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అండ్డుకొర్రల రవ్వ ఇడ్లీ Brown Top Millet Ravva Idli

December 28, 2019

sooji rava, sooji rava 4 cups curd 1 cup 1 grated carrot coriander, curry leaves,ginger brown top millets soaked 4 or 5 hours before preparation jeera 1 spoon Mustard seeds 1 spoon and Salt to taste shift the sooji rava into a big bowl add curd into the rava add salt as per the taste mix well add some water if we need loose consistency add the carrot, coriander, curry leaves, ginger into the rava mix all the ingredients keep aside and soak it for 45 mins add the brown top millets into the jar need to make fine paste adding these millet into the idli will be more healthy and hygiene this reduces weight loss and good food for diabetic patients too make the paste into loose consistency add the paste into rava mixture mix all the ingredients keep aside and soak the mixture for 45 mins add some oil into a pan add jeera and mustar seeds into pan and fry it till it turns into brown fry these poppy seeds until it turns into brown colour add the poppy seeds into the rava mixture mix it well if the batter is tight means then add some water and makes it into loose consistency making the batter into loose consistency Now the batter is ready for Idli making already i applied some oil to the Idli plates add the batter into the Idli plates Like this place the batter into all plates place the idli plates into pressure cooker and steam it sim the cooker and steam it for 15 min after steam now the idli is ready shift the idli’s into a plate Healthy Brown top millet rava idli is ready to taste healthy and tasty diet food for all

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