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정말 말랐는데 셀룰라이트 있는 이유 – 셀룰라이트 4부

December 2, 2019

Hello all, this is Ronga I’ve received a question on cellulite and this is the fourth part of my series of videos answering it. There’s a link in the top right corner of your screen that’ll take you to previous videos of this series. So, if you want to check them, please click on it. As today’s video picks up where the others left off I’d recommend you to watch them before you start this one. Part 1 discussed the case of obese people. Part 2 looked at people of normal weight, and Part 3 discussed slender people who stand up for long periods of time or walk a lot and how this can lead to cellulite forming. And in today’s video, I’m going to talk about why people who are slender but don’t either stand up for long periods of time or walk that much can still have cellulite issues. It’s not that uncommon for the types of people I talked about in the previous videos to have cellulite issues, and it’s pretty clear why they do. With the obese people, discussed in Part 1, we can assume their cellulite issues are due to subcutaneous fat And with those people in the Part 2 video, even though they’re slender many of them are actually TOFI (thin-outside-fat-inside) and so we can see that they have cellulite because parts of their bodies have a lot of subcutaneous fat. With the slender people discussed in the third video, even if they don’t have subcutaneous fat, they overload their legs and that causes cellulite. Even if they don’t know the actual principle, since they can feel pain or swelling in their legs as their legs are overloaded, they might be able to vaguely guess that this is the cause of their cellulite. But the people I’m talking about today don’t have that much subcutaneous fat as they’re slender and neither are their legs swollen through overloading which makes it difficult to guess what actually causes their cellulite issues. All of which can be more than just a bit frustrating. Well, the reason for their cellulite is a bodily fluid circulation issue. So, what is a bodily fluid circulation issue? The outer layer of the skin is called the epidermis And under that, there’s the dermis Under that there’s a layer of subcutaneous fat and then there’s muscle under that. The dermis holds a variety of fluid vessels such as; blood vessels, sebaceous glands, lymphatic vessels, sweat glands, each of which allow fluids to circulate. Of these bodily fluids, blood is circulated through the heart’s pumping but the heart doesn’t pump the other fluids instead, they’re circulated through muscular exertion. Now, skinny people don’t have much muscle, so, their low muscle mass will weaken their fluid circulation. If their life style sees them sitting in a chair for long stretches of time, this will press their thighs and buttocks and this pressure on the dermis of their thighs and buttocks will interfere with their fluid circulation. If they had a high muscle mass, and so had powerful fluid circulation, there wouldn’t be a circulation issue caused by this pressure but if their circulation is weak due to a small muscle mass, this will cause a fluid circulation issue. An obstructed fluid circulation weakens the dermis and when the dermis weakens, the subcutaneous fat penetrates into it, and if this subcutaneous fat merges with bodily fluids and creates grains, they’ll become cellulite. Even if people don’t sit for long periods at a time, tight clothes for instance super skinny jeans can cause cellulite for a similar reason. Now, you might have watched this video so far and find yourself asking: “If this is the case, should we avoid sitting for long periods and try to wear loose clothes?” While, in this case, cellulite is created by external pressure on the dermis the fundamental cause is weak circulation. If you develop and strengthen your muscles through exercise, you’ll boost your fluid circulation. This will ultimately encourage fluid circulation no matter what external pressure you receive. So, if it’s difficult for you to avoid tight clothes or sitting for long periods, building your muscles through exercise can treat the cellulite caused by bodily fluid circulation issues. I’ve been talking about the different reasons why cellulite is created and how to resolve it, but if you don’t fit any of these profiles, there may be a problem with what you’re eating. So in my next video, I’m going to talk about food that can cause cellulite. I’ll link it in the top right corner of the screen as soon as I’ve finished it. If you can’t see the link, it’s because I’m still making it so, please wait for a few days. Thank you all. Don’t for get to Like and subscribe if you found this video helpful and I’ll see you in the next video!


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    선댓글 후감상!

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    차분하고, 이해잘되도록 잘 정리된 좋은 정보 감사합니다~

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    어디에서도 볼수 없는 스타일의 지식전달입니다.

  • Reply 카누 September 7, 2019 at 12:14 pm

    순환장애 ..특히 여자들은 진짜 많이 겪고 있죠 ㅡㅜ 붙는 옷과 부족한 근육때문에 ㅠㅠ 수족냉증이랑…
    이게 문제였군요. 결론은 근육 운동을 해야겠네요.
    론가님 혹시 비만시절에 셀룰라이트가 생겼다가 다이어트해서 저체중이된 사람에게 셀룰라이트는 계속 빠지지않고 남아있는 경우에도 어쨌든 현재는 지방이 없는 편인데 셀룰라이트가 남아있으니 이 영상의 경우에 가깝겠죠? 또는 정상체중의 마른비만형태일수도있겠네요. 셀룰라이트때문에 그 부위의 지방만 덜 빠지거나했다면….. 마지막 영상까지 기다리겠습니다. 고생하셨습니다~

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    참 좋은 채널

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