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January 27, 2020

Coronavirus is the first panic in China’s Wuhan province. About 2,000 people have already been infected with the new virus. About 5 people lost their lives. The disease has been reported in France, Thailand and Singapore. Europe has not been excluded from the coronavirus. Physicians are worried enough about the virus being imported. Now the question is, can I and you be infected with this virus? Although researchers do not yet know the exact source or cause of the coronavirus, it is estimated that people contacting livestock are the victims of the virus. Researchers and physicians have not yet reached a definitive conclusion. However, according to medical experts, the virus causes colds and coughs. Generally, the disease can develop into pneumonia. Body temperature is high with. In some cases, there is a fever with breathing. Generally, the cold cough virus is accessible up to 5 feet away. Therefore, if the person is infected with the virus and the immune system in the body is low, then anyone can suffer. The antidote for this virus has not yet been found. There is no vaccine, no vaccine. The presence of superbugs in the body is often hampering patients and doctors due to unnecessary and excessive antibiotics around the world. Whenever antibiotics are being taken, the body is made to take “antibiotic resistance” or “anti microbial resistance”. The danger of the virus entering the body with its hands. The body itself creates a resistance against the antibiotic by using unscientific methods and frequent antibiotics. As a result of taking those drugs frequently, after a period of time, they no longer work in the body. The bacteria present in the body gain the ability to fight the drug. He became more powerful as a result of genetic mutations. Extremely powerful microbes are termed “superbugs” in medical terminology. And this superbug is born with the latest virus. The nature of which takes a lot of time. Therefore, it is impossible to bring a bug. According to physicians, surveillance at the airport is the only way to prevent it in countries where the virus does not originate. Confidence should also be placed on a diet that will increase the immune system’s ability to prevent a virus attack. The same steps that we take to prevent the common cold-cough-fever can be done in the case of the virus. Eat only if you wash your hands before eating, otherwise use a sanitizer. To get out, the “Face Mask” must come out later. The virus attacks are mainly fatal to those whose immune system is low. That is why children and the elderly are the main target. ”

Until the last news, the coronary virus has increased the death toll to 8 in China.

Wherever the viewer is, try to be good and warn everyone by sharing the video.

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