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日本のプラモデル/RCカーの世界がすごい! Japan’s Amazing Modded RC Trucks, Cars and Legos!

December 19, 2019

Check this out! Even an old guy like me likes RC (radio controlled) Cars and models.. Hi Everyone! I am Steve with Steve’s POV! I have always loved plastic models and RC cars… It seems like less and less kids nowadays though are interested in model building.. But as an old guy who has enjoyed this hobby for a long time I would like to offer some advice… Building things like models and RC cars with your own hands is really important… it is the roots of learning to build real cars and other big things…. What your looking at here are some old dirt covered models I built many years ago…. My son “Kid” is now almost 20 years old…. But when he was smaller, every time I went to Japan I would bring back some of these Tamiya models. I always thought these particular models were fantastic! This is a “crawler” I built myself… I bought these models for the Kid but since he was small he would lose interest fairly quickly… he would help me but then lose focus and move onto something else….. at the end of the day I would build the models mostly myself LOL I must admit it was a lot of fun building these! My assistant in Japan, Nino, recently got invited to an “underground” RC car and model event…. I was invited too but unfortunately I was in America and not able to attend…. Nino went on behalf of me and man am I a jealous of all the cool stuff!!! Nino: did you bring any models that you built? yes… I built a bunch of these Bosozoku Kaido Racer cars….. I always like seeing all the Bosozoku cars that drive around Japan at the end of every year…. I modeled these cars after those cars I loved seeing…. and here I re-created a gas station with a truck wash diorama within this display case… compared to what everyone else here has built, this is a really simplistic model… Wait a minute!! You build models too Nino?? I didnt know that!! That is really cool Nino!! Good job!! My friend here has re-created some incredible Liberty Walk models… I have built many models over the years but also bought many too…. these cars and bus were all bought…. and a Steve’s POV fan actually built me this and sent it to me! I love it!! It is a terrific replica of my Nissan Skyline Hakosuka! These little figures are called Homies! Many years ago I made this diorama to fit the cars and the Homies together…. this type of thing takes model building and collecting to another level of personalization! Call me weird but this is fun stuff!! I made this myself from Legos. show me your favorite part of the car… Underneath here I like… thank you!! As a Dad into model building I always wanted my son to experience the same things I enjoyed…. The Kid is now a college student and he isn’t at home much…. but he has neatly kept all the models he has built and collected too!! Check this out! This is a Lego Millennium Falcon that the Kid built a long time ago… It was a really difficult one for him to build! In Japan, I don’t think that Hess Trucks are very well known… Ever since I was a kid I would get the new Hess truck model every year during the holiday season…. Hess is an east coast gas station chain…. and from a long time ago, every year they made a new truck…. I wanted to pass that same tradition down to the Kid so ever since he was born we got a new Hess truck every year for him…. as a result, he now has the same passion for these things that I do!! This is my friend who invited us to this “secret” event…. he makes some of the most detailed and cool small truck models…. Tell us about this new one you just built… I was imagining trucks that haul fish from rural parts of Japan…. Then I wanted to make it generational from old to new 3 trucks…. Wow. you make some of the craziest and most detailed small scale models I have ever seen.. Thanks! Check this out Steve!! My friend made this for you! It’s a model of your Hakosuka! It’s really really well done!! My friend is a really well regarded model builder…. I’m honored he made this and gave it to me!! he also made me this! a Steve’s POV and Nino POV sticker too!! this is awesome!! Thank you so much! That looked like an awesome event Nino!! I definitely want to go next time too! Please invite me again and sorry I couldn’t make it this time! Until then, please remember to subscribe to my channel and please check out my merchandise too!! Minimally I suggest getting 1 Thumbs Up sticker so you too can join the Thumbs Up movement!! See you all again soon!!


  • Reply スティーブ的視点 Steve's POV December 16, 2019 at 10:01 pm

    ここまでリアルに再現された改造車やデコトラなどのプラモデルを見れるのは日本だけ!本当に感動しますね!The realness of level of detail in Japanese RC cars trucks and models is absolutely amazing!!!!!!!  Check out the best at this “underground” Japan RC meet!!

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  • Reply John Abbet December 17, 2019 at 10:25 am

    I want to buy those trucks from every Torakku yarō films. Also those trucks from Momojiro's enemies.

  • Reply Cars with my Kid December 17, 2019 at 11:12 am

    This is just plain cool!!! ?

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    Some amazing models and RC’s. Thanks for sharing ??

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    Nino ACED the videography and essence of that model show. It was so fun to watch!

  • Reply Bugatti28yearsold December 17, 2019 at 5:42 pm

    When you saving up some money for RC cars, Steve posts a rc car video !!

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    Awesome video Steve, so many amazing models ??

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    Hey Steve appreciate the channel like the hard work you put into it no drama merry Christmas buddy keep up the good work thank you

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