道を間違えてアメリカの広い砂漠で迷ってしまった!!Stranded in the Mojave Desert!

December 15, 2019

I am lost somewhere in the Nevada desert ! I am completely off road! I see something up there! If I don’t make it back this will serve as my last words…. I am on my way back to California now but something bad has happened… I was going to get on the I-15 freeway but there was an accident and it was stopped… I decided I would use Waze and my navigation to figure out a way around the traffic…. but Ive wound up in the middle of no where! I am alone, with no cell signal at all now… There are no more paved roads.. just these dirt roads…. Waze is completely lost and has no idea where I am either!!! I am a bit concerned… There is absolutely no-one and nothing around me at all…. I think I’m in the Nevada desert somewhere but not exactly sure where! If I don’t make it back this video will serve as my last words…. I’ll be honest.. I’m a little scared… Before I wound up here I stopped in a small ghost town bar and asked…. I explained the 15 was closed down and if I could take a back street to parallel it or not…. they explained there was some unpaved roads but it was possible to meet up further south with the 15 freeway…. I didnt quite expect this though…. there is nothing here at all and I am a little bit worried…. Perhaps it was coincidence but they said there was a street called SEMA Rd to turn onto…. But there hasn’t been a road at all in a long long time! Maybe I should have just waited in the traffic like everyone else…. I am a little worried… I hope there really even is a road called Sema Rd!! I hope that wasn’t some bad joke they made on an obvious Sema Show attendee! I am completely off road… the sun is blinding me too! I don’t think there are many roads like this in Japan! Maybe in Hokkaido but I am in the middle of a desert right now! Look at this!! If something bad happens or I break down this isn’t going to end well! I am blinded by the sun right now! I got to focus on driving right now… if this is my last transmission to you, please forgive me! The lesson to take from this is to just shut up deal with the traffic and stay on the main road! This is surreal! Look around me right now! Something’s coming!! What is that coming my way??? a bus? a truck? its a big truck and its kicking up dust and dirt everywhere!!! I cant see!! It’s scary!! It was a cement gravel truck. and now I really cant see anything at all! but seeing a truck is a good sign!! It means something must be ahead… I hope… I’m going to focus on driving and get back to you shortly… stand by… I’m not really sure if this fun or not right now… I am still driving and nothing in site…. I do know that I am heading south which is a good thing…. and if I had to guess the 15 freeway has to be parallel to the left somewhere…. I have been trying to zoom all the way out on this navigation system… it looks like their are roads around me but there doesn’t really seem to be…. I don’t see any roads that head to the left to connect with the freeway at all. I hope I find something before the sun sets… These dirt roads remind me of when my Kid and I used to go off road to ride dirt bikes.. the only difference is we purposely went into the desert then… but I don’t think we ever saw desert quite like this!! OMG! the dirt road has now turned very sandy! this is not a joke…. “Steve! Shouldn’t you turn around and just go back?” I’m not sure if I would make it back at this point either! I’m glad I filled up the car not long before leaving Vegas… I have never been on a road quite like this before! I really hope there is a Sema Road somewhere! It doesn’t look like there is anything still for a long time! I hope I have enough gas to get me through this! I’m kind of glad I am in my new (used) Audi Allroad for this! I definitely need the “All-Road” for this mess! I am glad I am not in just a regular car right now… that’s just me trying to stay positive right now during this… lol I am pretty sure I am heading south so I am relatively confident that I’m headed toward California. Good thing I didn’t start lowering and putting wheels on this Audi Allroad quite yet!!! There are a lot of cactus all around me!! Look!! I finally found a sign!!! The 15 freeway is to the left!!!!! YES!!!! I am so happy!! Thankfully I made it!! I really was worried… I want to go home now!! lol I am so relieved… I am back on a normal paved road! The freeway is 12 miles ahead on this road… I’m glad I was able to stay positive! I guess that was kind of fun, maybe!! lol The freeway!!! I made it! I see big trucks!! That makes me happy!!! Honestly I am still not quite sure where I exactly am… I assume I am in California by now…. but not really sure!! lol I still cant believe I got lost in the desert for all that time!!! I am in California indeed! there certainly wasn’t any “Welcome to California” signs on the road I took!! lol Its all good…. Im alive and well and that’s all that matters! I’m thankful it is still light outside and not night time. I am thankful for my ability to stay positive.. and I am thankful for my unmodified Audi Allroad too!!! I am pretty tired after that… I am going home and relaxing for a bit!! Until next time please remember always “Thumbs Up”…. and a smile and positivity are all good things!! Remember my merchandise is available on and Amazon Japan as well…. Until next time…. Thumbs Up!

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