particular case was more accurate for all three randomly chosen
products actually being extremely close on two of them which is obviously very
impressive jungle scout is still an amazing piece of software but for
whatever reason they were a little bit less accurate for this particular test
so I hope you guys enjoyed this one if you did and leave me a comment down
below that says jungle style vs viral launch and I will make another video for
you guys if you are interested of exactly how I use viral launch and how I
use Youngstown because I do use them for different things some of the viral
launch is very good at certain things jungle Scout is very good at certain
things and so I could make a follow-up video for you guys showing you the
little tricks and ninja tactics that I use for both pieces of software because
I do use them both guys because one is not necessarily better than the other
they are just better at different things so if you want to learn more about the
ninja tactics and hacks that I use for each piece of software leave a comment
down below that says jungle Scout vs. viral launch and I would be happy to
make that video if we get 500 comments on this video guys and if you haven’t
make sure that you smash that subscribe button directly in his face and click
the little notification bell so you can stay up to date on all of the brand new
that lifestyle ninja tactics where we are gonna reveal the absolute craziest
ways to make money as always with the most detailed step-by-step tutorials
available anywhere on the Internet guys so stay tuned and we’ll see you on the
next one


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