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► 9 Cosas Que Excitan A Cualquier Hombre

November 4, 2019

Hello my friends, how are you? I’m Christian. So happy to be here. Today I have a great topic about 9 things that turn on any man At least to 99% of heteros3xual men in this world And, these 9 things are not the typical things like kisses in the neck or wearing sexy clothes, no no no. These are things that really really don’t fail. And, I will give it to you as information so you can use it to your advantage just to some of you, because I’m sure many of you won’t be able to fulfill the 9 of them but if you are lucky and you have any of these you must use them because, believe me, they are very good weapons to seduce a man. Number 1: it’s very obvious, there is no man who hasn’t had the fantasy of a threesome with two women Simple, watching two women together having some kind of sensual, erotic, s3xual interaction… it’s the hottest thing. It doesn’t matter if you think you have the prince chaming as a partner… if you have Prince William or if you think you have the best man of the world and the most faithful… You propose him that you want to have a threesome with another woman and I’m so sure that his eyes will glow from happiness and lust. Simple! Number 2 When a woman wears men’s boxers to be at home or simply to be comfortable she releases an energy and vibe of confidence that it’s really sensual. Why? It’s very simple… When a woman wears men’s boxers, what she makes believe is that she has such a good body that it doesn’t matter if she wears men’s underwear. She is so sensual that even with men’s clothes she is still sensual, then when she conveys that confidence… we as men… when we see a girl with men’s boxers, is like…. Wow, such a confidence, such a body she is super hot… so you can apply this with your partners and later you can tell me how it went. Number 3: Some girls have dimples in the lower back, exactly where the butt starts, above the buttocks, there are two dimples that some women have in a genetic way …. Some people think that these dimples can be created, can be created by working out but the truth is that it does not work for all women. However, if you are one of the lucky ones who have these dimples in the back, believe me that even if you don’t know and you don’t believe it you have two very good weapons, so start wearing short blouses to show that sexy lower back and the men around you start thinking more about you. Number 4: And here many women are going to jump and they are going to complain but I’m sorry friends is the truth The firm or operated breasts … I’m NOT saying that the operated breasts the breasts that look firm AND / OR that are operated they happen to be very very attractive and appealing for men Why? Because that’s the way things are, simply that’s the way things are Every time a man sees a girl who has operated breasts, it is inevitable to see that woman and even though some people make comments like “ohh, they are fake and blah blah blah”, or whatever you want… yes, maybe they are fake but the fact that they are fake it does not mean that they do not look good 99% of men who sees a woman with operated breasts would love to see that woman totally naked. As simple as that! Number 5: the moans The moans that a woman makes while having s3x are very very sensual Watch out! When I say “the moans” I do not mean to pretend or to fake with your partner and start screaming and moaning in a scandalous way. No no no Because obviously, we can tell, believe it or not when it’s too much, when it’s fake, but, the moans that come out in a natural way when you are having s3x, when you are enjoying… those are the ones that turn on. Any man gets horny by knowing that his woman is having pleasure is feeling, is enjoying because of him; then when those moans come out that’s really good for the man because with this he gets excited and motivated to keep doing and performing a good job. So, the next time you are having s3x, don’t hold yourself because of embarrasment or shame Better, just let it flow, do not exaggerate but let it flow in the way it has to flow. Number 6: And, I commented this in a previous video, when a woman starts saying dirty and explicit words about the situation that is having with her partner in a s3xual way at a time; that’s capable to turn on many men. Okay, I must say that a lot of them may not like it or they are not interested about it but most of them will find it sexy and will get turned on by it; so, you can try it. I’m not saying that you should do it all the time but something new does not hurt. Number 7: And this is very important because many women forget to do it. Girls! When you are giving oral s-3-x to your partner I know you’re down there and you’re a little busy but while you are doing it, try to see your partner directly in his eyes That look, that you throw to your partner while you are performing oral s3x, It’s a very very sensual look, very erotic and turns us on as you have no idea. I have talked about this with many people many of my friends agree with this theory and it’s true, so next time try it when you are with your partner giving him oral s3x just look into his eyes and then you can tell me if it worked. Number 8: Girls, this is very important. A firm butt and without cellulitis is something that can turn on any man in a matter of seconds. And it’s very sad to see that girls, some girls of 15, 17, 18, 20 years old, being so young they already have cellulitis. It’s really unbelievable. Why? Because, they are simply lazy to do exercise every day And obviously they eat all the food they can during the day, so, girls, pleeeease, If you are young, take advantage of your youth Take care of your legs, only a few minutes of exercise every day is the only thing you need and your butt will look perfect. As you get older, you will have to do more and more exercise to take care of your body, but while young girls, please 10, 15 minutes of squats or walking or running a day, that’s going to help you to not have a drop of cellulitis. and to attract men like lapdogs behind you. And finally, the number 9 it’s something that really all women can do unless your religion forbids it. Some religions are somewhat strict in this aspect But, it is to have the erotic area or the genital areas, shaved. I mean, as they would say, to have the bikini area, shaved or at least trimmed, ok? There are girls who use the laser to pluck, then it looks as if they have nothing, not a single hair and that’s very, very good, most men like it. Like I said, 99% of men like it, and if you don’t believe me, ask him. “My love, would you like me to shave down there? ” Yes, or no, or what do you think? And I’m sure most of them will tell you; “Yes, yes I totally agree with that, I’ll pay for your laser hair removal sessions, so do it now.” And, if not, at least, you can trim it. To have the Amazon jungle down there is not trending anymore that was in the 80s or around that time, now the trend is to have it trimmed, Brazilian style or totally shaved, so I assure you that if you do it, every time your partner take off your underwear and see how you keep that area clean and hygienic, you will not be able to get rid of him. Well that’s it, I’m Christian and I hope this video works for you. Do not forget to share it with your friends And men do not forget to share it with your girls, with their girlfriends, with their partners, etc. etc. Do not forget to visit Follow me on Twitter, on Facebook Like this video and tell me in the comments What other things do you think will turn on men in an infernal and impressive way in this way other users will also know and will be able to follow the tips that are working for you That’s it, I’m Christian, see you in the next video Big kiss to all the girls and a hug to all the guys.


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    Siento que este men está diciendo lo que le gusta ?

  • Reply venezula espinoza November 3, 2019 at 11:34 pm

    Una mujer de senos pequeños y con celulitis no puede exitar a un hombre ?

  • Reply emma aguilar November 4, 2019 at 4:23 am

    El trio noo

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