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👉👉champignons, mycoses,peau infectée, voici une astuce au vinaigre qui va rapidement vous aider

August 21, 2019

it’s the best way to end it
with nail fungus in three days You will see that your nails will start
to change naturally This little cure to heal a lot of
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My friends if you are from those looking for a definitive solution
for to stop fungus nail fingernails
and hands then You are in the right place
Today, I’m going to show you how prepare this famous anti remedy
natural mushrooms which is a expeditious treatment,
Please tell me in the comments since when do you have them
nail fungus and how old are you, because all this influences the qualities
antifungal of this treatment, promote the destruction of
microorganisms that affect quality of your nails before sharing the recipe
with you, it is very important that you know
the reasons why each of the ingredients can definitely be
the solution to this problem that affects you since a long time But before I thank you for
join this beautiful community and esteem not to tell me your names in the comments
for me to send you a big hug And a special greeting To develop this natural treatment, we
are going to use ethyl alcohol to 90%, that is to say the one that we find
in all first aid kits. This product is known for its disinfecting effects
and antibacterials that, when applied on certain lesions, avoid the development
infections. It proves effective against a large
variety of bacteria and fungi, but you have to combine it with others
ingredients to stimulate its attack action. Then hydrogen peroxide and our fabulous
white vinegar what they have in common is to be known as being
antiseptics and antifungals that serve to
treat various types of injuries and Skin problems hydrogen peroxide
or hydrogen peroxide is a widely used product for the
disinfection of wounds before
to continue share this video on social networks for others
also discover what will follow, the oxygenated water makes
part of the catalog of disinfectants ecological, takes care of
eliminate pathogenic germs application on the feet and
the nails promote the destruction of yeasts and dermatophytes that cause
D benefits of infection of ethyl alcohol, in addition to everything
what was said above It is proven that they are
effective against most bacteria and fungi,
but not against spores this diminishes the presence
of nail fungus and eliminates
microorganisms that can remain under the skin
Know that the white vinegar is
used since ancient times to the treatment of fungi on the skin
it is a leading antiseptic and also a
natural antifungal can also face alone, without being combined
to others to fungal infections it is known for his famous virtues against the
Athlete’s foot, its application reduces the itching sensation of the
color yellow and even the unsightly hardness that
prevent you from having beautiful feet now
I show you how to prepare this remedy for
fight against nail fungus after have you exposed the properties of each
some products The next step will be to show you how
prepare that 5 tablespoons of ethyl alcohol
at 90% 5 tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide
2 tablespoons white vinegar Preparation
a glass container Mix all the ingredients well
shake so everything is well mixed cover the pot and leave it in a place
fresh and dry wash the affected area very well
Wipe and dry with a soft towel and
apply this treatment to help a cotton pad, apply to the surface and rub
with the remedy use it every day twice a day
preferably in the morning and in the evening, in addition of this remedy
try to disinfect your shoes socks and all kinds of items and
underwear that have been in touch with your nails
infected this is a very easy treatment it is also very economical
You will see that after using this your nails and other infected parts will find
healthy appearance The minimum and final duration of treatment
is two months in the least serious cases
but it can be extended from 6 to 8 months for the total elimination of fungi
so for Regeneration of nails it is
important to understand that patience is the key for remedies to work
Because if you do it just a week, then he will have risks of recidivism,
So do not forget to do it the longest possible So here you are, do not hesitate to share this
so that it reaches a maximum of people , like and comment and think about subscribing
, I thank you again for watching this till the end


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