November 8, 2019

Horei Line Care Do you continue for a week? In this video How to make the confinement line itself inconspicuous Holy wire For the candy that was made Various Anti-wrinkle medicine Etc. are commercially available Firmly cleansing Raise wrinkles Make sure cleansing The medicine Make it easy to penetrate One way to care is This cheek muscle The volume is big When you sag Keep making candy Even if you apply strawberry cream From above To cover Because we make wrinkles The volume here By reducing Made wrinkles It ’s an idea to make it less noticeable Let’s get started With index finger and thumb Pinch your cheek Strengthen the first time like this Pinch I told you I have a nose Because the cheeks are flat How to use this finger I think it’s easy to pinch Than pinch sideways Please pinch vertically In the same way Pinch 20 to 30 seconds Keep picking Then I think it will be a little warmer If it gets warmer Go on the cheek A line on the face Temporary line Eye corner line Black eye line Line next to nose These three lines what if Please make From the outside line Please irritate Pinch above the frying line Here I’m here In the corner of the eyes Pinch Massage up to below the eyes Stimulus location is 1, 2, 3 1 ・ 2 1 ・ 2 1 ・ 2 Place Please use as a guide From under the cheek If you feel warm I will go next If you don’t feel warm 10 seconds 20 seconds 20 seconds to 30 seconds That means continue Also a little at this time With the strength to feel comfortable pain If you squeeze more than that It hurts later Because you can’t continue to care I feel a little pain Please pinch If you have a lot of edema, your face Hego If it is depressed by pressing, do not dent Shorten time Increase the number of changes Please adjust At this time Pinch a little Please move it Pinching right and left The amount of fat is different Hardness is different Or Are there any painful places? Although it is denied medically Such a place Say cellulite Fat metabolism Partially I think it ’s a declining place later We will tell you how to process cellulite Now pinch It ’s the stage of increasing metabolism Above the fringe line Under the eyes 3 places to pick 3 places Please massage Please pinch It ’s next to Melco ’s nose, it ’s also close to my skin. It ’s above the Horai Line Whole cheek If it ’s warmer than other places This stage is a success If it does n’t get warm once again Please massage from the beginning Or Cold place Only the parts that are hard to get warm Massage Until you feel warm Please pinch Fingers are With the index finger and the next finger Sandwich Let’s turn it lightly At this time Put it deep enough to touch the bone Please do n’t crush your bones. On the bone Boil lightly Please boil gently If you strengthen at this time Hurt collagen or elastin Because I’m going to lose Don’t let my cheeks sag gently gently Massage This also from the outside Towards the center Raise Raise Raise It ’s up to the line Depending on face condition If you have a large cheek volume In the center where it stands out Please massage I will also check this width If you laugh with your mouth wide open this can you see? this part Because it ’s wide The width of the face looks large So This horizontal part From the corner of the eye Outside This part Please massage carefully If you touch This way of touching Easy to care If you do not touch With two fingers Please massage This part is Without pinching and warming Because it has muscles that raise the corners of the mouth Strong stimulation On the cheeks Because it may lead Not very strong If you touch something hard On that hard thing Like stroking Please massage Around here If you are concerned about the cheekbones This muscle Massage Muscle remaining volume By taking It is possible to make it look smaller You can laugh and move around politely politely 0 ・ 1 ・ 2 ・ 3 Let’s massage in order Hard place I think there is a difference between right and left At that time Bald face When you laugh Just laughing at one side Like Win It is thought that you are using that is Because it may lead to the left and right of the face The side where the muscles are hard politely Take time Increase the number of times Hardness about the same Until the volume Let’s massage So the number of massages is I have n’t decided Too much Because it sags 3-4 times as a guide Add only the points of interest With the massage policy Please proceed with care Cellulite Hard and painful place Adjustment method Pinch with fingers I’m hard here A little deeper Bone Firmly down to bone depth Fingers In this direction Hold down I’ll pick up a little Lift View from above It looks like this If this is muscle With fingers Pinch Alternately If you move it Around this Muscle Soften By doing so What is hard It becomes easy to loosen Then Face imbalance Because it becomes easy to arrange If you are worried about the difference between left and right in this way Check in three dimensions Cheek size Please adjust If both are larger This method if it is hard Please incorporate If you rub hard Because there ’s a trace left. I do n’t feel pain gently Punyutto Pick up Lightly Like shaking To shake It feels a little rocking Sensuously in this way Please shake Then the volume Decrease and become easier Looking in the mirror Three-dimensionally Check touch Look with eyes Move Volume is Whether it has changed Please check And After the massage Swell with a little heat If you touch it I think it ’s warm Touching the temperature Not here Here is Please check With the hand I don’t know the exact temperature difference On the back of the hand Touch you This is also when fever You can use it Please remember A little warm Warm and I’ll get swollen So Massage here Put on a towel lightly In front of the ear Gather in From the ear I ’m going to scatter This side should be done with the opposite hand Easy to massage Holding a towel in this way The whole cheek Please take care of swelling At this time Avoid making wrinkles be quiet By moving slowly Prevent wrinkles In the same way The other side also has a towel Please do not make firewood I think it will tighten This massage 1 week Watching this video every day Speed depth Massage speed Etc. Manage every day Let’s advance care It takes time If it does Almost certainly Make a funny face If you do it strongly, it will become swollen. The degree of pain Don’t force it Be calm Please massage gently Marionette line If you still have swelling under the cheeks Another lap worked hard Elaborately massage the place Then the way to go up I’m overall I think it will be in place Also A double jaw massage on the neck When done together Because it tends to make a clean impression overall Please take a massage together If you think today’s content was helpful Thank you for your high evaluation Next step video So as not to miss Tap this photo Please subscribe In that case, set the notification settings. If you leave it on Because there is no oversight Please do not forget With your beauty Please help with aging care See you next time in this chain

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