ये लक्षण नजर आए तो समझो गले का केंसर है | If you see these symptoms understand Esophagea l Cancer

September 15, 2019

If you see these symptoms, understand Esophageal
Cancer • The esophagus that is carrying the food
from the throat to the stomach is called • Difficulty swallowing is considered to
be a common symptom of this disease. • There is also a symptom of pain between
the chest and the pescillosis. • Weight loss without any reason is caused
by asophageal cancer. In the stomach, irritation and sour dancers
are considered as common problems. But, if this problem is regular and other
symptoms are also seen then you may also have cancer of the esophagus. There is an abnormal increase of cells in
asophageal cancer, asophage. Asophageous throat is called the tube that
takes food and water from your throat to your stomach. Asofagus joins the stomach where its layer
is a different type of cellular texture, in which there are many glands or structures
leaking different chemicals. If the esophagus cancer begins with
the part where the tube meets the stomach, then this cancer is called squamous cell carcinoma. If it starts with the part of the esophagus
glands, then it is called adenocarcinoma (the cancerous parts of glandular parts).  There is no symptom in the early stages
of esophageal cancer. As one can develop cancer, one or more of
the following symptoms can be seen: • Having difficulty or pain in swallowing
or pain or difficulty in swallowing only solid food (also called diyesphagia or odiinophagia). • The patient often complains of ‘adhesing’
food in the middle of the chest, just below the chest bone. • Pain between chest or shoulders in the
ribs • Heartburn or soreness often occur in the
heart. • Losing weight significantly
• Coughing or continuing cough for long periods of time. • Regular vomiting. Other symptoms of these symptoms can also
be. If any of these are with you then you should
immediately show the doctor. If you have any complaints about pain in your
chest or vomiting of blood, then get immediate medical help.  When to contact a doctor
If any symptoms of esophageal cancer emerge, such as difficulty in swallowing, weight loss
or vomiting, then show your doctor. If you have complaints about chest pain or
vomiting of blood, immediately seek medical help. If you have a feeling that if you swallow
food, it sticks in the tube, then show your physician.

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