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拖了3年的肺炎,落实原始点,2个月改善症状(马来西亚) Pneumonia case – 3 years (Malaysia)

November 18, 2019

In June 2014,
2014年6月 I started to cough, practically coughing everyday.
我开始咳嗽 每天都咳 I would cough for some time before I could fall asleep.
咳了一段时间才能够入睡 My appetite was also poor,
食欲也不好 unable to eat every day.
每天都不能够吃 I have been continously coughing for 2 months.
咳了两个月 The cough causing a great pain to my chest.
咳到我的胸很痛 I went to see a Western medicine doctor and was diagnosed of Pneumonia.
去找西医 医生说是肺炎 He prescribed anti-biotics for 1 week
他给了我1个星期的抗生素 and said that if after taking for a week
说如果1个星期吃了 and the pain persists, then would need to go for an X-ray.
还有痛的话 就要照X光 After consuming the antibiotics for a week,
吃了1个星期的抗生素后 the pain in my chest has been reduced,
我的胸痛是有减轻了 but the coughing continued to be persistence.
但是咳嗽还是持续 Because I am a hawker selling pastry
因为我是卖糕点的小贩 and I made my own pastry,
都是我自己制作的 so, by 12.00 am each day,
所以我每天凌晨12点 I had to get up to make preparation.
就开始起来准备了 By 6.00 am, I would go out to set up my stall.
6点就出去开张 I was busy right up to 7.00 pm.
一直忙到晚上7点 I only slept for 3 to 4 hours daily
才睡3 4个小时 and then I had to get up and make the preparation again.
又再重复起身 又再重新准备 My daily routine was like this, upside down.
每天都是这样子颠倒的时间 Therefore, my cough symptom has never been cured.
所以我的咳嗽一直都不好 In mid-May 2017,
2017年5月中 once, I continuosly cough for 5 days.
有一次连续5天 I have been coughing up a lot of bloods.
我大量的咳血 I coughed till my whole body was sweating.
那时咳到全身都出汗 I felt exhausted and short of breath.
人很辛苦 呼吸也辛苦 on May 22,
5月22日的时候 I went for an X-ray examination at a clinic.
我去诊所照X光 The doctor told me that
然后医生跟我说 there were some problems with my lung.
我的肺部是有问题的 He advised me to go to the hospital
要我去医院 to conduct a thorough diagnosis and treatment.
做详细的检查和治疗 But some friends of mine
但是身边的有些朋友 who have gone through the treatment for a period of time
去做治疗过了一段时间 were all gone now
都不在了  Therefore, I have decided
所以我觉得 to use other methods to treat my cough problem.
用其他方法来处理我这个咳嗽 On July 20, 2017,
2017年7月20日 the first time I came to
我第一次来 C.C.H. Yuan Shi Dian Malaysia Organisation
马来西亚张钊汉原始点推广中心 to seek for help.
寻求协助 Besides Antui for me,
志工除了帮我按推 the volunteers also taught me how to apply External and Internal Heat Sources,
还教导我运用内外热源 how to boil ginger soup, Wenfu
如何熬煮姜汤 温敷 and need to have proper rest.
还有要有充分的休息 Appropriate Exercise is more important
运动更重要 and have to pay attention to the state of mind as well.
心态也要注意 After completely watching the videos of Dr. Chang,
听了张医师完整的演讲视频后 I actively implemented the Yuan Shi Dian methods
我就很积极地落实原始点 to improve my life styles.
去改善我生活的方式 For example, I would
例如我每天 boiled ginger soup with 50 grams of dried ginger slices daily.
会熬煮50克干姜片 After bathing,
洗澡我都会 I would use the hair-drier to blow and dry my body.
用吹风筒来吹干我的身体 I would climb the stairs 10 to 15 rounds daily
我每天会爬楼梯10至15趟 and sit-up for 10 to 15 times.
做俯仰卧10至15次 Sometime I would do running on the spot in the living hall.
有时在客厅原地跑步 Sometime I would also do stretching exercises.
有时也会做一些拉筋的动作 my sleep has also improved.
我的睡眠也改善了 I slept for at least 6 hours daily.
我每天至少睡6个小时 Unlike before
不再像以前 only slept for 3 to 4 hours.
才睡那3个 4个小时 I also use the DIY tools
我也用DIY工具 to Antui on my own.
来自己做按推 After implementing Yuan Shi Dian methods,
落实原始点的方法 within a short period of 2 months,
才短短的两个月 my condition has improved tremendously.
我的情形改善了很多 I have stopped coughing
我不再咳嗽了  and stopped coughing up blood.
也没有咳血 My spirit and stamina were very good.
我的精神体力也很好 I won’t fall asleep while driving.
我驾车也不会打瞌睡 Prior to this, whenever I climbed stairs,
之前我爬楼梯 I would severely run out of breath after climbing 2 floors.
爬两层我就喘得很厉害 Now, I could climb 10 to 15 rounds
现在我爬10至15趟 without any problem at all.
都没有问题 I am very thankful and grateful to
我很感谢 也很感恩 Dr. Chang for discovering and researching Yuan Shi Dian (YSD)
张医师研发原始点 that enabled me to improve my years of coughing.
让我能够改善我多年的咳嗽 So, from October 2017,
所以2017年10月份 I have decided to join
我决定加入 C.C.H. Yuan Shi Dian Malaysia Organisation
马来西亚张钊汉原始点推广中心 as a volunteer.
当志工 I hope that through my case study,
希望透过我的案例 everyone could testify the self-healing ability of our body.
让大家见证人体的修复能力 By using the correct methods,
用对的方法 one can surely resolve diseases and illnesses
一定可以解决疾病 and regain health.

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