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सेब का सिरका:तेज़ी से चर्बी कम करें | Apple Cider Vinegar For Weight Loss, Benefit & Precautions

August 27, 2019

Hello Friends, today we will talk about Apple Cider Vinegar. One should use Apple Cider Vinegar only after consulting a doctor or nutritionist. Always use it after consulting a Doctor. Now I will tell you, what is Apple Cider Vinegar, what are the benefits of it, precautions before taking this and what is the connection between Apple Cider Vinegar and Weight Loss. Yeast is added into crushed apples for fermentation and the liquid is extracted through distillation, is known as Appl Cider Vinegar. Now we will talk about its benefits and connection with Weight Loss. Number 1 Benefit of Apple Cider Vinegar is that lowers down the sugar level in the blood. It has acetic acid, which lowers the sugar level in the blood stream. Apart from that it keeps a person full and reduces hunger. The one who takes it, does not indulge into overeating. and when your not doing overeating, you will lose weight and as it lowers the sugar from the blood stream, that way it does not store excess fat in the body. According to a study, it has been proved that people who had Apple Cider vinegar, used to feel full and there blood sugar level were reduced. Another benefit is that it helps in lowering the Cholesterol Level the body. Because it has pectin in it. and Pectin Helps in lowering the LDL (Bad Cholesterol) But some people are allergic to Pectin, so one who is allergic to pectin should not consume it. It also removes the fungal and bacterial infection from the body. (Like it removes them from the food pipe, stomach, and intestines) Apple cider vinegar helps improve digestion by increasing stomach acid and makes a great digestive support. Apple cider vinegar will bind to toxins, helping them out of the body during a detox Now i will share the precautions before taking Apple Cider Vinegar. it lowers blood potassium and does bone loss if large doses of apple cider vinegar taken over a long period of time. people with osteoporosis and arthritis should not consume it. I won’t recommend to take it regularly, I would say one can take it 2-3 times in 10 days. Due to it’s acidic nature, one should not use ti daily. Although it is good for Diabetes Patients as it lowers the Sugar in the bloodstream. But People who take insulin or insulin-stimulating medications and vinegar may experience dangerously low blood sugar or potassium levels. if you are Heart Patient or High BP Patient then you should not consume it as it may react with your medication. Acidic foods and beverages have been shown to damage tooth enamel. Thus it is better to use straw while taking this. Maximum you can take 2 tsp in a day with half a glass of water. But not more than that. Always dilute Apple cider vinegar as it is very acidic and can burn the tissues in your mouth and throat. Don’t drink it regularly. Use it only 2-3 times in 10 days.


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  • Reply Sheikh Afzal October 23, 2018 at 12:55 am

    Sister kya kisi b brand ka ACV ly skty hain

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