【黃瓜凝膠】變成【冰塊】當做保養?Ice cucumber gel for skin care?

August 31, 2019

Hello, everyone I’m Sylvia Welcome back to my Youtube Channel How is everyone doing? In this video, I want to try something Which is Most of you probably ever use a skin care called Aloe Vera gel It can moisture your skin Body lotion, and many benefit and tips I put the video link At the top corner here Take a look if you want to know tips about aloe vera gel If most of you using aloe vera gel It is kind of liquid, right? Have you guys ever thought How about it turn to ice? And treat our skin I think it should be ok This way It can minimize your pores Why? Because it cold It won’t make your pores open In fact that it can minimize your pores, which is amazing I want to give it a try But I don’t have Aloe Vera Gel product today I just have this Cucumber gel It is same If you have Aloe Vera Gel And you can good to go Before start, I have prepare something for this project This one I get it from Super Save Store The price is Rm3.99 Includes GTS It look nice So this one will be join us Make sure you washed it Use hot water to sterilize And you are good to go OK let’s start It’s done Let’s me put it into the fridge Do you guys know how long I waiting? I thought it take like one hour to wait it turn to ice But it not. It’s been Less than two hours I found that wait one hour is not enough Wah It haven’t turn to ice yet It melt so quickly Never mind I wait until tomorrow I continued to film it So now I wear the same outfir Now is The second day Guess what It really It finally turn to ice now Huhu When you are try to take it out Just be careful Finally it turn to an ice 51.5% my skin moisture My skin is already moisture It look like this Ice It still sticky I didn’t wear any liquid foundation n my face I only put my eye makeup So cold No, I can’t. I can’t stand it So cold This part my pores on this part very worse sometime So I focus on this part better Are you notice? My pores become smaller now Because I look in the mirror all the time So I know it So obvious So cold When you start to apply it My neck feel refreshing This is suitable for Malaysia Weather Super hot Actually it quite nice This is worth to try But all you need to do is be patience. Wait 24 hour to becoming ice 1 hour, 2 hours, 5 hours is not enough When I go check my fridge It haven’t turn to ice yet It will melt so quickly You need to wait 24 hours so that it turn to ice I don’t even know how long to do this I remove the liquid the surface is dry now 71.2% skin moisture 50, and now 70 (Very moisture) Oh my God You guys must try this Worth to try and learn You can do face treatment at home No need go to beauty center anymore I hope you guys learn something in this video About beauty and skin care Press LIKE button Share this video to your friend and family Subscribe to my Youtube Channel And see you in my net video Bye ~

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