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疫情严重,广东的日常生活|Serious epidemic situation, daily life in Guangdong

February 25, 2020

>>Today, I opened my headlines and backstage with joy>>Prepare for an unprecedented visual impact>>To my young heart>>The money for my dog’s clothes will come in handy>>Let me see…>>Backstage, revenue analysis, click Open>>!!!#@!%&*#>>What the hell>>Ah, it seems that my dog won’t survive this winter>>My mood is very complicated>>I want to hold my girlfriend>>Think I don’t have a girlfriend>>What can I do…>>Can’t you just go out and find someone to hold you?>>At this time, I thought>>I still have a soft one>>I’ll go down and find it now>>The moment of opening the door>>A breath of morning came to my face>>I really want to hold my dog right now…>>My heart…>>what is it?>>What the hell>>Damned dog, actually ate the word “out” of my newly bought safety carpet?!>>Sit well!>>Did you do it??>>You don’t want to leave. Come back!>>Did you do a good job?>>See what I can do with you>>There are so many weapons in my house>>Look at this one in my hand
00:01:43,000 –>00:01:44,500
>>Lethal mandarin duck staff>>How many other people can cry at one stroke>>At the same time, this is the nightmare of many young souls…>>well, let me introduce you to the next weapon>>The next weapon is awesome>>This is the ultimate weapon of Guangdong compatriots in china>>Usually just name it>>It’s going to scare a lot of people>>It can be seen how powerful this weapon is!>>Last weapon>>It looks like a hoe>>But it’s smaller than a hoe>>Like that… (you know) right? LOL>>Er… This is called…>>Impotence Towering Hoe!!!>>It’s small and exquisite. I’m not ashamed of its name>>Finally, I chose this lethal mandarin duck stick to teach it a lesson>>Such a cute little animal>>How can I bear to do it>>I tied it up. He bit me a lot>>Come on, dodo, call dad>>I went back to the balcony to think about life…
00:03:24,500 –>00:03:27,250
>>At home, the sky is so beautiful
00:03:28,520 –>00:03:33,000
>>Driving,looking at the scenery along the way is also very good
00:03:34,400 –>00:03:38,700
>>There is also a bird, flying freely in the air
00:03:38,300 –>00:03:42,000
>>In the warm sunshine…it
00:03:43,000 –>00:003:46,640
>>Perched on a tall tree…

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