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सुन्दर त्वचा के लिए Vitamin A, B, C & E का उपयोग || Vitamin A, B, C & E For Glowing Skin

August 23, 2019

Hi friends. A lot of you have been asking me that in order to keep the skin healthy, glowing and pigmentation free what vitamins should one use? So in this video, I will tell you about those vitamins which keep our skin clean clear and wrinkle free. and I will also tell you how we can use these vitamins available in different products on our skin To say it simply this video can be called the “A, B, C & E of Skin Care” If we utilise these 4 vitamins in the correct way then we can keep our skin, healthy, glowing and free from blemishes easily First of all lets talk about Vitamin A this vitamin is a Retinoid whose active form is Retinoic Acid Retinoic acid is able to penetrate and enter into our skin easily but in most of the anti ageing and wrinkle removal creams available in the market there is a compound known as Retinol which when applied, gets converted into 2% or 3% Active Retinoic Acid which can enter into our skin Now, how does this Retinoic Acid work on our skin? Firstly, it speeds up the “turnover” of our skin Which means that normally, the fresh or Basal layer of our skin takes on an average 30 days to travel up to the surface and form the outer layer of our skin but on application of Retinoic Acid, the freshly formed skin takes only 14-20 days to rise up and form the new layer of skin this makes the skin rejuvenated and thus wrinkles, fine lines and pigmentation decreases Retinoic acid also the promotes the development of collagen or elastic tissue as also the development of fine blood capillaries in the skin which makes our skin look healthy and also lends a pink glow to the skin But the high concentration of retinoic acid can irritate the skin and can thus cause redness in the skin that is why it is very important that when you start to use retinoic acid creams and gels such as Retino A you must always begin their usage with the lowest concentration available or you can also use 01.% Adapalene Gel which is a more refined, second generation retinoic acid and it also causes less amount of redness and inflamation It is always best to use Retinoic Acid creams on alternate days only Women should never use these creams during pregnancy, and they should not be used by Lactating Mothers either Now, lets talk about Vitamin B Vitamin B is a group of Vitamins This includes Vitamin B1 B2 B3 B5 B12 etc Out of these Vitamin B3 is the one which can be used directly on the skin also known as Niacinamide Vitamin B3 has both anti-inflammatory, as well as anti-bacterial properties That is why the usage of Niacinamide Cream is effective in treating Rosacea, as well as Acne & Pimples Niacinamide cream also reduces pigmentation If you combine Niacinamide cream with creams such as Retino A then the chances of redness and inflammation are greatly reduced This cream can be used safely during pregnancy also This cream is available at the medical store or online on Amazon and goes by the name of Melanil Anti-Spot Cream Or else you can buy Nianeed 500 (Healthvit) capsules and consume 1 capsule daily (500mg each) Niacinamide cream or serum should be applied daily at night You can start with a concentration of 5% and then graduate on to a concentration of 10-15% In the A, B, C & E of skin care the third vitamin is Vitamin C Vitamin C’s active form, which means the form that can enter into your skin is known as Ascorbic Acid this can be applied to the skin in the form of a cream, or serum Or you can even purchase edible tablets from the medical store Vitamin C is a very good Anti-Oxidant it helps the get the body rid of free radicals, or waste products This is an anti-inflammatory agent and it protects the skin from sun damage It also promotes the growth of collagen or elastic tissue in the skin Keeps large open pores, fine lines and wrinkles in check and it also rids the skin of pigmentation If you wish to apply this during the day time then you should first apply Vitamin C serum and then apply a good sunscreen with moisturiser before stepping out in the sun In the night, you can use this as a night cream to get rid of wrinkles, fine lines and dark circles In india, Cipla Pharma manufactures this under the brand names of VC 5 & VC 15 Serum You should start using this with a concentration of 5% and then increase the concentration to 15% Vitamin C serum gets destroyed due to light/sun rays that is why the serum should always be stored in a dark, airtight bottle, inside the refigerator And now, last, but not the least Vitamin E this is a strong anti-oxidant which helps the skin get rid of free radicals and it is also an excellent moisturiser for the skin and consuming it also keeps up the levels of Vitamin A in our body Not only this, but this vitamin also helps the skin to heal pimples/acne and remove pigmentation 10 benefits of Vitamin E in skin care have already been explained by me in a previous video in detail You can refer to that video for getting more detailed information Friends, I hope you have liked this video of mine and now you have a good idea about how to use these vitamins in your day to day skin care routine Thank you!


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